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Gawker Blog love for Transformers-inspired “Mekkanika Font”

i09- a Gawker Media blog that covers science fiction and “the future,” noticed a particularly hardcore typography project on Behance: Mekkanika font. They say:

A is for Autobot: A mechanized font inspired by Transformers
Riccardo Sabatini pays tribute to technical drawings and Transformers with Mekkanika, a font composed of illustrated machines. The only question is, are his letters really robots in disguise? Sabatini combined his love of mechanical drawings and steampunk aesthetic to create Mekkanika. You can see the entire alphabet at Behance, as well as get a sense of how Sabatini combines machines to get his letters. He’s also turned his mechanical collage style on the Transformers symbols.

70+ Top Creative Ideas in Typography from Behance

We spotted a nice roundup of typography projects curated from Behance (70 of them!) posted on Scrolling through, we recognize some familiar favorites from the past few years, mixed in with some of the freshest trending typography work on Behance.

Desigg says:

When you look at a typography piece, you’re reading the art, not watching it – you read and feel the sense directly. Typography is the art of communication between minds.

I chose these typography projects from Behance. This site is one of the most important sites watched by creative designers for inspiration, creative designs and is also an important reference for any designer.

Here’s a handful of their choices – see the full post here.

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Roundup: Links We Like

DoSomething.Org – Make Art Save Art
Art Programs are the first thing to go when schools face budget cuts. is mobilizing young artists to use your creative talent to help save arts education in schools. We know you Behancers have fond memories of your early art class years – take a few minutes to submit a short testimonial or creative work about the importance of arts education – you’ll get a chance to win $1,000!

Square Inches of Design
This collective art project calls on designers to participate in a massive (not to mention charitable) group work: buy one or more square inches of material to use as your canvas (for $1 each), and your design will end up on a massive quilt donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We at Behance believe that smart design can change the world, and we hope you participate in a real-world example of this.

Fidgit Box: Celebrating Creativity
This new media network tells the stories of exceptional young people around the world who have made an impressive impact in their field. It’s both inspiring and humbling to browse the short videos on this site that introduce you to some of these leaders. Teaser:  you’ll meet founder of the world’s first iPod accessory company, and founder of one of UK’s major gaming sites – a video game swap site.

Roundup: Links We Like

Kickstarter Curated Page
On our new curated Kickstarter page, we’ll showcase projects by creatives from our community (and beyond) who are searching for funding and support. One notable project by a Behancer that just reached his lofty goal of $45,000 of funding is Kim Holtermand’s Outlier, Vol I: Iceland project, which will document Iceland through music, film & photography. If you’re a Behancer with a Kickstarter project, get it touch!

ISDA Industrial Design Conference
There’s just a few more days to register for this year’s ISDA Conference in New Orleans. This year’s speaker list includes NYU Art Professor and expert on all things Internet Clay Shirky,  Alistair Bramely (Sr. Designer at Smart Design) and a handful of other leaders in the field. Register soon if you’re curious about questions like: How does community influence design? and What is the future of industrial design?

Grind Space – New Coworking Space
Yesterday marked the launch of a brand new co-working space for creative professionals – Grind Spaces. “People who would rather work in a community than at a company,” can sign up to use the custom design space in Manhattan to “do their greaest work on their own terms.” We’re happy to be a part of the launch, along with Cool Hunting, digital agency Breakfast, and Co Collective!

Bloggers <3 Behance Creatives

We’re psyched when bloggers take it upon themselves to curate the work on Behance and post projects they’re loving, because we get to revisit some stellar projects, and many of you get to see them for the first time. We thought we’d share a few Behance roundups we found on other blogs, along with their picks.

Flavorwire: Shocking Photos of Life in Mozambique’s “Trash Land”
Design You Trust – Our Top 10 Favorite Artists from Behance
Underworld Magazine: Awesome Designers on Behance

Flavorwire blogged about “Trash Land”

Design You Trust noticed this paper craft project.

Underworld Magazine blogged about this work from Alexander Wells

Tips from FLUD-Making News Sexy With Their Mobile Apps

FLUD, a mobile reader “making news sexy,” lets you consume the blogs and feeds you love on an app that makes the content look better than it ever has. We invited them to write a guest blog post and tell you a bit more about what they do, and give some tips for using the app to gain influence.

You do what you love. You want to meet others who love what you love, and talk about it. You also want to get hired to do what you love. We’ve found one of the best uses for FLUD is to consume the latest content in your area of interest, and post the best articles to social media. Keep your peers updated on what you’re reading, start a conversation with a coworker, or a resume of the passion and knowledge running wild in your brain.

Try out FLUD’s recipe for daily reading and posting to Twitter: Read more →

This Week In Behance

Here’s a look at a few of this week’s most appreciated projects and creatives…

Video Games vs. Real Life by Aled Lewis
For anyone who spent their childhood helping 8-bit Mario rescue the Princess, you’ll love (and relate to) this mash-up of videos games and real life. “As a kid I would become completely immersed in these crude pixel environments and they would seem very real. I thought it would be fun to try to express how gamers see these worlds.” [Project Link] Read more →

Behance Tips from Smashing Share Blog

Design blog Smashing Share published an article this week on “How Behance can showcase and Improve your designs.” The blog gave a great intro to what we’re all about, and some of the key things you can get out of Behance once you dig into the experience. If you’re new to Behance, or need a refresher, be sure to check out the article.

Here’s some main points they made:

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Roundup: Links We Like

Red Dot Awards
Have a design concept you’re really psyched about? The Red Dot Awards wants you to submit your latest and best idea, as a product with good design, to their int’l competition. We’re well acquainted with this competition, and love checking out the mind-blowing concepts that receive awards (including some on Behance). [Enter by July 10]

H&M “Your Art Here” Competition
H&M recently launched a simple design competition with a big prize – the chance for your design to be sold (in t-shirt form) at H&M stores all over the country. There are very little restrictions of what you can enter, so take a few designs and add your design to their entry gallery, then tell your friends and get a few votes. A powerful chance for exposure to the masses! [Visit Competition]

Get Design Feedback with CompVersions
We noticed this brand-new web app that offers a great tool for designers, especially those working with clients. Upload a few images to allow your clients to easily view & choose from multiple revisions at once. Looks like it’ll cut down on miscommunications, and make dealing with your clients a smooth process. [Visit Site]

Roundup: Links We Like

24 Hour Film Race: April 29-30
Since 2002, creatives have been “film racing” to create an original short film in 24 hours. Can a movie be made in 24 hours? Not only is the answer yes, but is turns out that making a movie in a day is extremely exciting and inspiring. Anyone can participate – $180,000 cash prize! Register here, and check out last year’s winners. [Visit Site]

Ample Sample Design Challenge
What can you create with retired carpet samples? This contest calls on the design community to rethink the carpet samples monopolizing their resource libraries and re-imagine them as raw materials for other objects. Anyone interested in eliminating waste using industrial design should definitely check this one out. Finalists showcased on NeoCon Trade Fair. [Visit Site]

Adobe Turns the Tablet into a Photoshop Competition
Adobe has three brand new Photoshop CS5 companion apps for the iPad coming out this May: Adobe Color Lava, Adobe Eazel and Adobe Nav. We can’t wait to see how these new tablet tools, plus the possibility of more Adobe-compatible apps on the horizon, inspires new work on the Behance Network! [Visit Site]