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UCLA-Berkeley Creativity & Technology

Behance was featured at the annual UCLA-Berkeley “Play” Conference at the Haas School of Business.  I (Scott) had the opportunity to make the case for empowering creative professionals with the new age of technology, and I had the opportunity to discuss (and in some cases debate) the importance of boosting productivity in the creative world – and protecting the time and effort that goes into great pieces of creative work.

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Small Downtime

You may have noticed our sites were down for around 30 minutes from 6:15 to 6:45PM EST time. There was a slight misconfiguration while we changed settings to make our sites more stable and secure. So ironically, the changes to make the sites stay up, made the sites go down. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure this does not happen again. We can also assure you that nothing was lost and that the sites are now, in fact, more stable and secure than ever before.

Behance Network Improvements

So here are some of the many changes and tweaks to the network this week:

GigList to JobList
We figured it was about time we changed the wording from “Gig” to “Job” to make things clearer for you and the people wanting to hire you. In case you have yet to check out the page, there’s a good listing of creative jobs there.

Full Screen Video
It was long overdue, but now user’s can click an icon under each video to see things full screen. This should make our HD videographers extra happy.

Re-ordering Re-done
The reordering system for your inner circle and projects has been redone. This makes it compatible with more browsers, including Safari 3.

Don’t Forget About Us
Circles now have the “Us” tab defaulted to on instead of the “Our Projects” tab.

What a Change

I haven’t posted in quite a while it would seem. Last night we relaunched We had outgrown the site quite a bit seeing as the front page was our magazine when there is a lot more to Behance.

So we broke the site up to help people make the most out of Behance.


The site now showcases everything we do with a simple navigation. You can easily find out and get to all aspects of Behance.

Behance Magazine

Our online magazine now has its own at On top of the facelift, it now houses our Glossary of Productive Creativity. The new filtering design on the main page allows you to apply the “Most …” and “Field” filters to only tips, interviews, and articles. The old site applied the filters to all articles at once only.

Creative’s Outfitter

The Creative’s Outfitter is now at The design is lightened up with less lines so things are clearer. You can still go straight to all our Action Method Products or our Sketchbooks and Notepads.


We hope that these changes will make everyone’s experience with Behance better. We look forward to hearing back from users on all the change.

Behance Network: New Feature Updates

Just an update on new features:  Yes, as the team continues to work on some exciting projects in the pipeline, we are also adding new features requested by Network participants. Here is a quick update…

(1) A small display of each member’s work at the bottom of each project view. The purpose was to help drive visitors to your portfolio, especially those that visited your project from a link on a blog or somewhere else in the ether of the internet…

(2) /Frame View:  For those that don’t already know it, you now have a special “framed” version of your portfolio that you can send to prospective clients and others…  It is free, clean, easy, and early testers suggest that it is very helpful. Simply add “/frame” to your profile address (ie:

(3) Circles are a key part of the Behance Network. Hundreds of circles have been created to gather people around certain interests…  To keep you posted on the discussion thread activity, you can now “subscribe” to certain threads. This feature will send you an email whenever a new post is written.

(4) Remember that circles can now be used to gather a select group of projects by members. When creating/editing the circle, you can “limit by tag” which will display ONLY projects with specified tags.

Improvements All Around

Inner CircleTwo small changes we made were that your personal RSS feed ( has images when using a reader. We also made another small behind-the-scenes change to help search engines find you.
In the project editor, you can now center captions. For those of you that have images that go across the foreground, this will be very beneficial. Centering them will keep the first word off the “edge.”

The bigger change is that you can now filter your Inner Circle by Realm when composing a message. This makes it helpful to message all your Photography friends about something you’d find relevant to them only.

Get Found Easier on Search Engines

Okay this is a short post about an improvement made. If you go to edit your profile now it will let you know that there are two fields used for “META” and “META Description”. You can click on either, which will pop up the relevant descriptions:

The first is really the META Keywords:
“This is text that search engines do NOT display, but use for relevance. We recommend using text that is most relevant to who you are so people are more likely to find you in places like Google or Yahoo.”

The second is the META Description:
“This is the text that search engines use for the blurb below links…”

Try typing your name into your favorite search engine and see where you come up. If you’re not on the front page yet, these changes will help.

Ask and You Shall Receive

Advanced Search

We recently improved search by adding the “Advanced Search” feature. You can access it by going up to the search bar and hovering over the arrow next to “SEARCH.”

The new feature allows you to limit the search to Member Names or Tags Only. This helps find people you are looking for much faster. The tags searched are from what Creative Professionals enter under their profile and projects. You can now also search by location, one of the most commonly requested features for the search.

Circle Discussion Subscriptions

It is now easy to subscribe to different discussions. As the site says:

“If you subscribe, you will receive an e-mail if someone posts in this topic. You will only receive ONE e-mail, regardless of how many posts there are, until you check this thread again.”

You can do this from the Circle page, the Discussion Page for the circle, and the thread itself. The screenshot below shows all three places.

The major benefit of this change is to stay informed about new posts, without having to check all the circles you’re in. We recommend going back and checking some discussions you have been on before and subscribing to stay updated. Hopefully this change will foster more discussions all around the site.