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A Look Back at 2015′s Year In Creativity

Today we’re launching our second annual Behance Year in Review and we’re very excited to share it with everyone. What a year it has been for Behance and our community; we welcomed so many new members who shared outstanding work and contributed to interesting trends we never expected. Take a few moments to celebrate the amazing accomplishments of the Behance community as we look forward to another amazing year in 2016.

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2014 Winter Games on Behance

While it’s not recognized as an official sport (…yet), Creatives on Behance have been busy showing off their best work to commemorate the 2014 Winter Games. Below are snippets from our favorite projects that showcase work from all sorts of places–ad work, editorials, apps, and even industrial design. Click on a photo to take you to the full project!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.09.07 AM

SOCHI 2014 Winter games sport illustration for NYT by Francesca D’Ottavi


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Want your Work Displayed at Brooklyn Beta? Here’s how.

Brooklyn Beta is coming, and Behance wants to celebrate. This conference is all about inspiring creatives to make something they love – and in this spirit, we’d like to celebrate you.

If you tag your work on Behance with the tag BrooklynCreates, we’ll show off your work on the main stage of Brooklyn Beta throughout the day! What work should you tag? Anything made in or inspired by Brooklyn – whether your project is already on Behance or freshly uploaded.

Tag your work by October 9, then sit back at the conference, and watch the amazing creativity inspired by our favorite borough.

Here’s how to add Tags to your projects:

Your Designs…In 3D

If you’re like us at Behance, you geek out over the amazing things that technology makes possible – like 3D printing. These astounding printers use flat plastic to print, and lay down successive layers until you end up with a finished 3D product. If you have a design that you want to transform into an object, you can take advantage of this technology from the comfort of your desk – just upload your designs to Shapeways & they’ll take it from there, sending you (or anyone else who wants to buy one) a 3D version of your design in the mail.  On Behance, you can link any image with your online Shapeways store. Here’s how some Behancers are using it:

Oslo Ceramic Coaster by Studio Hansen (Oslo, Norway)

Starfish and Coral Pendants by Michaella Janse van Vuuren (Pretoria, South Africa)

Arab Spring iPhone Case by David Bizer (Berlin, Germany) Read more →

Simon Prades Original Book Sketches on Huffington Post

Huffington Posts’s culture blog picked up a poetic & original set of sketches found on Behance to feature in a slideshow this week. See Simon Prade’s fresh take on old classics below. HuffPo says:

Simon Prades ‘Our Books’ Binds Literature and Relationships

Books not only provide an outlet to escape reality, but often actually provide a link to the relationships with the people closest to us. For Germany-based artist Simon Prades, 6 specially-selected books did just that, inspiring his “Our Books” series of fused illustrations, combining images inspired by beloved books with images inspired by Prades’ friends and family.

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Design Shack Finds 30 Amazing Free Fonts on Behance

Last week we noticed a roundup on Design Shack compiling 30 free fonts found on Behance that we thought you might find useful for both work or play. All of these typefaces were designed and created by Behance typographers, and they generously included the link to download their font. We encourage you to peruse this selection and download to your heart’s content!

Visit: 30 Amazing Free Fonts from Behance

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Movies From an Alternate Universe

Who would be better in Drive: Ryan Gosling or James Dean?

Substituting one decade’s heart-throb for another’s, we admit that even we can’t really decide, but in these “Movies from an Alternate Universe,” by Peter Stults, you can imagine what it would be like if the superstars of “old Hollywood” headlined in recent films.

This project went viral on Behance last week, gaining hundreds of Twitter mentions, picked up by blogs, getting almost 500,000 views and a staggering 10,000 appreciations on his Behance project.

Paste Magazine: Movies from an Alternate Universe
Gotcha Movies: William Shatner in Avatar? Reimagined Classic Movie Posters
The Mary Sue: Cinema Alternatif – Movies From A Parallel Earth

Pulp Fiction and Rushmore after the cut!

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30 Beautiful Web Design Examples

We’ve got a lot of “Creative Fields” on Behance, and often, when a site does a roundup of projects from Behance, they’re a mix of all fields. But DesignMODO got specific in a recent post, and focused on stellar projects from one field – Web Design. Click to see some amazing work Behance creatives have done pitching redesigns for web experiences to places like – Adobe, IMDB, Nike, National Geographic, and more.

30 Beautiful Web Design Examples from Behance and DeviantArt

Gizmodo Spotted on Behance: This is How Photographers Shop For Groceries

What to get the photographer who has everything? This re-usable shopping bag was created by Singapore-based design agency One Paradoxto promote Canon’s 500D DSLR. The sides of the bag each feature an image of the 500Das it appears to hang from the bag’s neck strap handles.

Check out Gizmodo’s mention of this clever design: This is How Photographers Shop for Groceries

TEDx: Making ideas happen…or how Scott Belsky helped me organize my room

We get a lot of emails from folks around the world who tell us how our founder Scott Belsky’s book “Making Ideas Happen,” or the tools Behance provides has helped them push a project forward, get inspired to revisit goals, or make time for that side project they’ve been neglecting. But here’s one we’ve never heard before: “Scott Belsky helped me organize my room.”

The folks over at TEDx Napoli wrote this great blog post that breaks downy he process of cleaning a room into some key principles learned from “Making Ideas Happen:”

1) Capture Actions: a task needs to be broken down into concrete actions, so “organize a room” is too abstract. Instead, the writer identified tasks like: make a bed, store dirty clothes in laundry basket, etc.

2) Customize your Work Process: Find ways that will be effective in getting you to do the things you usually have trouble getting done – for example, folding clothes. The writer says he has “folding-phobia,” which is why there are usually clothes all over his floor. In this article, he decided to use drawers rather than shelves, so he can “roll” clothes rather than “fold.” Problem solved!

3) The Force of Rituals: “Anyone can clean a room, but to keep it clean during an extended period of time is a very different deal. Belsky’s “Focus Zone’ suggest to choose the five most important actions of the day and make sure that no matter what they get done.” The writer made sure he added “Don’t’ go to bed until my desk is clean” to his Focus Zone.

Read the full article here:
Making ideas happen…or how Scott Belsky helped me organize my room