Behance Action Method at TED

Behance’s Action Method received some center stage attention at this year’s TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conference in Long Beach, California. All TED participants received a subscription to Action Method Online. And, those who attended the TED Prize lunches received a limited edition TED Prize Action Book.

1 Year Subscription ActionMethod by Behance

Every year, TED gathers luminaries such as Bill Gates, the Google founders, and other leaders of organizations, companies, and non-profits that are innovating across industries. Collectively, the audience has the opportunity to add value to three “wishes” that will improve the world – announced at the conference every year.

With grand ideas comes the responsibility to take action. Behance is proud, for the second year in a row, to leverage our tools and products to help add a “bias-towards-action” at TED.

ActionMethod at TED

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    Furrealz? That’s marevolusly good to know.