Behance Press Digest: April

I (Scott) was psyched to share some of Behance’s tips on running productive meetings as a guest on MSNBC in mid April. Our team has learned a lot from the Action Method. We practice it ourselves, and we have collected feedback from a bunch of creative teams at places like Apple and Miramax. We keep the insights organized (as reference items, of course), and we will share them whenever we get a chance!

Action AreaOur Tip posting on the concept of “Action Areas,” something we really swear by, got some nice coverage at LifeClever, LifeHack, and on Craig Child’s blog. There were some interesting user comments left on the LifeClever post including one person who described the concept as a good way to “democratize the work place and creating a stronger sense of community amongst the work force.” We’re going to continue generating tips, or “behancers” as we like to call them, that are hopefully helpful to the creative professional community and beyond.