Brand-New at the Behance Outfitter: Writing Utensils!

The Behance Outfitter - our online storefront for creative “tools of the trade” has a new addition – writing utensils! For the first time, we’re offering our favorite high-quality writing implements, hand-picked for the store by the very people who designed Behance.

Who says high-tech has to be virtual? Our four L-Tech implements put the tangible pleasure of a well-crafted precision tool in your hand. Architects and engineers have used such machined metal for years, and it will bring a new level of quality to whatever you craft with it.

In collaboration with Levenger, we’re happy to add these four items to the store:
L-Tech Fountain Pen
L-Tech Ballpoint
L-Tech Stealth Rollerball
L-Tech Stealth Pencil (7 mm)