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Member Success Story – Emi Haze

Digital artist from Monfalcone, Italy, Emi Haze, has really brought out her illustrative and design skills when creating the concept and final artwork for the New York Times bestseller “Vanishing Girls.” Emi’s previous work for the “Dream On” video for the Photoshop 25th Anniversary gave her a lot of exposure on YouTube and the creative world. The video went on to win Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2015, a Graphite Pencil D&AD Award, two AICP Awards and a nomination for Outstanding Commercial at Emmy Awards 2015.

While working on the cover for the book, Emi realized that it was quite the feat to encapsulate an entire book’s soul into one image. She worked hard to make sure the photo and all its contents were intriguing and attractive – to spark the interest of readers who naturally enjoy the genre and the people who don’t. Because of her beautiful and unique work for Vanishing Girls, Emi has already been commissioned to create the cover for for “Panic” which is another book written by the same author.



Her pro tip: “Every time you publish a project, you’re not just showcasing your work, you’re showing the world a little bit of yourself as a designer, and your presentation reflects this, so give it personality. Pristine image quality is a must. Make sure that all your images are crisp and at a good size when you post them on Behance. Posting detail shots is always a good idea. Include “the making of”, style frames, explorations, rejected versions, colour versions, detailed pics… Your work isn’t just the final image you created…the presentation is everything.”

Behance Testimonial – Campbell La Pun

A pop stencil artist based in Tokyo, Campbell La Pun, has recently landed an awesome exhibit in the NYC Krause Gallery, for his “Excess Fumes” project.  Employing everything from “stencils to aerosol and acrylic paint on wood and canvas, La Pun takes us careering through the modern world.” The paintings on his spray paint cans are reflections of the bright and neon world of pop culture iconography. He is inspired by spray paint cans because they offer a world of infinite colors and creations and because they are the source of beautiful wall mirages all over the world.


La Pun’s exhibit featured a large canvas version on of each of his cans from his project, Excess Fumes. The cans, when seen displayed really portray “a neon world of candy colored madness that perpetually blinks in the artificial brightness of Times Square in New York and the Shibuya district in Tokyo.” Each one was recognizable at first glance and makes  a huge statement because the first thing to jump out at you is the color and then the branding. It was truly amazing to see his work put up in such a great gallery and to see how he is bringing the world most notorious street art material and answering his own question of “from the furious minute of shaking to the sound of the clunking marble, gently pushing the cap releasing the built up pressure inside through a tiny hole to produce a mist of color to create what?”9e36e8_25e98c649cfe441fbf59a05d35310783.jpg_srb_p_944_708_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 9e36e8_d270b196c524497b9e17db14baecae73.jpg_srb_p_600_699_75_22_0.50_1.20_0


Behance Testimonial: Patrick Seymour

Patrick Seymour, a Behance user since 2011, had his Portfolio noticed by Usher’s team! He was asked to create illustrations for the artist’s next world tour #URXTOUR and had the chance to see his work being displayed all around the globe.


“To see my illustrations on a giant screen surrounded by a crowd of 25,000 people with Usher – in addition to that dance – and knowing that it’s going happen again worldwide is an amazing feeling. I want everyone to experience this.”

Patrick created the Behance project The UR Experience • Yeah! - which contains his creations for the tour as well as moments directly taken from Usher’s performance!

Member Success Story: Vince Low

Singaporean artist Vince Low’s childhood struggle with verbal expression, caused by his dyslexia, encouraged him to express himself visually. Over time, Vince developed a unique, energetic scribble-sketch style that has his art career on the rise.


“In the past, as I’m dyslexic, I struggled with low confidence, I never thought I would be where I am today.”

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Member Success Story: Suren Manvelyan

Professional photographer Suren Manvelyan, a Behance member since 2009, has had his work published by National Geographic, Yahoo!, Die Zeit, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Independent, The Telegraph, La Republica, Liberation, The Guardian, Wired, The Huffington Post, The Shortlist, DT Magazine, MAXIM, and many other publications. He has become well known for his series of close-up photos of human and animal eyes. Manvelyans’ “Animal Eyes” series was viewed and appreciated by of thousands of Behance users, including French director Luc Besson. Besson used the photos in his 2014 science fiction film “Lucy”.



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Adobe Photoshop 25 Under 25 Update

Everyone remembers their first time…using Photoshop. Some of us remember life before layers (it was a dark, dark time) and while others might not even know what Creative Suite was. No matter when you clicked on your first brush tool, Photoshop has had an impact on the creative world beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. To celebrate Photoshop’s 25th Anniversary, Adobe and Behance have been on the lookout for twenty five of tomorrow’s creative superstars who have worked Photoshop’s magic into their process.

Since February, Behance members under twenty five that have uploaded and tagged their work “PS25under25″ have been dazzling us with their sweet ‘shopping skills. We’re excited to showcase the first three featured artists: Fredy Santiago, Tom Anders Watkins, and Shaivalini Kumar. Each has been created an original piece of art to celebrate the 25th anniversary and over the course of the next year, each of the will stage a two week takeover of the new Photoshop Instagram channel, sharing their story and their art with the world.

For more on these artists, check out the Adobe Inspire Blog Post here.

Fredy Santiago


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“File Not Found” solo exhibition by Chad Wys

From March 12th to March 28th, long time Behance member and superb visual artist, Chad Wys, will be exhibiting his show “File Not Found” at the Joseph Gross Gallery in New York City. Chad’s work combines various forms of classic art forms like painting and sculpture but with a digital era twist.  Chad writes:

“I often think about how we receive the visual information around us, how casually data is exchanged, and how little we tend to pay attention to what we see. The notion of a ‘file’ not being found, or not being accessible, stops us in our tracks and suddenly we desire to see what we’re not able to see. In other words, we’d probably ignore the information if it was presented to us normally, but since it’s not being presented to us, or since it’s not deliverable, our curiosity is stimulated and we suddenly wish to see it, if only to ignore it once again thereafter. I think this applies to the world at large, and certainly to my work, where I often remove data from the audience’s view. We desire and want data until we receive it. We only consider more deeply data that we don’t understand, and we take for granted the data we think we already know,”




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Navid Baraty’s work featured in dedicated exhibition in NYC Subways

Navid Baraty’s work – stunning, sometimes dizzying aerial photography shot from incredible vantage points – may look familiar to you, and for good reason. In the past few years, his work has been featured in National Geographic, Apple, CCN, The Huffington Post, and much more. We asked him about some of his biggest moments this year and how Behance played a role:


The past year has definitely been really great. Perhaps the biggest thing that’s happened in the past year was when the MTA approached me to have seven of my Intersection photos on display in a Lightbox installation in Bowling Green station for 2014, which was up for a good portion of the year.

NBC New York had me on the air to talk about the exhibition.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 2.54.08 PM

The Apple store on Fifth Avenue invited me to come talk about my photography one evening. I also gave a talk about my photography at the NYPL back in July.

I’ve licensed an image to Nike and one of my photos and an interview appears in this just released book by Popular Photography.

You know, I always ask how people come across my photos when they contact me. A lot of the time, they can’t remember where they saw my work, just that they saw it somewhere online. So, I’m positive Behance has definitely played a role in it since a lot of my work is posted there. :)


#madethis With Girl Skateboards and Adobe, Powered by Behance

During the fall of 2014, Adobe and Girl Skateboards teamed up to create an “internship” that give five amazing students the opportunity to design stunning limited edition skateboards. Students “applied” through Behance, tagging their designs with #madethis and #girl and with hundreds of entries, Scott Biersack of Arizona State University, Caleb Morris of Savannah College of Art and Design, Mitch Viney from the University of Technology in Sydney, Emma Campbell of Auckland University of Technology, and Cody Bass from the University of Southern Mississippi were selected.

We’re stoked to see the work this group was able to crank out.  Check out these video updates to learn more about their experiences:


Testimonial: William J. Meyer

William J. Meyer, a Behance member since 2009, was able to transform a classic form of old media, the book, into an award-winning new media passion project.

A few years back I wrote a fantasy-adventure novel called FIRE ON THE MOUND. Looking for different ways to share the book, a friend recommended that I turn it into a weekly podcast.  Using vocal talent, sound effects, and an original score, my small team produced a total of 42 episodes, and the podcast novel has won both a Parsec Award and a Geekie Award.


Not only was William’s character artwork featured on Character Design Served, but the trailer, made with work from Brian Ellis (concepting artist from Hasbro and Lego), was featured on Motion Graphics Served later in 2014.


It’s certainly worth a look (and a listen)!  Click the images above to see the corresponding projects and be sure to follow William here.