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Creative Tools for Creative People: Idea Paint

As part of our mission to empower creative professionals, we want to help them get organized too.  In this series we feature products & tools that’ll help you make your ideas happen. 

IdeaPaint is the most environmentally friendly dry-erase product on the market. Great for your studio or even your home, IdeaPaint transforms a regular wall into an erasable surface. Here at Behance we use our IdeaPainted walls to brainstorm, capture quotes, sketch outlines for updates and new products and more.

To learn more about IdeaPaint click here.

Brand-New at the Behance Outfitter: Writing Utensils!

The Behance Outfitter - our online storefront for creative “tools of the trade” has a new addition – writing utensils! For the first time, we’re offering our favorite high-quality writing implements, hand-picked for the store by the very people who designed Behance.

Who says high-tech has to be virtual? Our four L-Tech implements put the tangible pleasure of a well-crafted precision tool in your hand. Architects and engineers have used such machined metal for years, and it will bring a new level of quality to whatever you craft with it.

In collaboration with Levenger, we’re happy to add these four items to the store:
L-Tech Fountain Pen
L-Tech Ballpoint
L-Tech Stealth Rollerball
L-Tech Stealth Pencil (7 mm)

Behance Outfitter 2.0 Has Arrived

It’s here! Our team is excited to present the brand-spanking-new Behance Outfitter, where we sell products to outfit creatives with the tools of the trade that we think of as the world’s best products for making ideas happen. This includes our custom-designed Action Products, a line of notebooks designed for optimal productivity (they include a list of “action steps” along the right side to organize your thoughts).

A new addition to Outfitter 2.0 are Accessories and Behance Apparel. Yes, you can own your very own Behance T-shirt( And if you want a peek at the Behance team – we’re the enthusiastic models wearing the Behance shirts.) Another new product is the custom designed Messenger Bags by The 99%, made by Rickshaw.

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Behance At The National Design Awards

Action Book and Dave at the National Design Awards

Behance was pleased to partner with this year’s National Design Awards at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The leaders of Behance gathered with fellow advisors and friends to celebrate some of this year’s greatest achievements in the world of design.  Behance also produced a special limited edition Action Book for the Nation Design Awards – distributed to all winners and over 500 attendees along with a special limited edition bag from Target.

New Work City

New Work City New YorkOur friends at New Work City are doing an amazing thing. They are gathering a community of dedicated creative minds to work together in a co-working environment that promotes accountability, professionalism, and good economics. We previously profiled the thinking behind this new workspace concept in the Behance Magazine. We were surprised to see the new website splash page for New Work City – it utilizes a Behance Action Book to show the completed action steps required to make New Work City happen. Read more →

What a Change

I haven’t posted in quite a while it would seem. Last night we relaunched We had outgrown the site quite a bit seeing as the front page was our magazine when there is a lot more to Behance.

So we broke the site up to help people make the most out of Behance.


The site now showcases everything we do with a simple navigation. You can easily find out and get to all aspects of Behance.

Behance Magazine

Our online magazine now has its own at On top of the facelift, it now houses our Glossary of Productive Creativity. The new filtering design on the main page allows you to apply the “Most …” and “Field” filters to only tips, interviews, and articles. The old site applied the filters to all articles at once only.

Creative’s Outfitter

The Creative’s Outfitter is now at The design is lightened up with less lines so things are clearer. You can still go straight to all our Action Method Products or our Sketchbooks and Notepads.


We hope that these changes will make everyone’s experience with Behance better. We look forward to hearing back from users on all the change.

Marking Off Action Steps

YAction Mini Stepsou may recognize the image on the right as a cut-out from the article Our Action Addiction. It displays many of our lovely Action Steps completed during the creation of A great debate has come up regarding the completion of an Action Step: How do you designate completed actions on a to-do list? I personally prefer using X’s when I complete an Action Step. Meanwhile, Matias believes that my beloved X’s are ugly and would much rather use a check. He is the designer so he may be correct as to which one looks better. On the other hand, he also thinks X’s are more “negative”. But doesn’t X Mark the Spot on a treasure map? Which one do you prefer really? Please take a vote, leave a comment, or both.