Behind the Project: Intricate Wood Carvings

Today we’ll go behind the scenes with creative team  “Bonsoir Paris,” who will walk us through a few of their uber popular projects to learn more about how these astounding creative projects were created. Next week, we’ll be back with a few more of their projects! 

Tell us a bit about your team and the work you’re doing.
Bonsoir Paris’ team is composed of 2 creatives: Rémy Clémente et Morgan Maccari. We’ve been working together for the past 8 years. We started 3 years ago with the idea of building up a cross-over and brand oriented studio, mixing various skills and knowledges. Today, each project requires to work in team with 5 to 6 persons with complementary expertise. So, we’re able to work on the artistic direction, the design, the graphic design and the web design for each project. We are ambitious creatives; when one skill is highlighted, the aim to fulfill the needs of the brands we are working with.

1) Duramen Series –  Handmade Wooden Sculptures

“We decided to make the whole sculpture by hand to be able to obtain the delicacy we were looking for.”

Duramen was our first self-produced exhibition project. The objective was to break with the typical creative agencies’ exhibitions, which are often too moderate. It’s disappointing that designers don’t often step out of the frame but rather stay in safe territories. We founded Bonsoir Paris to be able to free ourselves from this working conception. For us, each project should be a new experience, a new technique.

We didn’t want the exhibition to be a show-case of our skills. We wanted it to be a true creative experience highlighting an unusual way of thinking, free from any business strategy. This will for stepping out of the frame drove us towards the design of our Duramen series. We designed the sculptures while having in mind the works of Dali and Magritte during the surrealist period but also with the influence of Arte Povera, which represents for us the hottest point of the minimalist movement.

In order to obtain a very high quality result, we gathered a team of specialists from diverse domains: sculptors, cabinet-makers and designers. We decided to make the whole sculpture by hand to be able to obtain the delicacy we were looking for. We could never reach this level of details using machines. Because of this specificity we worked with 10 persons, 16 hours a day during 2 months and a half.

The pieces were then presented in a larger context; for the opening of a new concept place in Paris called “Le Purgatoire”, which mixes contemporary art and food design. We were also responsible for the artistic direction of this new place and for the creation of their website.

2) Anologic - Fashion Editorial For AMUSEMENT MAGAZINE N°12


Analogic was our first set-design project. We learned how to work with aluminum and steel especially for this project. The process here was similar to our other projects. First we draw the sets, using 3D when necessary, then started producing. We didn’t involve many people on this project in order to keep and use the imperfections in the final result. We always assume a hand-crafted character in our projects, we try to get away from 3D rendering which often lead to over-sleek results. For this project, our original inspirations were coming from Ron Gilad and Antony Gormley.

In our next post, learn about the project Bambounou and Substance.