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Portfolio Review Week Countdown

We are only days away from Behance’s global Portfolio Review Week!  Our meet-up organizers are receiving their kits in the mail and are making final arrangements for their events. It’s not look late to claim a spot in your area and RSVP to attend. To learn more about Behance Portfolio Reviews please visit

Behance Ambassadors – Creative News From Around the Globe

The Behance Ambassadors are a group of 15 who represent Behance in the real-world, helping to create local movements in their cities and provide real-world connections for creative professionals. They curate & promote stellar work coming out of their area, host & suggest local events, and help creative vibrant pockets of creative activity. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Ambassador Rui Pedro Esteves just launched Behance Portugal! This site is the new hub for the creative community in Portugal, and contains info on upcoming events, inspiring creative work, interviews, and workshops.
Introducing Behance Portugal:

RSVP For Buenos Aire’s Portfolio Review Night
The official Portfolio Review evevent will happen on October 30 at the Universidad de Palmero, featuring presentations from 5 Behancers, plus special guest Hernan Berdichevsky, Director at imagenHB and Nobrand.

Congratulations to local photographer Lui Abadi, who showed his work at NYC’s MOMA PS1! Learn more about his work, “Casa de Cambio,” at the NYArtBookFair. In other creative news, Paola Dalman, your Ambassador, recommends joining the Buenos Aires Freelancer Community, or attending the IV International Designer Festival, going on from October 19-21.

An exhibition featuring the work of local talent is in the works for November 28-December 8th as a part of “Behance Portfolio Review Week.” (invitation to come). Our Ambassador Muid Latif has been busy – he hosted a gathering for the Behance Community on October 7, and, as part of his duties as  board member of Creative Commons Malaysia, is speaking on creative copyright laws this month.

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Behance’s Project Uploader – Brand New!

This week we unveiled something big – a redesigned, streamlined way to upload your projects to Behance. We’ve been collecting your feedback for months to help us create the best experience for you, and we’re excited to help you make projects as quickly & simply as possible.

A few of the updates:

  • A quick way to add all your files at once
  • A simplified, improved Text Editor
  • Ability to control spacing & dividers between all media with one click
  • Streamlined settings
  • Improved privacy options

We hope you enjoy! Check out the demo below to see some of the new and improved features.

Can’t wait to get started? UPLOAD A PROJECT


How To Upload Work on Behance from Behance on Vimeo.

Behind the Project: Intricate Wood Carvings

Today we’ll go behind the scenes with creative team  “Bonsoir Paris,” who will walk us through a few of their uber popular projects to learn more about how these astounding creative projects were created. Next week, we’ll be back with a few more of their projects! 

Tell us a bit about your team and the work you’re doing.
Bonsoir Paris’ team is composed of 2 creatives: Rémy Clémente et Morgan Maccari. We’ve been working together for the past 8 years. We started 3 years ago with the idea of building up a cross-over and brand oriented studio, mixing various skills and knowledges. Today, each project requires to work in team with 5 to 6 persons with complementary expertise. So, we’re able to work on the artistic direction, the design, the graphic design and the web design for each project. We are ambitious creatives; when one skill is highlighted, the aim to fulfill the needs of the brands we are working with.

1) Duramen Series –  Handmade Wooden Sculptures

“We decided to make the whole sculpture by hand to be able to obtain the delicacy we were looking for.”

Duramen was our first self-produced exhibition project. The objective was to break with the typical creative agencies’ exhibitions, which are often too moderate. It’s disappointing that designers don’t often step out of the frame but rather stay in safe territories. We founded Bonsoir Paris to be able to free ourselves from this working conception. For us, each project should be a new experience, a new technique.

We didn’t want the exhibition to be a show-case of our skills. We wanted it to be a true creative experience highlighting an unusual way of thinking, free from any business strategy. This will for stepping out of the frame drove us towards the design of our Duramen series. We designed the sculptures while having in mind the works of Dali and Magritte during the surrealist period but also with the influence of Arte Povera, which represents for us the hottest point of the minimalist movement.

In order to obtain a very high quality result, we gathered a team of specialists from diverse domains: sculptors, cabinet-makers and designers. We decided to make the whole sculpture by hand to be able to obtain the delicacy we were looking for. We could never reach this level of details using machines. Because of this specificity we worked with 10 persons, 16 hours a day during 2 months and a half.

The pieces were then presented in a larger context; for the opening of a new concept place in Paris called “Le Purgatoire”, which mixes contemporary art and food design. We were also responsible for the artistic direction of this new place and for the creation of their website.

2) Anologic - Fashion Editorial For AMUSEMENT MAGAZINE N°12

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20 inspirational photographers to follow on Behance

Looking for more photography inspiration? The Creative Bloq recently put together a list of the top 20 photography portfolios on Behance. Here are a few highlights:

1. Suren Manvelyan

Born in 1976, professional photographer Suren Manvelyan got into the medium at the age of just 16. Since then he’s gone on to create numerous series and campaigns, such as the above ‘Your Beautiful Eyes’, which have featured in many publications including The Independent, Wired and The Telegraph.

2. Tom Hussey

This emotional ‘Reflection’ series was the work of commercial advertising photographer Tom Hussey and his extensive online portfolio is full of campaigns with similarly clever and thought provoking images.

3. Madame Peripetie

The portfolio of photographer and art director Madame Peripetie is one of the most weird and wonderful ones on Behance. Her work explores the boundaries between fashion, sculpture and the human body. That combined with inspirations including Surrealism, Dadaism, the New Wave era of the 80s and the British post-punk scene has resulted in a collection of beautiful and striking images.

Keep reading and see the full list of photographers here

Behind the Project: The Man Behind Barnes & Noble’s Signature Portraits

In this series, we’ll look deeper into some of the projects on that were especially admired in our community. This time, we spoke with Mark Summers, a prominent scratchboard artist whose impressive client list includes Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, and even the US Government’s Federal Reserve Bank. You’ll recognize his portraits from these clients, and of course, from Barnes & Noble branding around the world. Learn more about his craft and his project, “Author, Author:”

What was the inspiration behind this project?
The inspiration for this project stems from the fact that I have been doing these portraits for Barnes & Noble for many years. I’ve noticed that there are sometimes questions in chat rooms asking “Does anyone know who does those portraits for Barnes and Noble?”, so I thought I’d give them an answer. It also coincided with the fact that the Art Director on the project, Peter Farago, had assembled all of the portraits onto a website.  The ones I’ve included on Behance are just some of them.  There are dozens more of these. Peter would just call me up and say “Hey, we need a Walt Whitman portrait this week” and I’d just produce it.

Can you describe your process in creating this project?
I work in scratchboard so, all of these portraits started off as a square of black.  I use an X-acto knife to scratch the white lines into the black, giving it an engraved look.  There have been questions sent to me about if I have used “plug ins” and “filters” etc. and I have no idea what they are talking about.  These are all hand drawn with zero use of computer. The original drawings are surprisingly small.  If you look at the head of the Marcel Proust, that’s about 2 and a half inches high.  The same goes for most of them.

Did anything interesting happen as a result of the success of this project?
I have had some wonderful feedback because of this project.  Other illustrators asking questions and a few requests from art directors around the world looking to use some of the images for book covers.

Do you feel that this project is “done” or is there anything you’d like to improve or change int he future?
I do feel this project is done.  It represents a certain stage in my career and this project is one way of putting a period at the end of it. Read more →

Behance Ambassadors – Creative News From Around the Globe

The Behance Ambassadors are a group of 15 who represent Behance in the real-world, helping to create local movements in their cities and provide real-world connections for creative professionals. They curate & promote stellar work coming out of their area, host & suggest local events, and help creative vibrant pockets of creative activity. Here’s what they’ve been up to:

Paola Dalman is busy planning a Behance Portfolio Review Event to be held at Universidad de Palmero – RSVP for the Oct 30 event here! Also in October is one of Argentina’s biggest events for Graphic & Visual Designers, the Trimarchi Conference – check out this 3 day conference.

Ambassador Felipe Tofani’s picks for upcoming events:
- Insert Brasil: Rio’s 2-day design event with workshops & exhibitions on art, tech, fashion & cinema.
- São Paulo Design Weekend: August 23-26 – Take part in the festivities
- BOOMSPDesign – Check out this international forum for architecture, design, and art this August 22-24

And while you’re here:
- Read Felipe’s thoughts on Art Directors in the Internet Age: Eles Não precisam de um Diretor de Arte
- Visit the new Behance Brasil Facebook Page

Muid Latif has built an active group of creatives in Malaysia who meet regularly, work together on creative projects, including participation in Kuala Lumpur Design Week, and much more. Now, they’ve been selected to work with “Pop My Case” and create custom iPhone cases featuring their design work! Muid’s selected 20 artists whose designs will appear on the cases – a great career opportunity made possible by his hard work.

Follow Local Collections: These regularly updated collections are curated and compiled by the Behance Ambassadors.

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3D Resumé on Behance Picked up by Forbes

Behance member Mohit Lakhmani decided to take the notion of a creative resumé one step further with a 3D CV. His print-based, infographic resume is so unique that it recently caught the attention of Forbes, featured as “the best infographic resumé they’ve yet to see.”  

How much does your résumé stand out from the others in the pile? Probably not as much as this one. Mohit Lakhmani — art director, paper sculptor, and 3D graphics artist — is the creator of the best infographic résumé I have yet to see. Bonus: it’s 3D!

The résumé, which features three-dimensional charts, bars, pop-up descriptions, and decorative details, took Lakhmani four days to design in Adobe Photoshop and an additional day to construct. Lakhmani says he was inspired to design a 3D résumé, because “people appreciate things they can touch and feel” or that show rather than tell. As Lakhmani’s skill set lies in 3D modeling and graphic design, this particular résumé enables him to showcase his talents and gives potential employers and clients a first-hand look at his abilities.

Read the full article here and check out Lakhmani’s project here.

How do I find a great designer on Behance?

We hear stories of top companies like Apple, Netflix, and tech startups hiring talent they’ve found on Behance everyday. But how do they discover the right talent in the first place? Here are the top three things they’re doing:

1) Search for the right things with our discovery tools
We offer robust tools found in the “discovery” tab with ways to search, sort, and filter that will help you find your ideal designer.

  • Start with the subject matter: use Tags (like iPad, iPhone), search by Field (like “Interaction Design”), Tools Used, or School Attended (found in the Advanced Search).
  • Then, Filter by Location for a list of design specialists based in your area

2) Leverage Top Creatives As Curators
The smartest recruiters/companies are “following” top creatives/designers that they like. By doing this, you not only get to see the latest work from these designers, but you also see every single project that they appreciate, comment on, or add to a collection. Since there are millions of projects on Behance, you’re essentially using the top designers as your curator to find top talent. This is the BEST way of identifying top talent in specific fields… just get the experts to do it for you!

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