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Explore great interface design at the Art of Apps Exhibition





“Creating an amazing user experience for an app — one where the device itself almost melts away — requires a thoughtfulness and cleverness that can be hard to find.”
- Peter Rojas, Creator of Engadget, Gizmodo & RDRD LBL

In celebration of Internet Week, The Art of Apps gallery, hosted by Peter Rojas, is opening to the public for one day. The exhibition aims to showcase the “greatest user interface designers of our time,” including Behance designs from our Chief Designer and Co-founder Matias Corea.

The show opens on Monday, May 14 at the Soho Gallery For Digital Art, 138 Sullivan St., New York, NY

RSVP and learn more about the other exhibitors on The Art of Apps site, produced by One Clipboard on Splash.


8 Questions With Rui Esteves – Lisbon’s Behance Ambassador

Rui Pedro Esteves, Behance’s Lisbon Ambassador. [see his work]

Describe what you do in a few words.
I’m a communications designer and illustrator, working for clients like Discovery Channel Magazine, Women’s Health, Diesel and others. I love to teach creative people (both young kids and adults!) and do cultural events production, such as art and design exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

Who, dead or alive, would you love to collaborate with?
I would have loved to collaborate with Jim Morrison and The Doors, perhaps contributing to a poster design or album cover illustration. Someone alive – I’d love to collaborate with a very talented American Illustrator named Josh Cochran – I think he’s one of the greatest contemporary illustrators out there.

What 3 things should any Behancer visiting Lisbon do?
Any Behancer visiting Lisbon should do a town tour or surf experience to get the local flavor. Lisbon also has some great art museums with very good international exhibitions. Two I recommend visiting: the Electricity Museum or the Museu Colecção Berardo.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on professionally?
One of my favorite projects I’ve worked on is Diesel. It’s the one that describes who I am as a designer and illustrator best. It’s a brand I personally admire, and the creative director gave me total freedom to develop this campaign, and I gave all I had from my personal expression into it.

What creative work are you obsessed with right now?
So many! The list is long, but three that I’m obsessed with now are:

Josh Cochran: Josh is a traditional editorial illustration, but he has something unique and special about his work that’s hard to describe, but easy to notice.

Studio Kxx: These guys do excellent work with different disciplines – they’re able to mix graphic design, illustration, editorial design and branding so well. I’m impressed with everything they put out.

Moma Design Studio: I think this goes without saying, but they have great designers, excellent thinkers and great content to communicate. And what do they do with it? The best design work you’ll ever see. It would be a huge honor if i could collaborate with them one day. Read more →

Up Your Game at Behance Portfolio Review Week

Today, we officially let the cat out of the bag about Behance Portfolio Review Week - in-person creative critiques across the globe!

As part of our mission to empower Creative Professionals around the world, we are now introducing in-person critiques among members of our community. Attend a Portfolio Review to connect with other creatives, share your work, and up your game.

Between May 14th-21st, Behance Portfolio Reviews will be happening in cities and towns around the world. This is your chance to take part in the Behance Community offline, and to be part of a collective experience of sharing and receiving feedback.

You’ll be able to attend or present at a Portfolio Review event in your area, but right now, we’re looking for event organizers to step forward and fill up the map with events!

What is expected of me as an Organizer?
Any Behance member who’s interested in supporting the creative community can host a Portfolio Review. If you’re wiling to devote some time and energy to planning, promoting and executing a Behance Portfolio Review – you’re in! We’ll be in touch along the way to offer our support and help make sure your event runs smoothly. And of course, we’ll provide some great swat to help run your event.

Typography Talks: An Evening with Jean François Porchez of Typofonderie

Renowned French type designer Jean François Porchez is President of the honorary Association Typographique Internationale (the leading organization for type design). On 2/21/12 he will lecture on the pragmatic aspects of type design as well as the intellectual, cultural and historic contexts of letters at AIGA Los Angeles. Best-known for designing the typefaces for the French newspaper Le Monde, Porchez has also designed logos and custom typefaces for the Paris Metro, the Moulin Rouge, France Télécom, Louis Vuitton, Peugeot, Renault, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, Beyoncé Knowles’s House of Deréon, theBaltimore Sun, and Real Simple magazine, among others.

Learn more about Jean François Porchez and Typofonderie here.

To learn more about the event please visit the AIGA website.

Advanced tickets are now available online.

TEDx – Making a Creative Meritocracy

Who should be the judge of the quality of work?

Why can’t the best ideas have the best chance of happening?

How do we make sure people do their best work?

Scott Belsky’s 7 minute TEDx talk touches on some of these big questions that are on our minds at Behance lately. In our quest to help more great creative ideas see the light of day, we think about “Creative Meritocracy” as being when the best talent and ideas actually get the most opportunity. In the digital age, with the tools we’re working with, this is more possible than it’s ever been before….

Hear Scott talk about Creative Meritocracy below.

Mingle + Typography Design with NYC Behancers – TONIGHT

Join NYC/Brooklyn Behancers TONIGHT at the Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg.
Our team of four New York Behance Ambassadors will lead an evening of mingling
with other creatives, as well as kicking off a collective typeface project. Attend and sign up to design a letter (to be assigned to you tonight) in a medium of your choice. Next month, we’ll be printing these designs for the world’s first Behance-Designed Collaborative Typeface.

Show up tonight, April 28th at 7:00 PM

Behance Meetups – April Edition!

April 13 – Amsterdam
This Wednesday it’s finally going to happen, Behance Netherlands first Meetup! I would like to invite you to come to cafe/pub de Doffer in Amsterdam at 8 PM. The night brings you a chance to meet other Behancers as well as a opportunity to hear about the work they have been doing.
More Info

April 14 – Los Angeles
Come join us for the monthly Behance/AIGA LA Meetup! A casual evening where members of the Behance community and AIGA LA can gather and mingle over cocktails. Located at Barbara’s in Downtown LA.
More Info

April 16 -  Istanbul
After the first Behance meetup in March, we’re now ready to launch our agency tours! On April 16th, we’re visiting C-Section to meet with other creatives and have fun as they will show us a case study of ‘Will this be the year?,” the most amazing joke ever. Get inspired by its unfamiliar spreading strategy as well as other details behind the curtain.
More Info

April 23 – Rome
Join us for a free workshop for all lovers of photography and postproduction! In Collaboration with CreativeproShow, we’ll have a live shooting and postproduction session, creative discussion, and dinner. (All this by the beach!)
More Info

April 28 – New York
At the latest NYC Meetup, we’re looking for 30 Special People to share their artistic voice, collectively we’re going to create a typeface celebrating the sun.
More Info

April 30 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Join Behancers in a visit to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. We’ll talk about adaptation of new media in the museum, and how the artifacts displayed are part of the new artwork developments. Traditional Indian food at Banana Leaf to follow!
More Info

Behancers in Moscow and Istanbul meet up!

Moscow Meetup – February 2011
Our Moscow Ambassador hosted a meetup at digital agency PICHESKY, where creatives were treated to a few presentations, including one on “Why you need a personal portfolio,” as well as Pichesky’s art director, who spoke on the role of design in Russia. And, if you speak Russian, there’s some great video footage of these talks to check out. According to Dmitry Traytel, a developer here at Behance, the speaker discusses building a quality portfolio, the convergence of different forms of design due to the new accessibility of this fields, and self-promotion using new technologies. He says:

“Behance has become an effective platform for people to find quality work and quality contacts.  For example when I see an incredible Spanish studio, or an amazing Brazilian studio, I understand that I can work on a projects with them. In Russia there is enough creative capacity to work with the rest of the world.

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