Behance Tips from Smashing Share Blog

Design blog Smashing Share published an article this week on “How Behance can showcase and Improve your designs.” The blog gave a great intro to what we’re all about, and some of the key things you can get out of Behance once you dig into the experience. If you’re new to Behance, or need a refresher, be sure to check out the article.

Here’s some main points they made:

Behance Thives on Community: Behance is not just a website for creative designers. It’s a platform of sites that integrate together to foster the best in any creative individual. To get the best out of Behance, it encourages members to work together as a community to help their sites improve, as well as improve each others’ work.

Become a member of Behance
Once a member, a designer can display his or her work, look for designing jobs, network with others in the industry, and get inspiration for their next work.

Joining Circles on Behance
Groups and circles are a great way to expand a designer’s network of contacts and get the best qualified feedback on niche work.

Other Features on Behance
Designers get the benefit of a full platform of connected sites within Behance. (Action Method, The 99%, advisory services and speaking engagements)