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Behance Team Holding Strong Amidst Hurricane Sandy

A quick note from Scott Belsky, Behance’s Co-Founder, on Behance’s status this week.

It has been a wild week for all of us, but everyone on the Behance team is safe and sound. At this point, our thoughts are with those people and families that have lost lives, their homes or were otherwise impacted by the storm.

All of Soho lost power – and many of our homes are still without electricity or internet, but the team stayed coordinated to take care of each other, keep Behance up and running, and continue to serve our members.

As I look back over the years we have worked together as a team, it’s clear that adversity always makes us stronger. Server mishaps, broken elevators, missed planes, minor earthquakes, and yes – even hurricanes – bring us together. We become better communicators, more tolerant, and we learn how to prepare for next time. It’s easy when it’s all smooth sailing. But when something goes wrong, the greatest teams rise to the occasion…and really stand out.

I want to express gratitude to team Behance for their patience and commitment this week. Makes me especially proud to be on this journey with all of you.

Behance members: Our community management team is accessible and doing their best to respond to your questions. If you are having trouble getting ahold of us, please email energy -at- behance -dot- com.

Thanks and be well!

Meet the team: Sean Blanda

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
 I’m Sean, the Associate Editor and Producer of 99U.Basically: I handle all the day-to-day work of running a blog with an audience of a million creatives. Stuff like finding guest writers, editing posts, writing posts, determining article topics/themes and brainstorming long-term growth strategy with EIC Jocelyn Glei. We hope to provide our readers with all of the stuff they need to execute on ideas. I’m constantly testing and tweaking to discover what resonates with our readership. Additionally, I play a role in helping to organize the 99U conference and a few other super-secret events we have up our sleeve.

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?

1) Evernote – I’m a new convert to the church of Evernote but I use it, without exaggeration, every 10 minutes. For someone like me with a terrible memory, it’s a life saver.
2) Spotify – If it weren’t for Spotify I’d be listening to the same four Black Keys albums. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
3) Twitter - It’s how I reach out to writers, promote our work, get exposed to new ideas, and complain about the Philadelphia Eagles.

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
I’m only 6 weeks on the job, but I’m proud that we’ve had the highest trafficked day in 2012 this month. I’m also proud to see the comments and tweets from readers who use the content to make their lives better. The best is yet to come.

What are some startups that you’re a fan of?
In a past life, I covered startups and venture capital so I’m a big fan of ambitious businesses that affect the general population and not just other tech-savvy startup people. My favorite of the moment are Uber (car service), Frank and Oak (men’s clothes), Lore (education), Circa (journalism), and Duck Duck Go (search). Also: anything Elon Muskis involved with. America needs more ambitious startups.

Name something you’ve learned since joining the Behance team that you weren’t expecting:
“Attention to detail” is usually some throwaway phrase on job descriptions. But here, I’m learning from the care that everyone takes in their day-to-day. I’ve seen (and taken part in) discussions about tiny details like the kerning on a site’s footer or the perfect copy to use in an article teaser. Whether it’s the new project editor on Behance, a partnership with a sponsor, an article on 99U, or some print collateral – everything is well considered, well designed and well executed. And that’s just been in the six weeks since I’ve started. I’m excited to see what happens next.

You can find Sean on twitter: @SeanBlanda

Meet the team: Sarah Rapp

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
Hello! I’m Sarah Rapp – sometimes referred to as “Social Sarah” here at Behance (why yes, I do handle social Media here). As the Director of Community & Engagement, I (along with our 2 other Community Managers) think of myself as “the eyes and ears of Behance,” so everything I do relates to making sure our members are happy, and that we’re offering up the best, most engaging experience to them we possibly can.

Most days, this involves a lot of listening (through social channels, emailing with members, and analyzing behavior on our site) and making improvements based on what I hear. The other half is talking back to our community, in ways like: maintaining our social accounts (especially the mega-account @Behance), planning offline events and programs for them, blogging at the Team Blog, Newsletters, and much more!

I also squeeze in things like test-driving the latest social platforms and technologies & keeping tabs on our metrics. And always, collecting stories and anecdotes from our members to share with the world!

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
1) Sprout Social – this is what we use to Tweet from @Behance and the 6 or 7 other Twitter accounts we maintain. A few months back we did a big audit of all the best social media management tools out there, and Sprout is our pick – well-designed, with lots of visualized data about your fan base at your fingertips.

2) Mac’s “Hot Corners” tool – Not exactly an app, but this is my favorite Mac feature. I often have about
10 programs open at once, so each of my corners is programmed to do something different to help me
stay organized. With one move of the mouse, I can clear away all the open programs to find something
on my desktop, or go to another corner to get the birds-eye view of everything I have open. It annoys
the hell out of anyone who tries to use my computer, but it’s worth it!

3) Gmail Multiple Inboxes – I swear by this Google Labs tool that lets you reorganize your inbox to
create several inboxes on one screen. My top inbox is for new/”to deal with” emails, the one below that
is starred emails that need more attention, and below that I have emails all related to one project. It’s a

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An interview with Behance’s Head of Strategy, William Allen

Our Head of Strategy, William Allen, was recently interviewed on Social Media Week about his role at Behance, strategy for building community and the importance of company culture.

You’ve been at Behance for over a year now. What’s been your biggest challenge leading strategy at Behance?
WA: The biggest challenge is what to focus on. If you’re ambitious, your attention can be pulled in thousands of directions; the challenge is to figure out what are the most important things you can accomplish and include them in your strategy. Choosing the right thing is hard. We focus on our mission which is to empower the creative world. At Behance, we want to be the “wind at their backs,” which means giving them anything they need to be successful and also means matching the talent with opportunity. The reason why Behance gets 70M pageviews a month is because of these creatives–we step back and showcase their work, allowing them to be their own best representatives. We give them the tools.

What’s been your strategy in building the community? How do you know what to include and what to leave out?
WA: You have to have a world view and you have to have a compass of where you want to go. That mission shapes every action that you take: for us it means building deliberately and intelligently. We’ve been concerned about building the right kind of community, the right people for the right platform. It’s important that we fulfill the mission which is giving our user the resources they need to be successful at their careers versus growing quickly. And that takes time. The human quality of curation has been an important part of our strategy, where the good quality work really bubbles up, and it make the site aspirational.

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Don’t Let Your Startup Make These Design Mistakes

Behance Co-Founder Matias Corea recently spoke at State of the Startup, a monthly New York-based event, focused on the latest startup trends. Asked to speak on the most common mistakes designers make, here are Matias’ top 5 tips:

1. While it’s great to have designers who understand code, they should ultimately focus on design and not both.

2. Interaction design can’t simply rely on the way things look, and has to explore, test and prototype the way the work as well. A sure-fire solution: wireframes!

3.  Typography (and readability) rules everything.

4. “It’s better to have a hole than an A**hole” – Neal Blumenthal. Make chemistry and culture a priority within your team.

5. Focus on the product, no the exit. Success come from quality work and quality work stems from passion – create something you truly care about.

Check out the full article here.

Behance Uses Rackspace and RightScale to Scale a Thriving Creative Community

With an abundance of visual work uploaded to the Behance Network each day, we need a lot of processing power and a hosting solution that can store a large amount of data while processing it rapidly. With that in mind, our CTO Chris Henry, determined that Rackspace and RightScale were the best match for all of Behance’s hosting needs. In a recent case study, Rackspace sites Behance as an example of a company that can rapidly scale, stores lots of user-generated content, saves time and money and allows developers to focus on building a better product instead of constant site upkeep.

Check out the full case study here.

A Personal Note On Behance’s Growth, Funding, & Progress

Dear Behance Community-

I want to share some news with you about Behance’s growth and recent progress, our first round of funding, and exciting days ahead.

For the past five years, Behance has been a bootstrapped enterprise. We’ve sold Action Pads, books, job postings, conference tickets, and even banner ads (horror!) to generate the income to build Behance. It’s been amazing, and we’ve developed as a team and company in extraordinary ways.

But now, more than ever before, we see a tremendous opportunity to take Behance to the next level as it grows by leaps and bounds. The community is showcasing and discovering creative work at a fast clip!

  • Users’ projects have received over 1 billion views, and over 75 million views in just the past 30 days
  • Behance now showcases more than 2 million creative projects – after passing our first 1 million project milestone just eight months ago
  • We’ve received thousands of testimonials from creatives being discovered (and getting jobs!) on Behance.
  • Visitors have appreciated projects over 22 million times, and Behance’s curation team reviews ~30,000 projects every week for consideration to be featured on Behance and our 15+ Curated Gallery Sites.
  • Users have created over 10,000 personal websites using ProSite, leveraging Behance’s massive reach alongside their personal brand

Given our rapid growth, it’s time for Behance to scale. We have an exciting product pipeline we want to make happen. So, for the first time, we debated the option of continuing to bootstrap vs. raising funds. Ultimately, the team wanted to kick things up a notch: We want the resources to do our life’s greatest work in serving the creative community.

We met with all sorts of investors, sharing our mission and the progress we’re making. Ultimately, it came down to finding partners who share our vision and values.

We’re thrilled to bring on Union Square Ventures as our lead (and first) investor in Behance. The USV team understands the role of the creative community in the world, and they have a tremendous history of advising network-based businesses, namely Etsy, Twitter, Foursquare, and Kickstarter among others. And USV’s culture aligns very well with our own.

We’re also thrilled to have a few other people we admire help fund Behance, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (via Bezos Expeditions, his personal investment fund), as well as Dave Morin, Yves Behar, Chris Dixon, Dave Tisch, Dave McClure (via 500Startups), Alexis Ohanian, and Garrett Camp. These thinkers and investors have a history of changing industries. It’s a dream team for us.

Quite simply, we want the wind at our backs as we tackle the biggest problems facing the creative industry.

The creative world needs better attribution for creative work to yield more opportunity. We need to combat spec contests, middlemen, and commoditized marketplaces with better ways to find top talent. We need to boost efficiency in showcasing creative work and collaborating across disciplines. …Lots to make happen!

No doubt, Behance is still in the first inning. Our team is more excited than ever before to listen, learn, and serve the creative community in meaningful ways.

Going forward, you can expect a faster, more effective Behance and an unwavering mission to help you get organized, take creative control and make ideas happen.

Much love and respect.

Scott & Behance Team
Alex K, Alex L, Alison, Bryan, Chris, Clément, Dan, Dave, Dmitry, Florian, Jackie, Jenn, Jess, Jocelyn, John, Malcolm, Matias, Matt, Mell, Nami, Nina, Oscar, Raewyn, Sarah, Scott, Will, Zach

PS: Join us on this journey! We’re building a world-class team that wants to serve the creative world in extraordinary ways. Here are a few positions we’re hiring now!



Explore great interface design at the Art of Apps Exhibition





“Creating an amazing user experience for an app — one where the device itself almost melts away — requires a thoughtfulness and cleverness that can be hard to find.”
- Peter Rojas, Creator of Engadget, Gizmodo & RDRD LBL

In celebration of Internet Week, The Art of Apps gallery, hosted by Peter Rojas, is opening to the public for one day. The exhibition aims to showcase the “greatest user interface designers of our time,” including Behance designs from our Chief Designer and Co-founder Matias Corea.

The show opens on Monday, May 14 at the Soho Gallery For Digital Art, 138 Sullivan St., New York, NY

RSVP and learn more about the other exhibitors on The Art of Apps site, produced by One Clipboard on Splash.