Behance Curates: Our Philosophy

What brings people to Behance? For most people, it starts with a creative project that blew them away and left an impression they won’t soon forget. An incredible photoset (a father’s photochronicle of his daughter’s life) or a novel approach to branding (like this stripped-down approach): it’s stunning work like this that brings millions of people to Behance every month.

While the number of “appreciations” is the default for people who search Behance, the “Featured Gallery” is the first page visitors see. It’s full of carefully selected work from across all industries that “challenges conventions and pushes the creative world forward.”

It’s no surprise that we get a lot of questions from members about how these “featured” projects are chosen. Here are a few facts:

  • Every project published is eligible to be featured on Behance and/or any of our 12+ Curated Galleries.
  • Of the many thousands of projects published every day on Behance, less than 1% are selected to be featured by our Curators.
  • Behance’s Curators are trying to expose especially innovative and well-crafted work. They consider all sorts of factors when reviewing a project, including quality and originality of work, presentation of the project, and the traction it is getting in the community (appreciations, comments, etc…).

For tips on how to get featured, see this blog post from the curatorial team.

This post is the first in a series written in collaboration with our Curation Team, the experts at Behance who review the thousands of new projects uploaded to Behance every day – across dozens of creative fields.

So, why are we writing this series?
1) To give more explanation of how (and using what criteria) these projects are chosen.
2) To give helpful tips on how to make your projects more “featureable.”

So, how can you give your next project the best chance to be featured in the gallery? We’ll be sitting down with the curation team for a series of blog posts about how to create a great project, and the best practices of our most successful members.

Stay tuned for regular tips from our curation team!