Behancers in Moscow and Istanbul meet up!

Moscow Meetup – February 2011
Our Moscow Ambassador hosted a meetup at digital agency PICHESKY, where creatives were treated to a few presentations, including one on “Why you need a personal portfolio,” as well as Pichesky’s art director, who spoke on the role of design in Russia. And, if you speak Russian, there’s some great video footage of these talks to check out. According to Dmitry Traytel, a developer here at Behance, the speaker discusses building a quality portfolio, the convergence of different forms of design due to the new accessibility of this fields, and self-promotion using new technologies. He says:

“Behance has become an effective platform for people to find quality work and quality contacts.  For example when I see an incredible Spanish studio, or an amazing Brazilian studio, I understand that I can work on a projects with them. In Russia there is enough creative capacity to work with the rest of the world.

Istanbul Meetup – March 2011
This past weekend saw the very first Behance Meetup in Istanbul, where creative professionals gathered in a Cafe to discuss design in Turkey, agencies, and what they’re working on. Using the printed “Appreciate This” stickers that Behance Ambassador Gokhun Guneyhan provided, they voted on submitted work.