Book Reviews of Making Ideas Happen RECAP

Making Ideas Happen
It has been about one week since the publication of Making Ideas Happen by Behance founder/ceo Scott Belsky. The book became an immediate bestseller upon launch, debuting at #15 on Amazon and leading every business and creative category. The book was also included in the Wall Street Journal as a national bestseller in business. Design and business blogs around the web have since had a chance to read the book and weigh in with reviews.

Here is an ongoing collection of some notable reviews:
—>  In Bubble Wrap (800-CEO-READ)
—>  Web Designer Depot
—>  Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends
—>  Design Mafia
—>  Cool Hunting
—>  John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing
—>  The Lance Life
—>  Design Droplets
—>  Silicon Valley Watcher
—>  Flavorwire Daily Dose
—>  NetDiver
—>  Sean Womack, Confessions of an Idea Junkie
—>  Sacramento Book Review
—>  Abundance Blog
—>  Sacramento Book Publication
—>  Eventualism
—>  PluginID
—>  Joe Woolworth
—>  An Idea Blog
—>  Ross Hudgens: Authentic Marketing (Video Review)
—>  Tim Schraeder
—>  All Business Answers
—>  Brad Ruggles
—>  Abduzeedo: Abducted By Design
—>  Rediscovering the Lovely
—>  Relevant Media Solutions
—> Businessworld
—> Commit2Ship
—> In the Crowds
—> Entrepreneurship in a Box
—> Jameson Sheppard: Design & Life
—>This is Possible
—> Piere Mattie Public Relations New York

With this book, our team wants to start more discussion around organization, execution, and sound leadership in the creative industries. For this reason, we’re pleased to see so many thought leaders chime in.

We were also thrilled to learn that, just a week after launch, Making Ideas Happen is the 3rd bestseller in Apple’s iBooks store for the iPad. Clearly, the creative community continues to be early adopters…Making Ideas Happen: 3rd Bestseller in the iBook Store


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