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Discovered on Behance, Working all over the World

Twenty-six year old Russian illustrator Fil Dunsky joined the Behance Network in December 2008 – in two and a half years, his project views have grown to 140,000, with 11,000 appreciations on his projects. His bright, colorful style is quite distinctive, he’s described his work as being“like marmalade: sweet, childish, positive, cheerful… It is like a 5-years old child sitting on the ground and playing with colors and forms.” The exposure he’s gotten from his featured projects has led to an impressive assortment of freelance gigs for creative employers around the world.

What kinds of opportunities have you gotten since since joining Behance?
Ever since I was featured at Behance, I’ve gotten loads of new work from all over the world – there’s something new every day! For example, in recent years I’ve done work for: Wrigley China, Danon, Cosmopolitan, Lowe Adventa, DDB Guangzhou, DDB Istanbul, Ogilvy Dubai, Danette, BBDO, Kotetkat and others.

Wrigley – Calendar comisisoned in 2011. See individual months here: [Project Link]
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Superhero Behance project leads to a store, then a career

After joining Behance in early 2009, I posted a personal project: a series of superhero poster designs. Little did I know that my presence on the site would snowball into a wave of exposure, including a post on a major industry blog, Comics Alliance. I now sell the designs as prints, and attribute most of my success to Behance. In fact, a third of my website’s traffic comes from my Behance profile alone!

[Collage of Superhero/Villain Posters project on Behance Network, available for purchase on]

In November of 2010, I was contacted by the Creative Director of CloudKid, a small but successful studio with a focus on children’s media. He had found me through my Behance profile, emailed me, and we got a conversation going. I began freelancing for them shortly thereafter, and now work in-house. The work I do is dynamic and fun and the people are enormously talented.
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Last-minute Behance profile makes a stand-out job application: Dave Rodgers

I’ve been working for Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment (MLSE) as the lead designer for the Toronto Maple Leafs for the past 4+ years and knew that I needed a change of environment. I was looking to grow creatively and professionally. I just finished developing and rolling-out the Maple Leafs 2010-11 marketing campaign when I was contacted by the Toronto Blue Jays about a senior designer position that was opening up in the next couple weeks. I was asked to submit my resume, PDF of some work and my website if I had one. I need to act fast if I wanted the position.

[Toronto Maple Leafs 2010-2011 season design]

I use Behance as an inspirational/networking tool and knew that I wanted to showcase my work on it eventually. The position with the Blue Jays was the motivation and tool I needed. I used Behance to develop a quick personal portfolio online.  After I applied for the position I was told that the VP of marketing for the Jays loved my work and wanted to meet me in person.
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Behance Network Testimonial: Juan Leguizamon

I joined Behance 3 years ago after hearing about it through a Creative Director I was working with. He found amazing illustrators and designers there, so I figured that Behance attracts good clients with design taste.

As an Art Director, I now use Behance specifically to showcase my illustration work. Yet, I get job offers that involve more than just illustration, such as graphic design, identity design, motion graphics, etc.

[Home Wall, featured on Illustration Served]

I think that success in finding work comes from the way we can categorize our work by creative fields. Being featured in the Behance gallery is also always a big push for me. I get much recognition from that, and the emails start raining in.
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Behance Network Testimonial: Adam Neff

Behance’s search results have actually been what has gotten me work. A high school in San Francisco contacted me to use a logo I did for a West Side Story production. I happily accepted but refused payment.

[Logos / 06-09 on the Behance Network]

It was great to see the logo get a second life and be used again. They were nice enough to send me a t-shirt, playbill and postcard. They also had their art students reproduce the logo in chalk outside their theater.

I’ve also had several other random e-mails asking about my work on Behance. I have one simple tip. Name your files appropriately and in the right context. Use the captions as well to help explain your work.

Connect with Adam Neff on his Behance profile.

Behance Network Testimonial: Caroline Curtin McGah

This past spring I graduated from the University of Kansas, and while I was in school, my professor told me about Behance. She told me it was a great site to showcase my design, and give creatives, that may not normally see my work, the opportunity to view it at their leisure. In addition, my professor noted it was a great way to promote my work, get my name out there quickly, and that it would be easy to keep up to date.

So, I created a profile and posted my portfolio. I received lots of great feedback and was excited to be able to share my link with professionals, friends and family.

[Branding for Hello Again]

A week after graduation, I received an email from Engine Interactive, an interactive design agency in Seattle, Washington. They said they had viewed my portfolio on Behance and were looking for a contract designer. They were interested in conducting a formal interview with me, and I’m so thankful that Behance helped me get my foot in the door. I replied that I would love to talk, and my phone interview took place the next day. The interview went really well. Even though we were several miles apart, I was able to walk them through my portfolio, project by project, on Behance, just like I would do with my portfolio, in person. After our discussion, they decided to hire me as a full time designer, not a contract position, and I have been working with Engine ever since!
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Behance Network Testimonial: Russell Shaw

I joined the Behance Network in the summer of 2009 when I was wrapping up a design internship in Atlanta. I found the site when searching for inspiration for a few different projects that I was tasked with. I found such an overwhelming database of top-notch design that, once I finished my work, I requested to join so that I could submit my own work for critique to a community with such high standards and expectations of its users.

[Start Atlanta Branding]

Behance grew in importance to me not only by providing this community, but by affecting my pace and focus as a creative professional. Scott Belsky’s “Making Ideas Happen” had a big impact on the way I work. I even created branding materials for a “Plywood Presents” event  in Atlanta where Scott spoke about the book. These conference designs were my first project to ever be featured on Behance.
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A typographical portrait of basketball great, Michael Jordan

Behance member Ziarekenya Smith’s typographical portrait of Michael Jordan take words, phrases, and stats about the legend and crafts them into Jordan’s likeness.

The image has been circulating around for a few months, but picked up speed in the heat of basketball season with a mention on a Yahoo! Sports NBA blog last week.

Visit Ziarekenya’s Behance portfolio for more digital art and photo manipulation projects.

[Yahoo! Sports blog post]

Behance Network Testimonial: Dennis Salvatier

I got connected to the Behance network over two years ago. Originally I was shopping for a professional place to show some of my work to potential clients since I didn’t have a website just yet. I fell in love with it immediately. The interface was clean, beautiful and easily accessible and great to navigate through. With the recent changes to the site I am even happier with it, but the real value in being a part of Behance is in the talent perusing the halls of the site.

I recently landed a gig to design a blog along with its branding and identity when the client did some Googling and found a website project in my portfolio. A week later I landed another gig when a client found a snowboard project in my portfolio. On top of that I was contacted by a fellow Behancer and asked to blog for his UK design and illustration website, helping other artists in their creative journeys. I’m pretty pleased as you can imagine, and can only hope more work and opportunities come my way through my being a part of the Behance community. Read more →

Behance Network Testimonial: John Mark Herskind

I started getting involved on the Behance network back in October of 2009. Being a 17 year old who had a passion for art and design, it looked like a great place to grow and gain some exposure, but to be honest, what I really wanted was a free online portfolio. A few days into my Behance experience, I discovered that Behance is loaded with endless amounts of inspirational people, art, and community. It’s extremely professional in comparison to other portfolio sites. Behance has become one of my main sources for inspiration. I log in every morning, look at new work, and I’m instantly on a creative high for the rest of the day. It’s also a great platform for networking. I can’t tell you how many relationships I have built and opportunities have come out of my time on Behance.

Detail of Foot Illustration

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