Behance Team Holding Strong Amidst Hurricane Sandy

A quick note from Scott Belsky, Behance’s Co-Founder, on Behance’s status this week.

It has been a wild week for all of us, but everyone on the Behance team is safe and sound. At this point, our thoughts are with those people and families that have lost lives, their homes or were otherwise impacted by the storm.

All of Soho lost power – and many of our homes are still without electricity or internet, but the team stayed coordinated to take care of each other, keep Behance up and running, and continue to serve our members.

As I look back over the years we have worked together as a team, it’s clear that adversity always makes us stronger. Server mishaps, broken elevators, missed planes, minor earthquakes, and yes – even hurricanes – bring us together. We become better communicators, more tolerant, and we learn how to prepare for next time. It’s easy when it’s all smooth sailing. But when something goes wrong, the greatest teams rise to the occasion…and really stand out.

I want to express gratitude to team Behance for their patience and commitment this week. Makes me especially proud to be on this journey with all of you.

Behance members: Our community management team is accessible and doing their best to respond to your questions. If you are having trouble getting ahold of us, please email energy -at- behance -dot- com.

Thanks and be well!