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Of Air Conditioning & Action

It has been hot in NYC; and we were contemplating whether a sauna environment sparks action or stalls it all together.

Nevertheless, we’ve been trying to stay focused with only a few digressions. We were happy to see the response to our recent Tip on surrounding yourself with action-inducing art. While the concept is a little extreme, the point rings true for our team and others we know. Thanks to LifeDev for picking up on it, despite the fact that the tip is a bit contrarian to the typical productivity principle of clearing away anything that is completed.

We were also pleased to see Write Well Me’s take on some of our favorite Tips; great to hear her resonance with some of them…

Some (more) Sites We Link: End of June

Just when you thought that we were done highlighting a few sites that we have especially enjoyed during the month of June…but wait, there’s more.

We enjoy the analytical approach of trendmatter, the outgoing energy of we make money not art, and the depth of designboom.

Trendmatter is descibed as “a journey into the strange yet wonderful world of being a design student, with ramblings about experiences and observations as [the author, Mac] starts along the path of design, not really knowing where [he'll] end up.” We look forward to accompanying you on this journey, Mac!

We-Make-Money-Not-Art has stimulating imagery, and they feature edgy innovation that…makes us think. We like it.

Some Sites We Like: End of June

Studio 469′s blog has great design (no surprise, given their incredible work), imagery, and insights. For inspiration and great resources, we encourage you to check it out.

And, we’re fans of another blog all about creativity, insights, and ideas. The blog is titled “Login + Emotion.” We were also quite impressed by a recent analysis of the ecosystems of agencies. Behance often contemplates how the concept of an “agency” in the creative world will evolve over time. We suggest you check out David Armano’s posting on the topic.

Observe the Observer!

Design Observer

Design Observer has a great eye for the convergence of design and culture. The site takes an enlightening, historical perspective on how design evolves around us. We commend Michael, William, and Jessica for their work developing such a great spark every few days for our creative minds.

The Art of the Presentation

Garr Reynold keeps a helpful blog about all-things presentation, Presentation Zen.  As we are entering the creative professional era, we need to start thinking about how creative professionals present themselves and their work professionally (see one Behance article on a similar topic here).

Garr has a great article on Ben Zander, legendary performer, that makes the case for taking risk, empowering others, etc…but all in a creative context.