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Meet the Team: Roxanne

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
Hey there! My name is Roxanne and I am a Community Manager at Behance. As the voice of Behance both internally and externally, our team is always working towards a happy community through a number of communication channels. Being that we are the “first line of defense” and advocates for our members, most of my day is spent interacting with, and listening to members, helping to fix issues that may arise.

2. What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
TweetDeck. Managing a number of Twitter accounts can be challenging, but TweetDeck has become an integral way of incorporating technical support into Twitter. With its customizable columns, custom alerts, and translate tool, staying on top of member communications is super efficient.
2. Spotify. I love listening to music and sharing songs with co-workers. Spotify is absolutely awesome and its “offline mode” is perfect for your mobile device on the subway.
3. Stickies. The next best thing since real post it notes. And has come on every Mac computer since 1994!

3. What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
I am very excited about the new ProSite Beginners Guide. We teamed up with the designers to create an easy to follow outline for members who are new to website building. This step-by-step guide is a great way for our community to get excited about, and comfortable with, one of our great tools.

4. What do you listen to while working?
At work, I’m usually listening to something that gets the blood flowing, mostly Indie Electronic or Rap.
Favorites right now: Grimes, POLICA, Kendrick Lamar, Alt-J, A$AP Rocky, The XX, Icona Pop, Frank Ocean, & Hot Chip. Get at me! 

5. Can you name a few favorite blogs and sites?
Buzzfeed is my go-to for hilarious top ten lists and animated GIFs. Plus, their Beyonce-related posts are always spot on. Immaculate Infatuation is another one of my all time favorites; from one foodie heart to another. And lastly, I get my social media news and geek fix from Mashable.

Follow Roxanne on Twitter @RoxanneNaomi.

Meet the team: Oscar

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
I’m Oscar, Head Curator at Behance. My job consists of selecting projects to be showcased on the Behance gallery and the industry-specific Served Sites. In order to do this, our team reviews every single featureable project uploaded to Behance. We look at thousands of projects every day and select them for more than 60 different categories and creative fields including the Behance gallery, the existing Served Sites, and future ones. Each of these selections is then reviewed again and arranged independently, and continuously, to make the best possible showcase of all the work uploaded by Behance members. I’m also the Illustrator for the

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
1. Adium: An instant messaging application that lets me be available in almost every chat platform.
2. Chrome: The only browser that supports opening 50 tabs at the same time and loads the images fast enough to let each curator look at 3,000 to 6,000 projects a day.
3. Evernote: I use it to take notes that I can check from anywhere at anytime.

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
I have to say the Behance curation. I’ve been working on it for more than four years and it is a big responsibility, but the rigor and fairness that we apply to it, added to the fact that it helps people, makes me very proud.

What do you listen to while working?
Radio stations from Spain and Catalonia, in Spanish and Catalan. And any kind of music that is not made only to be sold.

Can you share a few of your favorite projects on Behance?
One of the projects that I was most excited to come across was the editorial design for “S,M,L,XL,” the collaboration between Bruce Mau and Rem Koolhaas on the work of the architect because it is a living history of graphic design. When you see new trends daily in various disciplines, to see a project that will be remembered in the future as a cultural expression of its time, gives you another perspective on your job and a big geeky excitement.

Check out Oscar’s work here, or follow him on twitter @ororozco.



Member Collections: The Behance Team!

Collections on Behance are a great way to group together different projects under a common theme, or just collect your favorites.

Never before has it been this easy to add projects to a collection. With the new “add to collection” button after you appreciate work on Behance, you’re only one click away from curation. In honor of this amazing new feature, we’ve decided to highlight some noteworthy collections on Behance, kicking the series off with some of our own.

Chalk: By Jackie Balzer

Olympics Inspiration: By Mell Ravenel
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Meet the Team: Mell

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
I’m Mell, a Community Manager here at Behance. The community team is responsible for listening to and communicating with our members, so I spend my days promoting amazing work created by our members on social media and blogs, answering questions on our support channels, and working with our dev and design teams to pinpoint and solve issues that arise in the community.

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
Excel. Data is so important to evaluating and escalating problems, so Excel is my go-to for making sense of all the numbers behind our community. I don’t know what I’d do without pivot tables!
2. HipChat. I’m in constant communication with the community and development teams, and HipChat keeps me connected and cuts down a ton on redundant email and catch-up conversation.
3. ZenDesk. It’s the hub of all our support channels. I use it daily, so I’m always tweaking it to keep it organized and optimized for our team — I even went to ZenDesk boot camp last fall!

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
I set up a categorization system for all our support tickets so we can track more precisely what types of questions we get from members. It lets us keep tabs on potential problems and advocate for changes based on community feedback. Plus, it’s generally a great archive for tracking how our community reacts to changes.

What do you listen to while working?
Motown–Stevie and Smokey are favorites–and anything fun and high energy gets me in the right groove. I also listen to a lot of NPR podcastsAlison and I are always trading recommendations. This American Life, Radiolab, Snap Judgement are the perfect background. I’ll usually listen to an episode over again on the commute home to actually pay attention to the stories.

Who is one of your favorite creatives to follow?
I love seeing new projects from Michael Doret – each one has its own story behind the process of creation. My favorite is the Behind the Knicks Logo project – it combines sketches with an interview he did, so it’s basically an oral and visual history of a New York sports icon.


Meet the team: Alison

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
My name is Alison and I am Behance’s Business & Finance Manager. As Business & Finance Manager, I oversee Behance’s finances, our internal HR and some of our day to day operations. My job changes a lot; some days I spend securing visas, and some days I’m working on new products for the Outfitter, but it’s always interesting!


What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
Action Method Online: AMO helps me stay super organized and is an important part of my daily routine. I like to keep my email inbox pretty empty, so I’ll turn emails to follow up on into Action Steps, to keep me focused on the more pressing tasks at hand. 
Spotify: Listening to music on my headphones really helps me focus. Also, I’m kind of an obsessive playlist maker.
Hipchat: Hipchat helps me stay in touch with what everyone is working on throughout the day. It’s also great for when you’re working on a project with certain members of the team who are scattered around the office by letting you continue the conversation and keep things moving forward without shouting across the office at each other.

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
The Action Book Minis! Have you seen them? They’re great. Also, throwing Scott a surprise baby shower that was really kept a surprise, even though we snuck in balloons and his wife!

What do you listen to while working?
Whenever possible, I love listening to ‘This American Life’, but when I really need to focus, I listen to playlists on Spotify or off some of my favorite blogs. My go to record when I’m not sure what to listen to is ‘Tim” by The Replacements. It never gets old.

Name something you’ve learned since joining the Behance team that you weren’t expecting:
How much we all genuinely care about each other. I think one thing that makes the Behance team so great is that we’re able to be so close, and it’s part of why we’re so great at holding each other accountable. We celebrate things together, like birthdays and Behance milestones, and we’re there for each other if anyone needs anything. Which is why at work, you wouldn’t want to disappoint that person. We’re all passionate about Behance and the culture we’ve created, and I’m pretty proud of that.

Where did you grow up?
Florida. And I’m pretty proud of it. Ask me about the time my mom out-swam an alligator.

Behance & Adobe: Serving The Future Of The Creative World

Our mission to connect and empower the creative world is getting a big boost today. Our team is thrilled to join Adobe and take Behance to the next level. We’ve been given an opportunity to influence creative work, careers, and the creative industry on a grand scale, and we intend to do just that.

The Behance team will remain intact (in NYC!). We will focus on building a better Behance and helping the creative world collaborate and connect throughout the creative process, from start to finish.

Our team still feels like we’re in the early innings of our journey to empower the creative world. The platform is growing like never before, and the most exciting parts of our roadmap still await. We’re thrilled with the prospect of quickly reaching many millions of creative minds around the world – and better integrating the tools we use for creation with how we showcase and discover creative work.

As we considered the prospect of joining Adobe, a few things struck us most:

  • Connecting the creative community is the best way to empower the creative community. The creative industry has always been plagued with inefficiency and disorganization. But when we come together, we can use connectivity and transparency to our advantage. The prospect of using Adobe’s reach to connect the entire creative community is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to empower the creative world.
  • It’s about time our tools integrated with the way we discover, inspire and collaborate.  For too long, the creative world has struggled with a disconnected creative process. Creation should be inherently collaborative – and must evolve more frequently than typical software upgrade cycles. If the tools we use to create are connected with how we showcase and discover creative work, we can help usher in a new era of idea exchange and collaborative creation.
  • Online applications should foster the discovery of talent and “creative meritocracy.” Those of you who know us well know that Behance is obsessed with fostering proper attribution in creative work. With more transparency around who created what – and with whom – your work will increasingly become a source of new opportunity. We call it “creative meritocracy,” and it happens when the creative world’s work is organized, properly credited, and more easily discovered. As you put your work into the world, we want to make sure you get the credit (and opportunity) you deserve.

We’re joining forces with Adobe because the above points resonate with them just as much as they do with us.

The past six years at Behance have been dedicated to building a remarkable team to build a remarkable product that serves the creative community. We’re also excited about the prospects of influencing a set of tools and services that are core to the creative world on a daily basis.
The Road Ahead

Our mission continues: we want to empower creative people and teams to make ideas happen. We believe that a free and open platform to showcase work – and get discovered – will serve creative careers in extraordinary ways. Not only will we leverage Adobe’s resources to further build Behance, but we have been tasked with the responsibility to influence and improve Adobe’s services for the creative community – making them more collaborative and in sync with the future of creative workflow.

In practical terms, our team will continue to implement our (very ambitious) roadmap for Behance and integrate Behance features into Adobe’s services. We are eager to translate the site into multiple languages and leverage the latest technology to display creative work. 99U, our annual conference, and all of our efforts to educate and organize the creative community will continue to grow. And finally, we will explore new opportunities to move the creative industry forward, through better discovery applications, more transparency in the creative process, and providing access to the data behind the creative world at work.

Adobe has made some bold changes lately, including (1) breaking the traditional software package model with Creative Cloud, an affordable subscription for Adobe’s creative tools and services, (2) the acquisition of Typekit as a big step forward in offering services that make the web better, (3) doubling down on HTML5, and (4) becoming a more active contributor to open source essentials like jQuery, PhoneGap and WebKit and developing new open source-based web tools and services that will evolve the web as we know it (   We’re thrilled to lead the next bold move: making community a central part of Adobe’s future. No doubt, the future of creative careers will depend on attribution and exposure for creative work, as well as tools to connect, learn, and get opportunity.

We couldn’t be more excited for the road ahead.
Reflection On The Road Behind

This occasion also prompts reflection on the path we’ve taken as a team. We bootstrapped for five years, made plenty of mistakes and discoveries, and constantly reworked our products, business, and process. Over the years, we’ve become both a team and a family. In good times and challenging times, our mission kept us together and moving forward. Most of all, your stories – and your work – kept us inspired and humble. We are deeply grateful to the Behance community, and we aspire to build a better Behance that enhances your creations and career in the years to come.

We’ll do our very best to exceed your expectations.

Behance Team


Q&A With Behance
Send your questions to, and we’ll do our best to update this Q&A with an answer.

Is Behance still going to be free?
Yes, users can and will continue to join Behance for free and showcase their creative work. And we will continue to provide additional premium services such as personal websites (ProSite) that Behance members are welcome to use.

Yikes, I don’t like change. Is this the end of an era!?
With every change there are naysayers. And with acquisitions, often for good reason. All too often, a company is purchased for its technology and is subsumed into a corporate headquarters, losing its identity and autonomy – and exchanging its mission for some new business objective. On the contrary, Behance is joining Adobe to advance our mission and shared vision with Adobe. Our place within Adobe ensures that Behance will remain in NYC, focus on our community, and continue building out the platform – open to all – with a certain set of tenets that we’ve held since day one. We’ve got a long-term vision for serving the creative community that is greatly advanced by Adobe’s reach, and what we have planned will also improve Adobe’s services in the process.

Fine, but what will change?
In addition to continuing with our roadmap and refining Behance, our team has been given a new and substantial opportunity to integrate Behance-powered community and collaboration features across Adobe’s services (and other tools too!). We think this is awesome. It will grow the Behance community and provide unparalleled transparency and insight into the creative world at work. We want to play an active (historic!?) role in the next century of creative process and leading a creative career.

Of course, we’re also excited to tap some of the brilliant minds at Adobe to improve our technology. There are so many things we’ve always dreamed of doing but lacked the resources, data scientists, and PhD’s to figure it out. We still have much to learn.

Can Behance really retain its identity and independent thinking working in Adobe?
Communities thrive when they allow anyone to join, despite what tools they use or the stage of their career. As such, Adobe deeply respects the sanctity of the Behance community, and will preserve the philosophy and values that drive it. Adobe’s acquisition of Typekit is a recent example; the service has remained intact while also being incorporated into Adobe’s Creative Cloud offering for better accessibility and value for users.

Bigger picture: For a community to grow and sustain online, it must be grounded in certain values that never change. Behance has thrived as a result of our commitment to openness, proper attribution, meritocracy, and supporting creative careers (focusing on education via 99U, fighting spec work and negative crowdsourcing efforts). Not only will these values remain intact, but Adobe shares our belief that they are central to the future of creative careers. Our job is to uphold these values and push them further.

Ok, but it all comes down to leadership. Will Behance’s team remain intact?
Yes. We’re pretty psyched about the new growth prospects of Behance, our ideas for Adobe integrations, and what we have planned for the future. We will maintain Behance’s startup spirit, remaining agile and deeply incentivizing the team to think long-term. All of our leaders across design, product, development, and community management will build out their teams as a result of this step. Suffice to say, we’re just getting started. Want to join us?

Will this affect my ownership/copyright of work displayed on Behance?
No; all work posted on Behance belongs to the individuals who posted it, per our Terms of Services that was developed to protect the rights of Creatives that use Behance’s service. And, of course, your selected copyright settings will continue to be as you selected.

Must have been a tough decision. How did you make it?
Well, our litmus tests for pretty much every decision in Behance’s history have been:

  • Will this help the creative world connect and showcase their work on a central platform?
  • Will this provide better attribution for who created what – and more transparency that will help creative careers?
  • Will this help creatives get more exposure for their work – and thus more access to opportunity that will help their careers?
  • Will this foster creative meritocracy and limit the forces of commoditization and spec crowdsourcing that threaten creative careers online?
  • Will this keep our team engaged and enable us to do the greatest work of our lives.

When the answers to these five questions are yes, then we know we’ve made a good decision for the community, and for our team.  Adobe is going to be a great advocate for the vision and we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you…  Stay tuned.


Meet the team: Clément Faydi

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
Bonjour! I’m Clément, one of the three Lead Designers at Behance. As part of the “Product Team,” I’m involved in concepting new ideas and turning them into features and products. I am currently mostly focused on helping creatives discover more work and getting inspired. Things I do every day: discuss how to improve products, sketch wireframes, make them real in Photoshop, support our developers as they make their magic happen, and of course, what I’m most passionate about: moving things by one pixel.

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
1. Photoshop – I know it’s obvious for a designer, but it’s definitely the software I use the most and certainly couldn’t live without.
2. Rdio – The best way to listen to music on the internet! Beyond providing me with more music than I could ever hope for, they are at the forefront of UI design, and always take minimalism to a new level. I love what they do.
3. Alfred- Because it allows me to open Twitter in 1/4 seconds.

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
I am super excited about the new Behance iPhone app that will launch very soon. We have incorporated some key features that will help creatives discover more work and showcase what they are working on to the world, from their phone. I’m also currently redesigning the way users find great projects on Behance and will hopefully be able to share a preview soon. Very exciting!

 What do you listen to while working?
Mostly jazz. I started playing piano when I was 8 years old and now find myself discovering a lot of subtleties I couldn’t hear before. I guess that designing makes me unconsciously listen to music in a very different way. Also, I really can’t focus on my work when hearing songs with lyrics!

What are some startups that you’re a fan of?
There are a lot of startups I follow, but I’ve lately been very impressed with what the guys at FiftyThree are doing. They always solve problems in a surprising, yet simple way, and that’s a very difficult thing to do. They recently launched a new tool called the “Mixer” for their app Paper and revealed their process and some of their secrets here. Quite magical, I love how obsessed they are.

Check out Clément’s ProSite, Behance portfolio, or follow him on Twitter.

Behance Hackathon Recap

Last week Behance held an in-house Halloween Hackathon (one month later due to Hurricane Sandy). This day was filled with some amazing ideas, collaboration and participation from both the Behance team and some special guests.

Here is a list of some great ideas that came to life:

  • BeSpoke: A gallery of work tailored to your taste 
  • Comments Analysis: Analyzing how positive or negative your comments are on Behance 
  • Advice by Behance: A mentor finder- connecting established and emerging creatives, to share knowledge & collect feedback
  • Bēgin: A simple way to use Behance for a daily dose of inspiration
  • Inspiration Pill: What you take is what you make
  • Behanceroids: Asteroids Game
  • Roundtable: An easy uploader for students to post work in progress, evaluate & critique 

Meet the team: William Allen

Who are you and what do you do at Behance?
Hi! I’m William Allen – I run Strategy & Operations here at Behance. I watch all the money coming in and out of the business, study our user analytics, push forward our marketing and advertising initiatives, and read through boring contracts. But mostly I get to learn from an amazing team.

What are three desktop tools you can’t live without?
1) Evernote for organizing my thoughts
2) Sequel Pro for database analytics work
3) Excel – still the world’s best program for anyone who works with finance and data.

What have you worked on recently that you’re extra proud of?
We hold weekly analytics meetings with our design/product teams – and every week we learn something new. Proud to be able to put our amazing growth into charts!

What do you listen to while working? 
My colleagues talking – I never wear headphones. It’s remarkable what you can learn through ambient noise.

Can you name a few favorite blogs and sites?
Fred Wilson’s blog AVC, Felix Salmon, James Altucher, and on the political side, Andrew Sullivan.

Name something you’ve learned since joining the Behance team that you weren’t expecting:
That there are more variations to my name (like Bottom Line Billy, for example) than you could ever imagine.

Keep up with Will on Twitter at @WilliamAllen

Workspace Wednesday: Halloween Hurricane edition

The Behance team was very fortunate to make it through Hurricane Sandy safe and sound last week. However, power outages and floods kept us from commuting to our beloved Soho office, leaving us to work from wherever wifi could be had, mostly our couches and coworkers’ homes.

For this special Workspace Wednesday, we’ve got a roundup of our team’s workspaces from last Wednesday, which also happened to be Halloween!