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Behancers in Moscow and Istanbul meet up!

Moscow Meetup – February 2011
Our Moscow Ambassador hosted a meetup at digital agency PICHESKY, where creatives were treated to a few presentations, including one on “Why you need a personal portfolio,” as well as Pichesky’s art director, who spoke on the role of design in Russia. And, if you speak Russian, there’s some great video footage of these talks to check out. According to Dmitry Traytel, a developer here at Behance, the speaker discusses building a quality portfolio, the convergence of different forms of design due to the new accessibility of this fields, and self-promotion using new technologies. He says:

“Behance has become an effective platform for people to find quality work and quality contacts.  For example when I see an incredible Spanish studio, or an amazing Brazilian studio, I understand that I can work on a projects with them. In Russia there is enough creative capacity to work with the rest of the world.

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CUTOUT Magazine Covers Behance Ambassador Event

Thanks to Muid Latif, Behance’s Ambassador in Malaysia, creative activity and opportunities are springing up all over the city of Kuala Lumpur. Latif, a renowned digital artist, organizes critiques and work sessions, Cafe meetups and more for local Behancers and other creatives who’d like to attend.  CUTOUT Magazine, a popular Graphic Design magazine in Malaysia, covered the very first event back in September.

Want to get involved with The Behance Ambassador Program?
Email ambassadors[at]behance[dot]com.

Upcoming Behance Meetups

Our Behance Ambassadors host monthly Meetups in cities around the world. If there’s one in your city, show up!

Brooklyn, New YorkFebruary 24 (tonight!) at The Knitting Factory

Istanbul, TurkeyMarch 5 at Mono Music Cafe & Bar

Guadajara, MexicoMarch 8 at MINI BAR

Los AngelesMarch 10 at Edendale Grill

Barcelona, Spain - March 25-26 at “Selected Graphic Design” Event
(2 Behancers have won passes to this conference put on by Index Book, but other Behancers attending will receive discounted tickets! Join the Behance Spain Group to get in on this)

London, England - March 30 (Location TBD)

NYC Creatives – Want to be a Behance Ambassador?

The Behance Network is thrilled to host the work of thousands of creative professionals worldwide. And in 2010, we launched a program to spark more real-world contact between members in cities across the globe. Our team of 20 Ambassadors, in cities from Lisbon to Sao Paulo, Moscow to Los Angeles, have been busily hosting events, meetups, critiques and talks, to help make the Creative Community in their city as vibrant and exciting as possible.

Now, we’re looking to add a few more Ambassadors in New York City.

TO APPLY: Please fill out this survey

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Behance Ambassadors: The scene in Los Angeles, California

We have 20 Behance Ambassadors stationed around the world, bringing creatives together for some real on-the-ground engagement. To kick off this new guest post series, we’ll hear from the Ambassador Team in LA, Jimmy Moss and Michelle LeClerc.

I started out by sitting at a table and ordering a drink-the name of it I can’t recall, so let’s call it an Early Bird. Folks started trickling in, and by nine o’clock we had taken over the back patio of the Beechwood in Venice. People having dinner were confused, and possibly a little jealous that they didn’t get a nametag. We explained that this was our very first Behance / AIGA LA meetup, and if they wanted they could join us. Some actually did!

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Behance Ambassadors: The Creative Scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina

We have 20 Behance Ambassadors stationed around the world, bringing creatives together for some real on-the-ground engagement. To kick off this new guest post series, we’ll hear from the Ambassador in Argentina, Paola Dalman.

Everywhere you go in Argentina, you see colors, inventions, designs, art work all exposed on the streets, buildings, and parks. Either walking in “La Boca” or visiting Salta, would serve for enough inspiration to anyone who thinks has seen all possible uses of color combinations.

I felt a mix of sensations when I was notified that I was selected as Argentina’s Behance Ambassador. How would I gather so many different stories, experiences, styles, and make them all want to share it for a general benefit? I believed it would be a difficult task, but as months went by, every creative that is part of my official group: Behance Argentina has made my job inspiring!

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Behance Around the World

The first round of Behance Meetups have been happening all month, all over the world. Here’s a photo report of what the Ambassadors have been planning…

Show up at the 2nd Meetup in your area: RSVP HERE

Montreal, Canada
Multimedia City, August 31

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Arista Cafe, September 26

Nairobi, Kenya
Capri 7 (former TBWA/Creative Office), September 17

Los Angeles, USA
Beechwood Restaurant, September 9

St. Petersburg, Russia
KOMPOT Cafe, September 10

Live Interview with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh – this Friday!

At Behance, we’re big fans of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. From his book, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purposes, to his use of social media and commitment to transparency, we respect this thought-leader.

This Friday, we’ll be tuning into HP Input | Output for a live interview with Hsieh. He’ll be talking about “Marketing to the New Customer” and leveraging technology and people for the good of the customer and positioning your brand for success.

He’ll be taking user submitted questions LIVE during the interview, so if you have any questions at all for Tony, go ahead and submit them via Twitter using the hashtag #hpio.

See you this Friday, September 24 @ 2-3PM PST/ 5-6 PM EST
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