Behance & Being Happy

Behance was featured this morning on Sirius Radio’s LIME talk show with Karen Salmansohn. Behance founder Scott Belsky spoke about the need for more productivity in the creative community along with some of the research Behance has conducted on the topic. He also went through some best practices based on the Action Method. We love what Karen is up to and encourage you to check out her website…you might even sign up for her “Want to be Happy, Dammit” newsletter.

One topic that came up was the connection between passion and groundbreaking creativity. Widely-known author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced chicks-send-me-high, seriously) writes about the state of “flow” as the prime zone for creative output. Of course, there are risks associated with becoming overly immersed in such a state: you may fail to keep track of the overall project’s goals! Nevertheless, passion-driven creativity is the fuel for the greatest breakthroughs and most forward-thinking design.

One designer we came across, thanks to the powers of Technorati, is Bryan Rees, based in South Carolina. Brian’s front page features “Branding : Design : Passion.” And it seems that Bryan has a history of executing ideas.

So, key take-away: Be passionate, and exercise the discipline to channel it to make ideas happen.