Behance Press Digest: March

Yahoo! PicksMany thanks to those that have been helping us get out the word (and providing their reviews and feedback). There were a few highlights of Behance press in March. We were thrilled to discover on March 19th that our online magazine at was selected as Yahoo’s daily pick. We’re pleased that they appreciated the Action Method as well as the interviews with featured creatives on the site.

Earlier in the month, the classic Action Pad got a great review from the Cool Hunting team. We’ve always loved Cool Hunting for their information design, their simplicity, and their taste. So, it was a great surprise for us. We also appreciated the write-up from LifeDev, a fantastic site covering all things productivity. We’ve since gotten to know Glen, the author, and have offered to serve as a sponsor of his work.

Action Method in use

One of the new cool conferences these days is the PSFK conference on trends, ideas, and marketing. The PSFK team picked up a load of our Action Pads and Books for their March conference in NYC, and we received some great feedback along with a shout-out on

Toward the end of March, the Action product line received a few more reviews from Productivity501, Mark McGuinness’ London-based blog WishfulThinking, PopGadget, 43 Folders, and an inclusion in the widely subscribed Daily Candy Weekend Guide.