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From 99U: How Goals and Good Intentions Can Hold Us Back

99U is Behance’s education arm, where we share tips & insights on making ideas happen. Through a web magazine, bestselling book and annual conference, we share best practices from the world’s most productive creative people. 

Join a gym and one of the first things the instructor does is talk about your goals – what exactly do you hope to achieve by hoisting weights and pounding the treadmill? Apply for an educational course, and you find yourself bombarded with promotional literature. Here’s the future you: suited, booted and smug. What they’re doing – the gym guy and the marketing department – is highlighting end results. They’re hoping to lure you in by showing you what you could achieve, what you can become.

new study by a pair of researchers at the University of Chicago and the Korea Business School shows that this approach has some benefits. Focusing on goals fires up your intentions to engage in the activities that will help you achieve those goals. But there’s a major downside. Stay focused on your goals and you spoil your experience of the activities you’ll need to pursue. In turn, that makes it far more likely that you’ll drop out early and fail to achieve the very goals that you’re so focused on.

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From the 99% Think Tank // Are You Ready to Be Lucky?

The 99% is Behance’s think tank where we share tips & insights on making ideas happen. Through a web magazine, bestselling book and annual conference, we share best practices from the world’s most productive creative people. 

We’re at an interesting crossroads in terms of careers. We still want them, but they don’t exist anymore. In the US, the typical job tenure is now 4 years, with most workers cycling through about 11 jobs in their lifetime.

If the 20th-century career was a ladder that we climbed from one predictable rung to the next, the 21st-century career is more like a broad rock face that we are all free climbing. There’s no defined route, and we must use our own ingenuity, training, and strength to rise to the top. We must make our own luck.

The lightning-fast evolution of technology means that jobs can now become indispensable or outmoded in a matter of years, or even months. Who knew what a “Community Manager” was ten years ago? What about an “iPad App Designer”? Or what about “Chief Scientist” (at LinkedIn)?

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Behind the Scenes – Preparing for 99% Conference!

We’re just 12 hours away from the start of this year’s 99% Conference – our annual event featuring insights on idea execution and the “99% perspiration” that’s behind every legendary idea. We couldn’t be more excited to hear this year’s speakers, who come from The Atlantic to Reddit, Jonathan Adler Design to Harvard Business School (and many more to be found here).

But before then, we’re busy preparing from Behance HQ!  If you’re not attending, make sure to be following @The99Percent and #99conf for live reports, quotes, and more instagrams coming ‘atcha all day….

Chief Designer Matias Corea gives us a peek at this year’s program 

The team working out final details.

Tomorrow, these badges will be around the necks of hundreds of conference attendees.

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From the 99% Think Tank // Introducing The 2012 Alva Emerging Fellows

Earlier this spring we launched our new Alva Emerging Fellowship program, providing cash grants to empower the next generation of inventors to take action on their ideas. With ideas spanning from iPhone apps to turbines, we received a truly inspiring range of proposals from young innovators striving to change the world for the better.

Presented with our friends at GE, the Alva Emerging Fellowships support three innovators under 30 years of age who have demonstrated remarkable potential to create useful and innovative new products or services that will make an impact on the world.

Meet the 2012 Alva Emerging Fellows & read the full article here.

1 Week until this year’s 99% Conference

With only 1 week until the 2012 99% Conference the Behance team is busy getting ready for the big event. For those who can’t attend, stay tuned for live tweets from the panels, video content and more. Our 2012 speaker line-up is stacked with talent, check out the full lineup here.

And to tide you over until the conference content starts rolling in, here’s a clip from one of our favorite talks last year with ethnographer and leadership expert, Simon Sinek, who discusses the importance of trust, authenticity, and meaning.

From the 99% Think Tank // Op-Ed: Confidence vs Shyness

The 99% is Behance’s Think Tank where we share tips and insights on making ideas happen. Through a daily web magazine, a bestselling book, and our annual conference, we share best practices of the the world’s most productive creative people. 

Article & Artwork by James Victore

As a design professor at the School of Visual Arts, each semester I do an impromptu survey of shyness in my class by simply asking who in the group believes they are shy. Inevitably, at least three quarters of the students raise their hands… albeit only shoulder high. I don’t believe this phenomenon is limited to students of the visual arts, but do other professions like accountants or TV repairmen suffer from this? Are we all shy?

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Webby Nominations: The 99%, SVA Portfolios, and the Behance Network

We’re excited to announce that three members of the Behance family have been nominated for Webby Awards!

SVA Portfolios, an exclusive online network powered by Behance for SVA alumni, faculty and students to showcase original work, has been nominated for a Webby Award in the Self-Promotion/Portfolio category.

While we’ve always thought Behance has the best members, now we have a Webby endorsement to back it up: the Behance Network has been nominated for Best Community.

Last but not least, after winning the category last year, The 99% is once again nominated for Best Cultural Blog.