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Roundup: Links We Like

1) Creative Tastemakers:
Foodies know that a good meal is a work of art. This Web Series created by TheD4D is about creative tastemakers; chefs and baristas give you a peep into the passion and technique involved in what they do. We especially recommend “An Espresso Obsession,” at LA’s landmark Intelligentsia Coffee.

2) Doodlers Anonymous
D.A. was founded to celebrated the doodle addiction – for people who need to draw, sketch and doodle, (on anything they can find) constantly. Browser through the blog, featured doodlers, or their doodle calendars.

3) Creative ProShow
On March 26th in Rome, Italy, seven Creative Professionals from around the world will come together to talk about their techniques and workflow. Behance Ambassador Martin Benes is heading up this one-day  event, with a goal to widen the boundaries to creativity and share experiences.

Roundup: Links We Recommend

1) ideeeeasKeep and share insights with simplicity.
Great ideas start small. Even if you’re thinking big, two images and a tweet should be enough to explain the essence of your thoughts. On ideeeas, scroll through dozens of clear, digestible ideas such as “create a newscast based on a community’s tweets and RSS feeds” or “create a door lock for a bathroom that lets your enter and leave with clean hands.”

2) 365.ioa photo a day for one year is a simple photography upload platform – take a photo each day to upload to in a snap. What starts as an empty page will quickly became a frenetic collection of memories, a lifecast  of your year. Created for “Project 365,” this might make the perfect New Year’s project.

3) Brush Footwear - Haiti Project
Brush Footwear fuses traditional art with the art of fashion, and now, they’re donating a large set of Canvas Shoes to Haiti. The shoes are being painted by kids from the community before being sent off – some were painted and auctioned by members of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Check out this great cause.

Roundup: Links We Recommend

1) NY Creative Interns
If you’re a creative in the big city looking for work, this newly formed group is here to enable you to find internships, mentors, and inspiration through networking and meetups. Head to their kickoff event on December 9th to mix with other creative students and professionals looking for interns (and win free giveaway). Reps from Buzzfeed, Time Inc, IFC/Sundance, and more will be in attendance, so RSVP here.

This is a brand new site created by Seed for creatives looking to make sense of complex issues through data and design. Aside from having a kickass gallery of Infographics from around the world, the site hosts design competitions (with hefty cash prizes) that you Behancers should jump on. Next up is a a challenge sponsored by TEDMED & GE: use public data to visualize relationship between green space and public health.

3) Fifty People One Question
These impossible to dislike short films explore human connections through people and place. The premise is obvious: “We asked the same question and it took us somewhere new.” The filmmakers visit city streets and get answers from a diverse group of people, asking them questions like “What do you wish would happen by the end of today.” We highly recommend this ongoing social experiment.

Roundup: Links We Recommend

1) Project: Interaction - We Teach Design!

Project: Interaction is a 10 week after school program that teaches New York City high schoolers to use design to change their communities. Behind the project are two young designers, Katie Koch and Carmen Dukes, both MFA students at the School of Visual Arts. They’ll use NYC, the students’ hometown, as a catalyst for creative thought, and will challenge the students to problem solve using design methods. These high-schoolers will thus be introduced to Interactive Design, a career opportunity they might not otherwise have learned about. Their Kickstarter page ends October 13 so PLEDGE NOW



2) Weeels - Social Transit

Weeels is a brand new app for city cab-sharing. Aside from the obvious money-sharing benefit, using this service saves energy and space. Here’s how it works: download Weeels for your iphone, blackberry or droid, then open up the app and enter where you are, and where you want to go. You’ll be picked up, along with other going to the same place. This is the world’s first social transit app, and is helping give city-dwellers increased control over how they get around, how much they spend, and how they use energy.


Thirst Relief3) Thirst Relief International - Changing lives through safe, clean drinking water

Photographer, entrepreneur, and humanitarian Jim Davis-Hicks is about to hit the road for a year, living in an RV on a tour called “The Thirst for More Tour.” Jim is the volunteer founder and president of Third Relief International, an organization whose mission is to provide clean drinking water around the world, and overcome the deaths that are caused by contaminated water. He funds this great organization through his freelance photography. By donating just $5, you can give clean water to someone for 30-35 years.

Live Interview with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh – this Friday!

At Behance, we’re big fans of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. From his book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purposes, to his use of social media and commitment to transparency, we respect this thought-leader.

This Friday, we’ll be tuning into HP Input | Output for a live interview with Hsieh. He’ll be talking about “Marketing to the New Customer” and leveraging technology and people for the good of the customer and positioning your brand for success.

He’ll be taking user submitted questions LIVE during the interview, so if you have any questions at all for Tony, go ahead and submit them via Twitter using the hashtag #hpio.

See you this Friday, September 24 @ 2-3PM PST/ 5-6 PM EST
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You Answered: What sites and blogs are your essential reads for daily creative inspiration?

Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, we asked you what your go-to websites for creative inspiration were. Many of you responded – we chose some tweets and Facebook posts suggesting excellent creative websites to share with you today.  We hope you add some of them to your daily creative roster or Google Reader!


Twitter and Facebook Responses

We Make Friends – You Get Deals!

As featured in this month’s Behance Network Newsletter, we have developed a couple of new and exciting partnerships that in turn bring great deals to you…

MOO is offering Behance Network members a set of 50 trial business cards for free (all you pay is shipping). The offer is “first come, first served” and runs out on August 31st. So, hurry and order one of the 5000 packs up for grabs! Read more →

Voting Up: For the best “digital apartment”

Comcast Dream Big

Some of our friends are judges for the final round of “digital apartments” in “Comcast Town” – a contest where creative minds can design a digital apartment (yes, the kind that you live in). Final round judges are Jill Ferehbacher from Inhabitat, Boy Genius from Boy Genius Report, Jean Aw from NotCot, & David Pescovitz from Boing Boing.

The top 4 finalists were narrowed down from thousands of submissions by the 4 judges.  And now, the final winner will now be determined through voting…by all of us. If you have a few minutes (and a fascination with what a “digital apartment” actually entails), check it out here

New Work City

New Work City New YorkOur friends at New Work City are doing an amazing thing. They are gathering a community of dedicated creative minds to work together in a co-working environment that promotes accountability, professionalism, and good economics. We previously profiled the thinking behind this new workspace concept in the Behance Magazine. We were surprised to see the new website splash page for New Work City – it utilizes a Behance Action Book to show the completed action steps required to make New Work City happen. Read more →