Behance Curates: What Makes a Project Feature-Worthy?

This post is part of a series written in collaboration with the Behance Curation Team, the experts on staff who select projects to be featured in Behance’s main Gallery and 12+ Curated “Served” Sites. Click here to see the first post in the series. 

In the coming weeks, we’ll explore different aspects of the project creation process, and outline how to create the best project possible. Here are a few concrete things that our curators look in a featureable project:

1) Project Length
Generally, projects should have 6-20 images-without repetition. It’s rare to see a Featured Project with just 1 or 2 images in it. If your project is showcasing a single piece of work – say, a mural – it’s important to show detailed view of this piece to create more content for the project.

2) Large Images
Make sure your project is on the larger size, ideally around 600 pixels. Our curators look out for good quality and resolution, and a consistent image width throughout the project.

3) Pure Images – No Watermarks!
We find that watermarks and other ownership marks distract from the media in a project, so we would warn against including these in your project.

4) A complete, polished project
Many people publish partially completed projects, and then finish them later on. Because our curators can’t look at a project each time that it is edited, we suggest only publishing projects when they’re ready to be considered for the Featured Gallery. (Many people use Behance to publish work-in-progress, and then get feedback. This is fine! But for the greatest chance of getting featured, we suggest creating a totally new project once you’ve taken your edited based on your feedback).

An example of a given day’s “Featured Gallery.”