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Webby Nominations: The 99%, SVA Portfolios, and the Behance Network

We’re excited to announce that three members of the Behance family have been nominated for Webby Awards!

SVA Portfolios, an exclusive online network powered by Behance for SVA alumni, faculty and students to showcase original work, has been nominated for a Webby Award in the Self-Promotion/Portfolio category.

While we’ve always thought Behance has the best members, now we have a Webby endorsement to back it up: the Behance Network has been nominated for Best Community.

Last but not least, after winning the category last year, The 99% is once again nominated for Best Cultural Blog.


ProSite Spotlight: Self-Promotion

A great creative career requires a marketing strategy to maximize exposure and opportunity. With all the customization options available on ProSite, the possibilities for highlighting your specialties and skills are endless. Here are a few ProSites that feature innovative examples of self-promotion:

Max Sobkowski had a little fun with his profile, and created a poster that highlights his skills & rate.

Bruno Viegas turned his about page into an infographic CV complete with symbols & graphs.

Ben Cook is an interactive designer, so laying out his skill set, availability and tools in an accessible, yet creative manner was important. The “About” tab on his ProSite even lists “who I am and what I can do” before the user has clicked – you know exactly what you’re getting!

22 Creative Studios created a clear, to-the-point, “Services” section on their site that lets visitors and potential clients alike know exactly what they’re capable of.

This Week’s Most Appreciated Projects

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated people & teams on Behance this week…

Aron Jancso’s Qalto typerface flows and leaps like freestyle jazz. He plays with shapes and contrasts in this series of typographic explorations. Check out his different implementations and find out where to buy, here.

Mexican design studio Menosunocerouno created this “Just in Case” kit to help us survive the end-of-the-world. Complete with a simple knife for slaying zombies, Mayan liqueur and dark chocolate (who could survive the end of the world without chocolate?), this branding project is quirky, beautiful and a great means of self promo for the agency. See the full package & contents here.

Great opportunities this week: Entry level jobs for recent graduates

Behance JobList hosts the best opportunities in the creative job market from top  companies across the globe. Here’s a roundup of fresh entry level postings for recent graduates on the JobList this week.

For daily updates on the latest opportunities, follow @BehanceJobs on Twitter

Interactive Production Designer at Spongecell (New York, NY)
Spongecell is looking for someone energetic but entry level to join their ever-expanding, fun-loving and hard-working Production team.

CAD Sculptor/Digital 3D Modeler at Apple (Cupertino, CA)
The Apple Industrial Design team needs a modeler to create high quality CAD models used in the industrial design process and development of new products. Recent graduates with advanced surface modeling skills will be considered.

Graphic Designer for H.D. Buttercup (Los Angeles, CA)
LA’s Most Interesting Furniture Store seeking someone who is serious about design and looking to build a strong portfolio of branding experience. Entry to mid-level experience.

Experience Design Associate at BrightLine iTV (New York, NY)
BrightLine is looking for a creative, dedicated individual to assist in developing digital advertising programs. Entry level or recent graduates welcome.

Industrial Designer at THRIVE (Atlanta, GA)
THRIVE wants an impressive individual who’ll bring creativity, passion, people skills, experience, and the ability to create award winning breakthrough products for their clients. This is an entry-level position and requires 2-5 years relevant work experience. Relevant internships will be considered.

Graphic Designer at American Crafts (Orem, UT)
American Crafts seeking designers to work closely with the VP of Marketing, Art Director and other designers to create new products, packaging, mock ups, some marketing materials, and to assist in various projects. Recent graduates welcome to apply.

Utilize Behance’s New Activity Feed to Discover More Creatives & Great Work

Your new and improved Activity Feed is more than just your Behance landing page – it broadcasts recent updates from people & teams you follow, activity from your contacts and colleagues and news alerts you subscribe to such as new job postings. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your feed:

Tip #1: Follow More Creatives

The more creatives you follow, the more amazing new work will appear in your Activity Feed. By visiting the More tab and “Creatives to Follow” you can filter creatives by field. So, if you’re interested in Typography, you can browse the top creatives who publish Typography projects.

This is a great way to curate your daily inspiration!

You can also use the new “Explore” tab to discover new projects and creatives to follow at random.
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Paul Henderson: Finding Clients and Community

We always love hearing about what our talented creative community is up to.  Occasionally we’re lucky enough to have a member write to us about how Behance has helped their creative career. Want to share your own Behance story? Let us know in the comments and we’d love to include it in our Success Stories series.

My name is Paul Henderson, founder of RISE Design Studio, and I joined the Behance community a little less than 2 years ago. Before Behance, I had a been working as a freelance graphic designer in Southern California for roughly 4 years.  I had a decent portfolio, a nice set of local clients, and I enjoyed moderate success working on projects I liked but didn’t necessarily love.

[humanNATURE featured on Digital Art Served]

I initially joined Behance and several other online creative communities to get my work out there and attract new clients, but it took me a little bit of time to understand the true value of a top notch creative network versus just a nice portfolio site.

What it didn’t take me long to recognize was the level of work on Behance.  There are a ton of great sites out there with a lot of high level work, but Behance sets itself apart as THE place for the world’s leading creative professionals.

Once I learned that this was a place where the world’s best really galvanized, I decided to stop wasting my time with so many different design outlets and just focus on the RIGHT one.  I started digging into Behance a lot more, getting the know the nuts and bolts of it, building relationships with other designers, and to this day I am extremely happy I did.
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8 Questions With Rui Esteves – Lisbon’s Behance Ambassador

Rui Pedro Esteves, Behance’s Lisbon Ambassador. [see his work]

Describe what you do in a few words.
I’m a communications designer and illustrator, working for clients like Discovery Channel Magazine, Women’s Health, Diesel and others. I love to teach creative people (both young kids and adults!) and do cultural events production, such as art and design exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

Who, dead or alive, would you love to collaborate with?
I would have loved to collaborate with Jim Morrison and The Doors, perhaps contributing to a poster design or album cover illustration. Someone alive – I’d love to collaborate with a very talented American Illustrator named Josh Cochran – I think he’s one of the greatest contemporary illustrators out there.

What 3 things should any Behancer visiting Lisbon do?
Any Behancer visiting Lisbon should do a town tour or surf experience to get the local flavor. Lisbon also has some great art museums with very good international exhibitions. Two I recommend visiting: the Electricity Museum or the Museu Colecção Berardo.

What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on professionally?
One of my favorite projects I’ve worked on is Diesel. It’s the one that describes who I am as a designer and illustrator best. It’s a brand I personally admire, and the creative director gave me total freedom to develop this campaign, and I gave all I had from my personal expression into it.

What creative work are you obsessed with right now?
So many! The list is long, but three that I’m obsessed with now are:

Josh Cochran: Josh is a traditional editorial illustration, but he has something unique and special about his work that’s hard to describe, but easy to notice.

Studio Kxx: These guys do excellent work with different disciplines – they’re able to mix graphic design, illustration, editorial design and branding so well. I’m impressed with everything they put out.

Moma Design Studio: I think this goes without saying, but they have great designers, excellent thinkers and great content to communicate. And what do they do with it? The best design work you’ll ever see. It would be a huge honor if i could collaborate with them one day. Read more →

Behind the Project: Real Life Disney Characters

In this series, we’ll look deeper into some of the projects on that were especially admired in our community. This time, we spoke to Jirka Väätäinen, a Finnish graphic design student in the UK. His “Envisioning Real Life Disney Characters” captured the imagination of Behancers – and was picked up all over the web (including on Reddit!) We spoke with him about his inspiration, and how he transformed these familiar characters.

What was your inspiration for this project?
I have always been interested in character design, as well as in the way people look and what makes them unique in their appearances. But the idea for doing these characters basically came out of nowhere; one day I just thought about exploring what the character of Ursula from the Little Mermaid could look like in real life. Having grown up with a lot of these characters, the sense of nostalgia made it such a fascinating and a fun personal project to explore and carry on with.

Can you describe your process in creating this project?
Being familiar with all the characters and having a clear idea of what I’m looking to portray, I start by finding appropriate inspiration from real life people and photos that somehow remind me of the character. Then, I start working towards my vision, and I basically pick a feature from here and there, manipulate it, and combine and blend different elements together. I guess you could call my method a modern day ‘frankensteining’. All of this photo compositing and manipulation is further enhanced by doing digital painting by hand.

Did you go through many versions and iterations before coming up with these final pieces?
No, not really. I usually have a strong vision on what I would imagine the characters to look like, so the final pieces usually come together quite easily. It’s usually just a series of small tweaks, not multiple versions that I need to go through. But surely, it all takes a lot of man hours to get my vision just right!

Did anything interesting happen as a result of the success of  this project?  (fans contacting you, job opportunities, blogs picking it up, etc).
Oh, definitely – it has been a very interesting time! I do get a lot of lovely comments on my blog, and have people emailing me personally. It feels great to know that so many people have been able to appreciate what I have done, and that I have inspired other creatives as well. And yes, blogs have picked it up, and I have been lucky enough to be featured on a bunch of great sites. I have also received some interesting job opportunities, but being a final year University student, sometimes it has been difficult to go along with these. All of this exposure also landed me an exciting internship that I will be looking to take on in September!

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