The 99% Wins a Webby Award

Just before Behance’s flagship event this May 5-6, The 99% Conference, we were thrilled to learn that The 99% website won the Webby Award for Best Cultural Blog, topping fellow nominees Speakeasy, the Blog, Letters of Note, Laughing Squid, and Pop Eater. This year, Behance was also a Webby Finalist in the categories: Social Media and Self Promotional/Portfolio.

This week, we were honored to learn that The 99% was chosen as one of the “Top 6 Sites That Inspire and Educate” by Intel’s “My Life Scoop” page. The 99% was listed among TED, Brain Pickings, PSFK, Kottke, and Information is Beautiful.

Posted on May 16th, 2011 by Sarah

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  1. Joesph Edward Florkiewicz
    — October 8, 2011 12:07 pm

    It’s simple, were buying all this stuff from China that we either use to make or invented. While we get complacent and we disintegrate our manufacturing and factory construction. Well were do you think the money is going to come from to stimulate this economy when all the life blood is draining from our factories. In short, if I’m a factory worker and I don’t buy anything how is anybody else going to benefit from me buying stuff if I have no money. It’s self mutilation because even the rich are going to suffer more then the poor because we’re used to going with out. I support our President but he, just like Clinton helped the republicans promote free trade with countries that have citizens that make $5.00-35.00 a day. How are we going to compete with that? Countries like Germany don’t undergo in this type of mass delerium just buying cheep stuff from other countries while sacrificing the good of the majority.