Behance Hackathon Recap

Last week Behance held an in-house Halloween Hackathon (one month later due to Hurricane Sandy). This day was filled with some amazing ideas, collaboration and participation from both the Behance team and some special guests.

Here is a list of some great ideas that came to life:

  • BeSpoke: A gallery of work tailored to your taste 
  • Comments Analysis: Analyzing how positive or negative your comments are on Behance 
  • Advice by Behance: A mentor finder- connecting established and emerging creatives, to share knowledge & collect feedback
  • Bēgin: A simple way to use Behance for a daily dose of inspiration
  • Inspiration Pill: What you take is what you make
  • Behanceroids: Asteroids Game
  • Roundtable: An easy uploader for students to post work in progress, evaluate & critique