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AMO Review from 40Tech

Many thanks to the team at 40Tech for the very (extremely) thorough review of Action Method Online. Readers are welcome to check out the review at 40 Tech’s website.

“All in all, Action Method Online is a feature-rich, fully functional and visually pleasing project management (or even life management) program that is constantly growing. The methodology is sound and the app is slick. You can use it on pretty much any computer and from anywhere there is online access, and if you are a power user, it is actually pretty darn cheap.”  -40 Tech

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Action Method for iPhone (2.0)

Apple has approved and posted version 2.0 of the iPhone application for Action Method Online. The new version is, in fact, an entirely redesigned application, resulting from over seven months of design and development.

As Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, explained, “Our goal was simple: To make Action Method the absolute BEST collaborative task management application available for the iPhone. We wanted it to seamlessly sync (and back-up) with the online version of the application, enable the user to organize their Action Steps by Project, Due Date, Color, Who Delegated It, Priority, or any other keyword.”

Action Method 2.0 for iPhone

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The Summer getaction Contest

Win Action Method Products by using Twitter!

Productivity can decline during summer when the sun is shining. In an effort to increase productivity and encourage ACTION, we are giving away over $1,000 in Action Method products.

Grand Prize (1)
$300 worth of Action Method Products
One (1) Premium subscription to Action Method Online ($100 value)
One (1) Extremely Limited-Edition Behance T-shirt

Runner-up Prize (1)
$100 worth of Action Method Products
One (1) Premium subscription to Action Method Online ($100 value)
One (1) Extremely Limited-Edition Behance T-shirt

Creative Tweet Prize (5)
Choice of one (1) Action Method Product
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Early Twitter Response: iPhone AMO

As we launched the first version of Action Method for the iPhone, we were pleased to track initial responses via Twitter.

The only lingering frustration is the group of people posting reviews in the App Store that claim “there is no way to delete an Action Step.” So we would like to explain: All you need to do is open the Action Step and then touch the “Trash” icon. And, of course, if you are just completing the Action Step, touch the checkbox. Sorry for the confusion between “Trash” and “Delete” – it will be addressed in future versions.

Behance Launches Action Method for iPhone

ActionMethod for iPhone

We’re excited to announce the launch of Action Method for the iPhone.  You can use Action Method Online to create a whole connected world of productivity.  It offers advanced features like Discussion, File Sharing, and Events (deadline coordination).  And Action Method for iPhone lets you take your Action Steps with you.  It all works together to ensure nothing falls through the cracks again!

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Respect for “The Cult of Done Manifesto”

Serial innovators Bre Pettis and Kio Stark came together to produce what the call “The Cult of Done Manifesto.” As Bre explains, it was written “in 20 minutes because we only had 20 minutes to get it done.” Talk about making ideas happen…

The manifesto, reprinted below, inspired technical illustrator James Provost to represent the manifesto as a poster (below). No word on how long that took… Read more →

Behance Action Method at TED

Behance’s Action Method received some center stage attention at this year’s TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference in Long Beach, California. All TED participants received a subscription to Action Method Online. And, those who attended the TED Prize lunches received a limited edition TED Prize Action Book.

1 Year Subscription ActionMethod by Behance

Every year, TED gathers luminaries such as Bill Gates, the Google founders, and other leaders of organizations, companies, and non-profits that are innovating across industries. Collectively, the audience has the opportunity to add value to three “wishes” that will improve the world – announced at the conference every year.

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AMO on Speed

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written here – probably too long. The past couple of weeks we’ve spent a lot of time improving the performance of Action Method Online. We are proud to say the changes are up and running smoothly. We’ve done things from the simply obvious (loading screen between tabs) to the outrageously maticulous (optimizing CSS). Due to these changes everything runs faster including loading time, drag-and-dropping, resizing, switching tabs, and searching. You may have also noticed we got rid of that “2.5 Seconds Remain” countdown after the site finished loading. That always was irritating to us and the optimizations let us finally remove it. Read more →

What’s New In ActionMethod Online

You said it, and we heard it. Based on the great feedback shared by early adopters of Action Method Online (AMO), we have added a number of enhancements to the application.  The additions include the ability for you (or anyone else) to email an action step to your AMO InBox (via your own email address) as well as increased messaging features, multiple delegation, importing contacts, and more…  See all of the latest enhancements on our What’s New page.