Behind the Project: Instagram Redesign Concept

In this series, we’ll look deeper into some of the projects on that were especially admired in our community. Aymon Shaltoni is a freelance Art Director and designer specializing in Web and Graphic design. His other projects include numerous brand designs, several mobile apps,  as well as a redesign concept for Google. We spoke with him about his project “Instagram Redesign Concept”

1) What was your inspiration for this project?
Instagram is one of the most distinctive social networks, so my inspiration was initially personally motivated.  I felt like there was a lot to improve in the Instagram design: the app needs new concept with some new features.

2) Can you describe your process in creating this project?
Dealing with social networking requires understanding user. I made a new concept redesign of the application with these new features:

Login interface
New simple design; flat and out of the way.

New Feed:
The main interface has been redesigned, especially the display area of the image.

Popular page
The concept of the popular page has been changed a little bit: rather than a random assortment of image, they are organized by when they were popular and for how long they were popular.

User Profile
There are several changes to the user profile. I’ve improved the view to be smooth and easy and added two extra features: a messaging system, and “lists” so that users can create groups (for example, family, designers, photography, etc), as well as a separate area for how many “likes” a person receives.

3) Did you expect it to be as popular as it’s been on The Behance Network?
At first I uploaded a re-design concept of Google project, and I did not expect how quickly it took off. People are still connecting with it and sharing their opinions.

I had a good feeling about doing this project, I made Instagram Redesign Concept with  better improvements and features in the hope that it would spread on a larger scale, like the previous project.

4) Did you go through many versions and iterations before coming up with these final pieces?
I did some sketches for the project and then directly did it took two weeks, and eventually I came up with this designs that impressed a lot of people

5) Do you feel that this project is “done,” or is there anything you’d like to improve on or change in the future?
Nothing is complete! This is just an initial design concept.

6) Did anything interesting happen as a result of the success of this project?  (fans contacting you, job opportunities, blogs picking it up, etc).
After uploading this project, I received a good set of messages offering promotions, remote business and consulting daily.
Thank you very much for this wonderful​ network! It’s brought about a great change in our lives.