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Pantone Announces Color of the Year for 2013

Yesterday Pantone, the world-renowned authority on color, announced their “color of the year” for 2013. Emerald, described as “lively, radiant, lush… a color of elegance and beauty” will play a big part in the new year for creatives everywhere. Check out the Pantone site for more info on Emerald, and visit Pantone Canvas to sort projects by other colors too!

Fun fact: the developers over at Pantone used our new API to create this widget of emerald Behance projects!

New Guest Curator: JWT Amsterdam

From time to time we invite respected curators, brands and cultural organizations to curate a collection of projects to be showcased on Behance. Check out our full list of current guest curators here:

We recently teamed up with JWT Amsterdam, an advertising agency built on the belief that our complex world calls for a new way of working, and they’ve created a unique collection of  projects that span architecture, photography, UX and graphic design. JWT defines the way they do business in three simple words: Think, Do, Make – a philosophy that we at Behance can stand behind. JWT’s collection will also appear on the company’s homepage, a space they’ve dedicated to serving up a daily dose of the unexpected. Check out their collection here.

Curators Conference

Curation and Creativity meet modern culture at the upcoming “Curators Conference” in NYC. We spotted this day-long event, featuring presentations of leading curators and creative professionals in fashion, film, design, and tech – and recommend it to anyone looking to dig into curation in their field – from the nitty gritty to the inspirational.

The conference, debuting during NYC Fashion Week, features presentations, ideas and conversations of thought leaders in their fields. Speakers so far include Gia Coppola (Filmmaker), Philippe von Borries (Refinery29), Susie Bubble (Fashion Icon) and many more.

September 5, 2012 
Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center
Get tickets here! 

Winners of GE & Behance’s “Rethink the Design” Challenge

Around the world, a woman dies from breast cancer every 69 seconds.[1] It’s not that the cancer is untreatable.  It’s that millions of women can’t get regular breast cancer screenings because they lack access to facilities, technologies, or trained professionals.

So we asked for your help: “How can we use great design to improve the breast cancer screening experience and save lives?” You came back to us with inspiring ideas, and we at GE would like to thank you for participating in the Rethink the Design: Screening for Breast Cancer challenge.

The 47 submissions aimed to make the mammography experience more comfortable, assessable, and to reduce fear. Submissions ranged from making screenings more convenient for women by having mobile units, to creating a more spa like atmosphere. (We especially liked the idea of having cupcakes as a treat after screenings.) After going through all of your submissions, we found two ideas that stood out. We are happy to announce that Irving Ling and Manoj Manduva were selected to receive grants to continue the work on their submissions. Both Manoj and Irving want to increase education and awareness around breast cancer screenings.  Irving’s winning submission is for the creation of an app with self-examination techniques and treatments information; and Manoj’s submission uses infographics to make the mammography experience less intimidating.

GE Healthymagination committed $1 billion to the fight against cancer. Our goal is to break down the barriers of healthcare, we want to increase quality, increase access, and reduce costs. For breast cancer this means improving the screening experience. Together we can make a big impact on breast cancer, and reduce the number of unnecessary deaths. Congratulations to Irving and Manoj, and thank you for taking on the design challenge.

[1] Susan G Komen Foundation Statistic Every 69 Seconds a Woman Dies from Breast Cancer – Komen for the Cure Wants People Globally to Take Action


Ketel One is on the Hunt for an Idea Worth Backing

Behance is all about making ideas happen, so we’re always happy to partner with brands that share this vision. Today we’re helping our friends at Ketel One spread the word about their latest campaign that centers around entrepreneurial spirit and helping one great idea see the light of day. 

Ketel One believes that gentlemanly values have all but vanished so they’re teaming up with GQ to launch “A Gentleman’s Call” the pursuit of an idea that matters. They’re looking for someone with an original idea that has impact. Once they find one, they’ll back the idea with 100K and a team of experienced mentors.

The call for submissions closes on July 29, after which the five best projects will be selected and shared publicly. Consumers will vote for the best of the final five, resulting in a Grand Prize Winner who’ll make use of $100,000 to turn their idea into a reality. In addition to the funding, the winner will also have access to a team of entrepreneurial mentors including philanthropist Ian Somerhalder, actor Carlos Ponce, and Co-Founder and CEO of the Movember Foundation Adam Garone.

Visit  to learn more or participate.

A Special Offer From Our Friends at 3rd Ward

3rd Ward is a multi-disciplinary workspace and education center that offers classes on everything from bike mechanics to bookkeeping. This week New York-based Behancers can take an extra 25% off when they enroll in a class of their choosing! Simply enter the discount code “BEHANCE” at checkout.

Visit for a full list of classes & more.

New Collaboration With Pinterest // Better Attribution

Today we’re pleased to announce a collaboration with Pinterest, the fast growing social media website that now drives more referral traffic than Twitter and most other websites. Any Behance project added to Pinterest will include proper attribution, along with a direct link to the source project and the user’s portfolio. Today, Pinterest has launched this integration with Behance, Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo.

The Problem We’re Trying To Solve

While the internet offers creatives the opportunity to get mass exposure for their work, it often falls short. The greatest design work, illustration, photography – and any other creation – has the tendency to be shared on other websites, often times without a link back or even a proper credit. As a result, creative careers often fail to benefit from the exposure that their work receives.
Needless to say, the future of creative careers is all about sourcing opportunity on the web. You publish your work – and then it circulates. If people love it, they’ll want to come follow you and/or contact you. Exposure for your work is pointless unless it is directly attributed and linked to your portfolio.

The Solution Is A System For Attribution

At Behance, we want the web to foster direct and proper attribution for every piece of creative work – wherever it may be displayed. You need to get credit for you work wherever it shows up online, with a direct link back to your portfolio where people can contact you or follow you for future updates. And, as more people visit your portfolio on Behance and opt to follow your work, you will get more opportunity via Behance’s search and explore tools.

On Behance, as more and more people visit your portfolio and follow your work, you become more visible in our many galleries and search/sorting tools. Over the years, our team has become very focused on promoting the direct attribution and credit for creative work across the web. Sites like Tumblr, Fffound, and others routinely feature images from the portfolios of creative professionals and fail to either link back or carry any level of consistent attribution. In response, we are pushing more top websites to properly credit the creatives behind the work. Behance has also started to power creative portfolio display for sites like LinkedIn, AdWeek, RISD, SVA, and many others in an effort to streamline attribution and portfolio management across the web.

Our Collaboration With Pinterest

Pinterest has become a dominant tool for “discovery” of all sorts of content. Increasingly, Pinterest is being used by creatives of all kinds – as well as journalists and recruiters – to discover and collect great creative work. Now, through a special collaboration with Pinterest, every image pinned from a Behance project will include a direct link to the source project as well as the user’s full portfolio. This attribution and featured set of links will be included both on the small and open version of the “pin” on Pinterest. We are also actively working with other sites on the web that wish to properly attribute work to the rightful owner.

Looking Forward

With tools for proper attribution, creative careers are enhanced by unparalleled levels of exposure and opportunity via the social web. We just need to find better ways to showcase and credit creative work so that it ultimately serves the creative behind the work. The future of creative careers is about much more than sites to upload images. We need an ecosystem where you can publish in one place, showcase everywhere you want, and get discovered anywhere your work is displayed.

Our team is pretty psyched about the prospect of organizing the creative world’s work. As always, if you have ideas and suggestions, please reach out to us! @Behance

Scholarships to sharpen your skills (and learn some new ones)

This summer, sharpen your skills and learn some new ones. Skillshare is kicking off its first ever Design Semester this May, and Behance is offering up to $1,000 in $10 scholarships!

Get involved by signing up for one of the curated classes by expert designers and design enthusiasts in New York and San Francisco, including Etsy’s Creative Director, Randy Hunt, and the lead designers at Twitter and Kickstarter. Here are just a few:

New York: May 22nd & June 12, 7-8:30pm, What Investors Look for in Designers (Craig Shapiro)

Join Craig, Founder & CEO of Collaborative Fund, Chairman of Creative Mornings, and former President of GOOD Magazine, for a discussion on what it takes to prove your design chops (and product!) to investors.

New York: June 6, 7-8pm,  Design Review with Kickstarter (Andrew Cornett)

In a small group setting, get detailed feedback and the design tips and tricks you need to fine-tune your portfolio from tip top lead designer Andrew Cornett of Kickstarter. Read more →

Brand-New at the Behance Outfitter: Writing Utensils!

The Behance Outfitter - our online storefront for creative “tools of the trade” has a new addition – writing utensils! For the first time, we’re offering our favorite high-quality writing implements, hand-picked for the store by the very people who designed Behance.

Who says high-tech has to be virtual? Our four L-Tech implements put the tangible pleasure of a well-crafted precision tool in your hand. Architects and engineers have used such machined metal for years, and it will bring a new level of quality to whatever you craft with it.

In collaboration with Levenger, we’re happy to add these four items to the store:
L-Tech Fountain Pen
L-Tech Ballpoint
L-Tech Stealth Rollerball
L-Tech Stealth Pencil (7 mm)

R/GA & Behance Launch: “Advertising in the Digital Age” Gallery

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the latest site powered by Behance, “Advertising in the Digital Age”. The Gallery features work selected by world renowned advertising agency, R/GA.

Celebrating amazing works in digital advertising, this gallery will showcase R/GA creative executives’ top creative picks in categories like website design, video, online advertising, outdoor and retail advertising & mobile applications.

R/GA, a 5-time winner of “Digital/Interactive Agency of the Year”, certainly is an expert on creative work in the digital age (they created the Nike+ platform!), so we can’t wait to see new selections everyday of stellar creative work in the advertising world.

This gallery site is connected to The Behance Network, so by uploading your work to Behance, you’ll be considered for featuring in the “Advertising in the Digital Age” gallery as well.

Visit for “Advertising in the Digital Age” Gallery