Behance Meetups – April Edition!

April 13 – Amsterdam
This Wednesday it’s finally going to happen, Behance Netherlands first Meetup! I would like to invite you to come to cafe/pub de Doffer in Amsterdam at 8 PM. The night brings you a chance to meet other Behancers as well as a opportunity to hear about the work they have been doing.
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April 14 – Los Angeles
Come join us for the monthly Behance/AIGA LA Meetup! A casual evening where members of the Behance community and AIGA LA can gather and mingle over cocktails. Located at Barbara’s in Downtown LA.
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April 16 -  Istanbul
After the first Behance meetup in March, we’re now ready to launch our agency tours! On April 16th, we’re visiting C-Section to meet with other creatives and have fun as they will show us a case study of ‘Will this be the year?,” the most amazing joke ever. Get inspired by its unfamiliar spreading strategy as well as other details behind the curtain.
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April 23 – Rome
Join us for a free workshop for all lovers of photography and postproduction! In Collaboration with CreativeproShow, we’ll have a live shooting and postproduction session, creative discussion, and dinner. (All this by the beach!)
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April 28 – New York
At the latest NYC Meetup, we’re looking for 30 Special People to share their artistic voice, collectively we’re going to create a typeface celebrating the sun.
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April 30 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Join Behancers in a visit to the National Museum in Kuala Lumpur. We’ll talk about adaptation of new media in the museum, and how the artifacts displayed are part of the new artwork developments. Traditional Indian food at Banana Leaf to follow!
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  1. Rsny
    — April 12, 2011 8:05 pm

    Rock it!