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Ranked 96/100 for SEO

Sometimes I gloat. I can’t help it. I’m a programmer that codes all day and has no friends so I’m forced to try and show my talents harder to people that will read. I’m kidding… or am I? In any case I ran this nifty marketing tool at HubSpot that analyzes how marketable any website is, based on some SEO criteria. We got a 96, which means we scored higher than 96% of other websites that have used this tool. They say they’ve had thousands of people use it so I’m happy. Not only that but it alerted me to the fact my Google Page Rank is up to 3 after only two months of existence. Surprisingly I found that some pages had a PR of 5.

All people interested in boosting their rank in search engines should pay attention to what Hubspot has to say. I’ve done SEO work for a bit now and agree with all of their suggestions. Also if you are curious to see any site’s Google PR you can get the Live PageRank add-on. It’s interesting to see how your favorite sites compare to your own.

Oh I almost forgot to say, my score was 94 originally, but within 5 minutes of work from their suggestions I had it up another two points. Check back soon because I may just post a blog specifically about SEO tips.