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Introducing: Fully Responsive, Redesigned Profiles and Portfolio

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to a fully redesigned portfolio and profile experience on Behance. Our goal with these improvements is to bring your work front-and-center, and make it even easier for anyone to discover what you do, no matter what device they’re browsing on. We’ve also made powerful improvements to the experience of editing your portfolio and profile, all changes that’ll bring your work more into focus.

Some of what you’ll notice:

  • Fully Responsive Profile: Your work looks great across phone and tablets
  • Simple Editing Tools: The way you edit and organize your work is easier than ever
  • Your Behance Presence, In One Spot: Your Profile now encompasses much more about you – from the collections you curate to the projects you appreciate
  • Focus on your work: The design changes bring your work more into focus. Notice a cleaner, more minimal profile that helps your work stand out
  • Consistency across platforms: Now, your Profile is consistent and professional across devices
  • No More Color Customization: We have simplified the profile view on the web to match what has already been very successful on the Behances iOS apps by replacing color customization with a more neutral set of tones that better showcase the portfolio work itself.


Behance new profiles responsive

App Update: Creative Portfolio App now in 9 additional Languages!

The Creative Portfolio App is now fully integrated and functional in 9 additional languages: Spanish, French, Russian, German, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Portugueses, and Japanese.

We’re very excited to finally be able to recognize the global nature of our community with this update. Even more good news: the app automatically detects the language preferences of your iOS, making it even easier to sync your portfolio, access it offline, as well as customize your portfolio’s display.

Behance on the Importance of Internet Freedom

Check out this Google-sponsored video that will go to all senators and congress emphasizing the importance of Internet freedom. The Stop Online Piracy Act, better known as SOPA, is a bill that grants power to the federal government and copyright holders to take actions against sites that promote copyright infringement, thus threatening to take Internet freedom away. Behance is out front on this issue in many ways – and we will continue to do everything we can to stand up for our medium. Please support Stop the Wall and take a minute to share the video.

Your Portfolio In Your Pocket: Introducing The Behance Network iPhone App!

You’ve been requesting it for years, and it has arrived! This month, we launched the Behance Network iPhone app, which will allow you to keep the creative world at your fingertips, and carry your portfolio in your pocket. Key features:

  • Sync your own Behance portfolio for future display without internet connection.
  • Search and explore millions of projects on
  • Access your profile, collections, and portfolio statistics.
  • Explore portfolios for creatives on LinkedIn, AIGA, AdWeek, SVA, and other Behance-powered sites.
  • Browse the award-winning “Served” Galleries for Fashion, Typography, Photography, Digital Art, and more.
  • Follow the work by top creatives on Behance and manage your connections.

Tips from FLUD-Making News Sexy With Their Mobile Apps

FLUD, a mobile reader “making news sexy,” lets you consume the blogs and feeds you love on an app that makes the content look better than it ever has. We invited them to write a guest blog post and tell you a bit more about what they do, and give some tips for using the app to gain influence.

You do what you love. You want to meet others who love what you love, and talk about it. You also want to get hired to do what you love. We’ve found one of the best uses for FLUD is to consume the latest content in your area of interest, and post the best articles to social media. Keep your peers updated on what you’re reading, start a conversation with a coworker, or a resume of the passion and knowledge running wild in your brain.

Try out FLUD’s recipe for daily reading and posting to Twitter: Read more →

Introducing The Beta: Behance Network

Great work deserves to be seen - The All New Behance Network

Today we are pleased to open access to the new Behance Network (an early version of it!). You can access this BETA version by clicking the strip at the top of

After years of feedback from the Behance community, our team has restructured the platform to better address the needs of the world’s leading creative professionals.

Specifically, you will notice some major changes and improvements like:

  • Revolutionary new project/portfolio management tools
  • Updated Design & User Interface
  • New “Follow” system that replaces the previous “Watchlist” feature
  • Revamped messaging system to address issues around mass messaging (more preferences to come).
  • New promotional & career advancement tools
  • An exclusive “open forum” for creative professionals
  • Many more to come… Read more →

The Amazing Project Spread

As 2010 approaches, our team found ourselves sitting around the table and taking inventory of what has transpired since we started working together in 2006.

What started as a bold experiment to organize the creative world’s work has now become the leading online network for creative professionals. Here are a few updates that we’re thrilled to share:

  • The Behance Network now receives over 16 million pageviews per month from over 3.5 million visitors, and an increasing amount of this attention is being directed at the new “Served” sites like TypographyServed and FashionServed.
  • While creating their online portfolios of projects, users can publish projects using a variety of Creative Commons licensing options as well as their own preferences. Projects are eligible to be showcased by leading curators on other sites around the web.
  • Top agencies, galleries, and creative companies report using Behance to recruit talent – whether by searching the network or posting creative jobs. A number of agencies site Behance as their #1 source for finding talent. Read more →

Show Some Love: Behance – People’s Choice Webby

Ok; you said you wanted to help vote for Behance Network in the People’s Choice Webby (Portfolio / Self-Promotion Category). Here’s how to do it in 5 quick steps (in under two minutes!).

(1) Sign up to vote here.

(2) To ensure you’re a real person, they will send you an activation code. But don’t fret…once you get it, all you need to do is click!

(3) Go to the “Websites” section.

(4) Scroll down to “Marketplace” section and then select “Self-promotion / Portfolio” category.

(5) And then you can cast your vote…