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ProSite Spotlight: About Pages

According to Smashing Magazine, “The “about me” page is one of the most overlooked pages in development [but] one of the highest ranked pages on many websites.” With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for your about page are endless. Here are two strong examples (click the images to see the live sites):

Geoff and Justin aren’t afraid to let their quirky personalities shine through on the about page for their design company, Studio Alumni. By referencing both their influence and creative process, potential clients can get a glimpse into what working with Studio Alumni would be like just from browsing through their site.

Simple and to the point, Factoriatalio Design begins with a quote from their founder and sums up their services in two sentences. Beneath their description they clearly list their firm’s capabilities so the user knows exactly which mediums they cover.

For more info on how to write a solid bio or summary of your services, check out this 99% article on self-marketing.

Make your ProSite more dynamic with animated GIFs

ProSite portfolio builder offers several easy ways to integrate movement on your website, like cover image loading animations and rollover effect options. However, one technique we get many questions about is how to utilize animated GIFs in site design, especially on homepages. Here are two ways to customize your ProSite using animated GIFs.

We’re not able to display animated GIFs in the blog, so be sure to click through to the example sites, and, to see the GIFs in action!

Using large GIFs for a slideshow effect

One simple but effective use we’ve seen is using a single large GIF on the homepage to give a slideshow-like preview of work.


To create a landing page like this:

1) Create an animated GIF with a sampling of your work, similar to the GIF on Keep in mind–the maximum width for animated GIF uploads is 600px wide. (see tutorials below for instructions)

2) Visit the Pages Tab, then click “+ Add Page.” Then, choose the type of page you’re adding: Custom. Adding a Custom Page will give you a blank page to design whatever you’d like.

3) Once you add a Custom Page, find it in your Pages list, use the gear dropdown to choose “Edit Page Content.” Then, use the Remote to add the GIF to the custom page, along with any other content you’d like.

4) If you want to make this your homepage, go to the Settings tab and click Set Landing Page. Here you’ll have the option to make your new page the first thing people see when they visit their site.

5) Preview to see how the effect will look on your live site, then Publish.

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ProSite of the Month

Each month, our curators select one exceptional ProSite to feature as “ProSite of The Month.” With project covers that spin, drip, twist and change shape – this month, the title goes to Donatello D’Angelo, an Art Director/Illustrator/Graphic Designer based in Florence, Italy. Check out his ProSite here.

ProSite Spotlight: Project Covers

What do illustrated project covers, colorful rollovers and a photographic landing page have in common? ProSite – our completely customizable, personal portfolio websites that sync with the Behance Network.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on a few original examples that highlight how interesting project covers encourage vistors to click more and how a positive first visual impression can make all the difference for potential clients and employers.

Yellowhammer Illustration‘s landing page includes a series of simple, matching illustrations that come to life in their rollover state. Fun to look at, and play with too, we dig this minimalistic approach.
Tip: it’s always important that the project cover image you choose matches the work inside. Otherwise this can be misleading for the viewer.

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ProSite of the Month

Each month, our curators select one exceptional ProSite to feature as “ProSite of The Month.”  This month, the title goes to Ian Crombie, a Branding Designer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Though ProSite can be used to create a full-fledged, multi-paged websites, Crombie’s site is a great example of how the platform to make a simple, beautiful portfolio site. He lets his work speak for itself, and dosen’t overwhelm the viewer with additional info (but includes contact info, of course).  His design pushes the boundaries of what can be done with ProSite by developing the modular template, but it doesn’t try to innovate in the wrong direction by making an overly complicated design. It plays with the layout, covers, and colors, and takes advantage of the type customization available via TypkKit.

Minimal // Chicago, IL, USA // Industrial Design
Rock Agency // Hilversum, Netherlands // Advertising
Brad Geiger //Cincinatti, OH, USA // Graphic Design
Hleb Marholin // Los Angeles, CA, USA // Web Design

The Year in ProSite Features

ProSite launched in April 2011, and since the day creatives were unleashed onto the platform, we’ve been obsessed with how you’ve used it to create beautiful, varied on online portfolios. We wanted to take a minute to reflect on what happened in 2011, and look ahead to 2012.

Get inspiration from the ProSite Example Gallery

We started 2012 with a bang by adding CSS/HTML functionality to ProSite, but here’s a look at the features added in 2011 since the launch last April. Hopefully, seeing them all in one place will help you find ones you may not have discovered yet! Most of these were added by requests for you, so we thank you for your help in making ProSite such a kickass platform. Most of these have been covered in the blog or ProSite Forum, so you can find more info there.

The Biggies:
- Full Size Images in Projects and Custom Pages
- Full Size Videos in Custom Pages
- New Layout: Modular
- Blog Integration: Tumblr and WordPress
-Loading Effects for Cover Images
- Slideshow in Lightbox of HD Images
- Typekit Fonts Integration
(many, many more after the cut!)

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HTML & CSS Customization: Now Available on ProSite

HTML/CSS customization is now on ProSite! In response to requests from the ProSite community, we’ve added the ability to edit HTML and CSS to take customization options to the next level.

Advanced users now have endless possibilities for displaying Behance projects on their own customizable website. Here are a few examples (of the infinite possibilities) of what’s now possible to customize on ProSite:

Landing Page – Project Display

Horizontal or Gridded Project Display

To edit HTML/CSS on your own ProSite, just go to the Design section and click the new “HTML & CSS” tab, then clicking the “Activate HTML & CSS” button.

Before diving in, take a look at our FAQ for some tips, tricks and more resources to get started.

Badass ProSite Creation of the Week:: Illville Hotel

Following in the footsteps of famous hotels like the Chelsea, which became renowned for the creative energy it bestowed on its residents, we present the Illville Hotel. A meeting place of illustrators, based around a common theme – your room.

And so its creator introduces the “Illville Hotel,” a collective art project hosted on the ProSite platform. The landing page introduces the hotel facade, and you’ll see that some of the rooms are already “occupied.” If you see something in the window of a room, click on it to see what’s inside – in essence, visiting a project based on the theme of ‘hotel room’ by an artist participating from somewhere around the world.

Visit the Hotel
Learn More/Participate (this is a new collective, so there are rooms available to illustrate if you’re interested!)

We continue to be completely impressed with the innovative ways people are using ProSite – and Am I Collective’s “ILLVILLE HOTEL” amps it up even more…

The Illville Hotel – Art Collective

Here’s what you’ll find in room 3E…

Tipline: Add Social Media buttons to ProSite

We recently added a feature that allows you to upload images to your ProSite navigation. While this can be used to do any number of creative things, one thing it allows is a much-requested feature: adding Social Media buttons. To achieve this, here’s a few steps to take:

  1. Create Pages for whatever sites you’d like to add a button for (Flickr, Vimeo, Mail, whatever). To do this, go to ProSite –> Pages –> Add New –> Link.
  2. When you name your page, just type a punctuation mark (you don’t want a title, since you’re covering this up with an image).
  3. Go to Design –> Navigation –> Links –> Images, and upload the social media image you’d like to there. You’ll see that you can add a Rollover of On state if you’d like.

Remember that the placement of the navigation (and therefore, the buttons)  depends completely on your layout. If you’d like to see these somewhere else – upper right hand corner, left column, etc – check out the options in the Layout tab.

Access Thousands of Fonts – Integrate Custom Type with Typekit

As creatives, we know you have an appreciation for typography, and when designing your own online portfolios with ProSite, one of the biggest requests we’ve gotten was: “more fonts!”

We’re happy to announce that you can now access thousands of fonts through a new Custom Type Integration feature. Thanks to a partnership with Typekit, you can sign up for a subscription and browse through their stellar collection of typefaces, and then add these to your list of fonts to choose from on ProSite.

To get started:
1. Signup for a Typekit account
2. Browse the choices and add fonts to your Kit
3. On ProSite, go to Settings –> Custom Font Integration to complete a few steps
4. Access your new fonts on ProSite and go crazy with typography Read more →