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R/GA Mobile Music Challenge

R/GA is sponsoring a contest on the Behance  Network for imagining the future design of the “mobile music experience.”   They encourage all creative professionals to “submit projects that represent how you think we’ll use mobile devices to experience music in the future, and we’ll award one lucky winner $2500.”

The rules?  None. Just make something. Or submit something you’ve done in the past (there is no “client,” it is just a creative challenge). Just stick to mobile + music. And make sure it’s cool.

Click here to enter!

Nvidia State of the Art Contest

NVIDIA State of the Art ContestYes, that’s right!  We’re teaming up with Nvidia to give members of the Behance Network a chance to flex their creative muscles for some cool prizes.  If you’ve seen the “Speak Visual” campaign all over the streets in NYC, you’ll know what we’re talking about.  Here’s your chance to speak in whatever creative outlet that you choose.

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Idea: Broadcast Your Product with a Contest!

One of the early members of the Behance Network, Joey Roth, is a brilliant industrial designer that developed the much talked-about “Sorapot.” The Sorapot was an early project in the Behance Network that yielded thousands of views and was the catalyst of much press and fanfare. Our team has since had the opportunity to sample tea from Joey’s pot – and we became real fans of his work as well.

For this reason, Scott Belsky and Behance Chief of Design Matias Corea agreed to serve as judges for a very creative and engaging (and fun) outreach contest that Joey has launched for Sorapot. Serving along with friends at Moco Loco, NotCot, Swiss Miss, and DesignNotes, we will be judging the most creative “Sorapot inspirations” – the winner of which will receive their very own Sorapot.

Congrats to Joey for his hard work, and good luck to all those that enter the contest!  You can enter the contest here.

Sorapot Art Contest

Wiley Design Challenge

Win Your Way Onto a Wiley Book Cover

We’re excited to have our Chief of Design, Matias Corea, as one of the judges for the Wiley Design Challenge.  Wiley, a leading publisher of Adobe how-to books, is asking the creative community to submit book cover ideas for “Photoshop for Right Brainers.” Winner’s design will be in thousands of bookstores and will appear in national promotions.  You can take a look at the current submissions by visiting the Gallery.  Good luck to all!

Spontaneous Collaboration

We came across a little story in Behance Network member Adriana de Barros’ visual journal today. She explains that she has been meeting many new artists in the network and received an invite from painter Simon M. Smith for input on a special project:

“This is something I’ve never done before: seek ideas, input, intervention in one of my paintings. If anyone out there is interested in taking my existing image and interfering with it in some way, and then conveying the results back to me, I’d be very pleased to hear from them. (…) I’m particularly interested in what those of you working outside the realm of painting might make of it.”

What follows is Adriana’s fascinating journey to interpret his work through an entirely different artistic medium and vision. We encourage you to check out her story at “Interpreting the Abstract.”

Also, the original painting work, as well as Adriana’s interpretation, is posted in Simon’s portfolio as a project title “Collaborative Invitation.”

Welcoming Two Guest Curators

Behance is pleased to welcome Josh Spear (of and Undercurrent) and Tina Roth Eisenberg (of the popular design blog swissmiss and swissmiss studio) as our first Guest Curators for the Behance Network Gallery.

Guest Curators are invited to explore the Behance Network and gather a collection of projects that they wish to feature on the main gallery page. Their collections are viewable by the 250,000+ Behance Network visitors every month. Just visit the main Gallery page and select a guest curator collection beneath the filters on the left.

Curator Collection: Josh Spear
Curator Collection: swissmiss

Guest Curator Bios

Josh Spear, as one of the youngest brand strategists in the world, is regularly sought out for his fresh perspective and no-holds-barred style of consulting on everything from design and gadgets to authenticity and word-of-mouth. His recent focus has been the power of the blogosphere, technology, and the impact this new media is having on the world. In addition to, his internationally recognized trend-spotting blog, he is the co-founder of Undercurrent, a digital think-tank focused on exploring new ways to reach young people without interrupting them. Josh has appeared in Time Magazine, the New York Times, Flair Italy, Chicago Tribune and many other major media outlets. A passionate and well received speaker, Josh has presented for such diverse clients as McDonald’s, Leo Burnett, Columbia College, Community Next, and the Google Zeitgeist conference in Europe.

Tina Roth Eisenberg grew up in mountainous Switzerland, influenced by renowned Swiss design and a lot of fresh air. In 1999 she followed her dream and crossed the Atlantic to design in New York. Since then, Tina has worked at several prominent NYC design firms, including Thinkmap, Inc., where she served as Design Director and designed the award-winning Visual Thesaurus. She now runs her own design studio, swissmiss studio, with recent clients including the Museum of Modern Art and the Food Network. Tina’s aesthetics reveal her Swiss roots ” she is a firm believer in white space-driven, clean, elegant design solutions. Tina is often referred to as swissmiss, her popular design blog.

Grand Prize Winners: BeContests Round 1

The Behance Team is thrilled to announce the following $1000 grand prize BeContest winners. These individuals were selected through both a round of voting and by a panel of judges across creative industries with expertise. The criteria for this round of contests was wide open: participants simply submitted an example of work from their portfolio.

Blogging: Haik Avanian
for “Digitalomo”
Fashion: Carga
for “Carga Bags Felt Edition”
Film: Jenn & Sara
for “V Water [viral animation]”
Graphic Design: Pavel Pavlov
for “Illustration”
Photography: Andrei Robu
for “Andrei ‘Trick’ Robu Photography”

To view winning entries and runners-up, please visit the BeContest circles under “Browse Contests.” Stay tuned for an article about the winners on our magazine. Thank you to all who entered!

David Greenbaum – Miramax
Doug Jaeger – thehappycorp global
Emily Heyward -Red Antler
Jennie Tarr Coyne – Metropolitan Museum of Art
Johnny Vulkan – Anomaly
Leo Lawson – Pakter
Peter Coughlan – IDEO

Only A Few Days Left to Enter BeContests

Behance Contests

The Behance Network is currently holding contests in the realms of Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Film, and Blogging.  These contests close November 4th at 11:59 p.m. EST, at which point no new entries will be accepted.  So enter your work now for the chance to win $1,000 (one grand prize winner in each realm).

From November 4th to November 9th, all of you will have the chance to vote on your favorite submissions.  3 winners per realm will be chosen based on number of votes, then a grand prize winner in each realm will be selected by a panel of expert judges.

David Greenbaum – Miramax
Doug Jaeger – thehappycorp global
Emily Heyward -Red Antler
Jennie Tarr Coyne – Metropolitan Museum of Art
Johnny Vulkan – Anomaly
Leo Lawson – Pakter
Peter Coughlan – IDEO
Piers Fawkes –
Sascha Lewis –