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Behance Testimonials – Hemali Vadalia

“When I began my career as an animator & illustrator, I had no idea how to reach out to clients and find projects that give me creative freedom. I mostly worked for the clients in Mumbai. Then I happened to know about Behance and I’m glad that I uploaded my portfolio here. My clay illustrations & animation got noticed. Also my work with paper craft was appreciated. And within a month I got a couple of wonderful projects to work on.”


“This, followed by a lot of encouraging emails and appreciations. It just made things easier for me to showcase my work and the process behind it. I also got to do workshops. Now I have been working on animations and illustrations for iPad games, websites, books and magazines. Apart from this, there’s a lot to learn from the creative community and get inspired everyday!”

–Hemail Vadalia, Mumbai, India (


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17-Year Old Offered Internship on-the-spot at Behance Portfolio Review!

Twice a year, Behance hosts “Portfolio Review Week,”  seven days of community-run events that give creatives around the world a chance to present their work and get feedback from their peers. We were psyched to hear this success story from young photographer Cody Min, who presented at an NYC event last year and received an internship offer on the spot!

One day last spring I opened an email from Behance and read an invitation to attend the April 2012 Behance Portfolio Reviews. I was excited to go, but even moreso when I found out I could actually request to present my own work. The organizer, Tom (founder of AIR ) emailed me back later that week, and approved me to be one of the five presenters.

On the night of the event, a lot of other people in the creative field showed up. I chatted with Oriole Poole, Experiential Designer, Richard Borge, an illustrator whose client list includes the NYTimes and Coke, and the team from Bazaart, a hot new fashion iPad app. It felt great to be there as a presenter – especially at age 17! I met some of the most interesting creatives on the planet, learned more about different industries, and also made valuable connections. You could feel the energy in the room.

My presentation went smoothly, and I received fantastic feedback. It was interesting to hear opinions not only from photographers, but also illustrators, art directors, and designers. The highlight of the night was meeting Becky Yee, fashion and commercial photographer. Her work was amazing, and I learned a lot in the brief time talking with her. She was so impressed that I was presenting my work at a young age, that she offered me an internship on the spot. I was floored.

My summer internship with Becky was probably the most I’ve ever learned about photography. By the end of the summer, I knew how to set up and collapse a studio, navigate the subways while loaded with 70+ pounds of gear, and how to organize clients. I learned how to light and shoot everything from lookbooks to ballet dancers, and everything in-between (including designer picnic baskets). Coincidentally, one of the most memorable shoots was with Bazaart, the startup team I met at the Portfolio Review. They had also met Becky at the event, and were as hooked on her work as I was.

Behance made this incredible connection with Becky possible, but going to the review also inspired me to keep creating and presenting my work. Behance has become an integral part of my creative process, and I’m excited to participate in future Portfolio Reviews.

Cody Min is a photographer and filmmaker. His client list includes Google, ING Group, The Foundation for Economic Education, and various politicians. You can view his work on his website: and Behance: Give him a friendly shoutout on Twitter:


Macys Day Parade Photos on Gothamist

Behance’s very own Navid Baraty was featured on the cover of Gothamist last week, with his unique photographs of the Macy’s Day parade from 30 stories above 6th Avenue. Navid told Gothamist ”As always, I took them by leaning over the edge!”

Full article here

More photography by Navid Baraty can be seen on his Behance portfolio 

“The fan art community became my creative outlet” : Ben Whitesell

We always love hearing about what our talented creative community is up to. We were thrilled to read this Q&A with illustrator Ben Whitesell, who recently worked on the poster for Moonrise Kingdom, where he mentions that experimenting with fan art on Behance sparked his interest in poster illustrations.

‘When I was first getting into the poster and fan art scene, I was a member of an online community on the Behance Network that specialized in creating re-imagined ‘minimal’ movie posters. Each month a new actor/actress name would be sent to the group and you would choose a picture from their filmography to create a poster around. The fan art community became my creative outlet.

…you can’t beat the creative community on Behance, and the level of exposure you can get through their service. I have also had amazing interactions with team members including the founder and CEO; Scott Belsky is a real advocate for creatives and is highly active on Behance himself helping to promote people’s work.”

Read the full article at Creative Bloq

See more of Ben’s work at or on his ProSite,

New Page Celebrates Behance Success Stories

Everyday, career-changing connections are made on Behance. Whether a creative lands their dream job, gets picked up by a high-trafficked blog, or finds the feedback they were looking for to take their work to the next level – twe want to celebrate these inspiring stories.

In that spirit, we just launched the “Behance Success Story”  page to bring these testimonials to the surface. We hope you find inspiration from these members, and that you share your own story with us!

“I Got Invited to be a Senior Designer at Google”: Roger Oddone

We always love hearing about what our talented creative community is up to. Occasionally we’re lucky enough to have a member write to us about how Behance has helped their creative career. Want to share your own Behance story? Let us know and we’d love to include it in our Success Stories series.

In this post, Roger Oddone, a Graphic Designer from San Francisco, shares his experience on Behance.

I still remember when I learned about Behance in 2008. I recall that I instantly thought that was an amazing learning tool where you could share and to connect with people.

I also notice that by putting my works there I could get a huge exposure and consequently get clients. That was all I needed to make me decide leaving my former work, at one of the biggest branding consultancies in Brazil, in order to start my own design studio.

[Google Doodle Carnival 2012 on Behance]


Right after quitting, I spent some time just working on redoing my whole portfolio in a consistent and self explanatory way and thanks to that effort I got featured at Behance many times. The exposure gave clients from everywhere and after a year and a half I running my own business I got invited to work as a senior graphic designer at Google. How awesome is that?

[Google Local and Mobile Maps iconography, featured on Behance]

I have no words to express my gratitude to the Behance. It’s not enough just being a good professional if you don’t have the right tools to connect with people and promote your work. Thanks for the whole Behance team by having this brilliant idea and for the hard work on keeping the platform always in a constant evolution.

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“Having fun with new pens” turns into something much bigger: Jon May

We always love hearing about what our talented creative community is up to. Occasionally we’re lucky enough to have a member write to us about how Behance has helped their creative career. Want to share your own Behance story? Let us know and we’d love to include it in our Success Stories series.

In this post, Jon May, a freelance designer/illustrator based in Brighton, UK, shares his experience on Behance.

In September 2011 I worked on a personal project called ‘Lettering Experiments‘ – inspirational hand-drawn typographic wallpapers free to download for the iPhone, iMac, iPad etc. That December I received an email from the Behance curatorial team letting me know my project had been featured on Typography Served. Hurrah!

[Lettering Experiments featured on Typography Served]

Just 2 weeks later I received an email from Sally Singleton, Producer at Banjo Advertising Sydney. Their Art Director, Marque Kabbaz, had noticed my project and thought that my style was perfect for a job they were working on for AMP Bank.

I was commissioned to produce a series of typographic illustrations explaining financial services provided by AMP Bank.  After about four weeks of work, I’d created one of my best projects so far. My illustrations were then animated by Kojo.

[AMP Bank Videos on Behance]

I’ve recently been invited to submit work from the lettering experiments project to the EIGA 2013 Trend Diary – Values

My illustration will feature in the diary with my contact details and the book will be circulated to designers and agencies in Europe.

A big thanks to the good people at Behance for helping to get my work noticed and linking me with like minded creatives from the other side of the globe. Cheers!

Follow Jon at and on Twitter @jonmay_

Watch a Behance Student Show success story

It makes our day when we see a testimonial from a member who gets a job through Behance. These Full Sail recent graduates and student ambassador program alums, Tim Smith and Colin Garven, created a video to tell the story of how Colin’s profile on Behance’s Student Show lead to a job opportunity.

Watch on Vimeo, or click below!

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Paul Henderson: Finding Clients and Community

We always love hearing about what our talented creative community is up to.  Occasionally we’re lucky enough to have a member write to us about how Behance has helped their creative career. Want to share your own Behance story? Let us know in the comments and we’d love to include it in our Success Stories series.

My name is Paul Henderson, founder of RISE Design Studio, and I joined the Behance community a little less than 2 years ago. Before Behance, I had a been working as a freelance graphic designer in Southern California for roughly 4 years.  I had a decent portfolio, a nice set of local clients, and I enjoyed moderate success working on projects I liked but didn’t necessarily love.

[humanNATURE featured on Digital Art Served]

I initially joined Behance and several other online creative communities to get my work out there and attract new clients, but it took me a little bit of time to understand the true value of a top notch creative network versus just a nice portfolio site.

What it didn’t take me long to recognize was the level of work on Behance.  There are a ton of great sites out there with a lot of high level work, but Behance sets itself apart as THE place for the world’s leading creative professionals.

Once I learned that this was a place where the world’s best really galvanized, I decided to stop wasting my time with so many different design outlets and just focus on the RIGHT one.  I started digging into Behance a lot more, getting the know the nuts and bolts of it, building relationships with other designers, and to this day I am extremely happy I did.
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Self-taught Adobe skills lead to online recognition: Aldo Fernandes Azevedo

My name is Aldo Fernandes Azevedo. I’m 26 years old and began working in graphic art and graphic design in 2009. I joined Behance this year because it’s the best way to show your work to brands and other sites. The amazing works I see on Behance daily push me to become better, improve my skills, and to progress day by day.

Just a few months after joining, my work has been featured in some amazing sites, including Daily Inspiration and Abduzeedo. Abduzeedo is a site that I always used for inspiration and admired all the works there. Suddenly, I was there–that was unbelievable for me!

[Skulls on the Behance Network, featured on Daily Inspiration]

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