Behind the Project: Giving Life to Mysterious Objects

Today we’ll go behind the scenes with creative team  “Bonsoir Paris,” who will walk us through a few of their uber popular projects to learn more about how these astounding creative projects were created.

What’s your daily routine like?
In general, we don’t have a very specific routine. Our way of working is very spontaneous, organic and changing. This philosophy allows us to remain as flexible as possible and to adapt to our clients & to fulfill their needs in the best possible ways. Still, there are some reoccurring aspects in our projects: we always work in collaboration with others, we deal with the production from far or we directly take part in it. We always have an overview of the different steps of the project.

For each project we work hand-in-hand, discussing every aspects of the project together. We start in general with a large vocabulary research so that we can define our project with words first off. The communication is very important, because we always involve specialists from outside the studio  - and we want to get across exactly what we’re going for. We always communicate a lot with sketches and we make detailed drawings and technical drawings when necessary. In our production process, we try to keep a kind of hand-made personality and when it comes to the brands, we always look for the very best result to answer their demands.


The set-design we created for the project Substance came from a creative urge: we wanted to give life to an hybrid material with mysterious properties, playing with optical and physical effects.

We started out from a basic white piece of foam. Its shape and volume varied according to the models’ position and expression. We took charge of the artistic direction by creating the small sceneries and later on we took care of the production phase. For this series we dived into the contemporary minimalism movement, with a special interest for Anish Kapoor and Carl Andre’s works.


We  really enjoyed working on this project. Each of our projects is a new story – Bambounou was a teaser animation. We designed its story-board and miniature set. The teaser depicts a moonlike world inspired by LandArt and by artists such as Richard Long and Andy Goldsworthy. We designed and produced everything real time, without using any 3D rendering during the post-production phase.

Our objective was to stick to the artist’s music, which makes use of repetitive samples. The Low-Fi and animated GIFS has always been a fascinating subject for us. It was fitting perfectly to Bambonou’s hypnotic music. We brought in a producer to realize and edit the teaser, again to guarantee the quality of the final result. This project was part of a larger package including an album cover we designed.