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ProSite of the Month: Michael Hansen

Each month, our curators select one exceptional ProSite to feature as “ProSite of The Month.”  This month, Michael Hansen, a Copenhagen-based designer with projects that range from vinyl designs to experimental magazines, takes the title.

Visit Michael’s site here.

ProSite Spotlight: Photography Portfolios

The medium is the message when it comes to your creative portfolio. With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for personalizing your site – from your landing page to your project covers – are endless. This month we took a look at three photography ProSites with three unique styles:

Pawel Mazurkiewicz is StupidColors, (his words, not ours) so he created a site that’s as vibrant and bright as he is. In addition to his rainbow of project covers, he’s also implemented a rollover in a different shade for each.

Jack Radcliffe is a documentary photographer, who specializes in carefully composed, richly printed portraits. Using project covers to zero in on the narrative in each photo, Radcliffe adds only a touch of yellow, that accenting his dark site with hover states and links.

Becka Hussey describes herself as a “young, enthusiastic photographer with a penchant for the quirky with a case of the wanderlusts” – a sentiment that’s quickly apparent after a quick flip through her site. Her portfolio is easy to navigate with original titles and casual copy, giving off a great sense of what it would be like to collaborate with Becka. 

ProSite of the Month

Each month, our curators select one exceptional ProSite to feature as “ProSite of The Month.”  This month, Assembled, a design studio and creative agency with clients that include Nike, Red Bull and MTV, takes the title.

Full-size videos come to ProSite projects

Display videos from Vimeo and YouTube at any size up to 1920px wide in ProSite projects with just a quick update to the embed code.

1) Grab your new embed code

Go to the original source of your video embed (on Vimeo or YouTube) and adjust the embed code to the max width you’d like to display on ProSite, then copy the code.

2) Edit or create a Behance project

Create a new project with the embed code, or, to add to an existing project, go to Edit Projects on your Behance account and replace the existing video with the new code, then save. (NOTE: the video will still appear as 600px wide on Behance, but it will have the full width on ProSite)

3) Update your ProSite

Go to your ProSite editor. The video will now display at the same width as your project images. You can adjust the project image width in Design–>Styles–>Projects–>Project Image Width



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ProSite Spotlight: Tell Your Story

In addition to displaying your work, we believe your online portfolio should tell your story. With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for personalizing your site – from your landing page to your project covers – are endless. Here are a few ProSites that show just how quirky & unique you can get:

Mario Testa’s site lands on a bold yet simple page with large numbers that rapidly count upwards when you scroll over. Each number represents a different project with more information about the work. Mario encourages users to play with his design and uncover the meaning for themselves. He is a man of few words, so it’s very fitting that he chose numbers for his navigation instead.

Meggen Skilling separates her work into right and left brain projects and her illustrated brain opens up different case studies and designs that are organized as ‘analytical’ or ‘creative.’  What a smart visual way of presenting two major areas of focus.

Paul Zolandz greets visitors with a hand written letter that links out to different projects & clients. The note is casual and accessible, while still serving its purpose – to introduce the work. We’d love this design even more if Paul included his contact info, as even his name can be difficult to find for first time visitors.

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ProSite Spotlight: Self-Promotion

A great creative career requires a marketing strategy to maximize exposure and opportunity. With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for highlighting your specialties and skills are endless. Here are a few ProSites that feature innovative examples of self-promotion:

Max Sobkowski had a little fun with his profile, and created a poster that highlights his skills & rate.

Bruno Viegas turned his about page into an infographic CV complete with symbols & graphs.

Ben Cook is an interactive designer, so laying out his skill set, availability and tools in an accessible, yet creative manner was important. The “About” tab on his ProSite even lists “who I am and what I can do” before the user has clicked – you know exactly what you’re getting!

22 Creative Studios created a clear, to-the-point, “Services” section on their site that lets visitors and potential clients alike know exactly what they’re capable of.

Weighing Your Options: Designer Portfolio Sites

Designer Ben Whitesell researched and evaluated the best online portfolio tools for creatives in a recent blog post, and we’re thrilled that ProSite came out on top. ProSite is Behance’s completely customizable personal portfolio builder. Here’s some of what Ben had to say:

“I have had a great experience dealing with [Behance] through my free profile and did quite a bit of research into other hosted portfolio sites like Cargo Collective and the like. But, because the people behind Behance have been readily accessible via twitter, their blog, and forums, I felt comfortable going with them. The big selling point being how easy it was to set up a site, attach my own personal domain, and even drop in Google Analytics for tracking.


I really like the level of customization that Prosite offers for webpages. Everything is easy adjusted from an administration panel and you can upload custom images for your header or for the gallery buttons. Columns for page layout can be adjusted to your preference and if you get a little creative then you can also get pretty custom with the sites navigation. Behance also regularly provides updates like adding the ability to add social media links, a custom favicon, custom type integration, and expandable images.”

Read Ben’s full post here and try ProSite out for yourself (for free) here.

ProSite Spotlight: Businesses on ProSite

Sometimes non-designers ask if they can use ProSite too, so we thought we’d share some great examples of some businesses (outside of the ad agency/design studio realm) who have built great company websites on Prosite.
ProSite is our completely customizable, personal portfolio website-builder that easily syncs with the Behance Network. Today we’re shining the spotlight on a few original examples of businesses on ProSite .

ToLife, an Australian-based lifestyle consultancy org, created a clean and simple ProSite that clearly conveys their services that span massage, nutrition, yoga, acupuncture and more.
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