Back to School with Behance

Fall is in the air which reminds even those of us who have long since graduated, that school is about to start up again. For the past few months the Behance team has been busy partnering with top art and design schools across the country, creating custom galleries for Universities and Colleges. Now students, faculty and alumni can showcase their creative work within exclusive networks,  and recruiters/ creative enthusiasts can view work by school, degree program and more. 

Questions about our custom creative networks for schools and other creative organizations? Please get in touch at energy[at], we’d be happy to discuss!


  1. — September 10, 2012 7:19 pm


    Sounds like a great job, that is very motivating for one as a student to make known our work on a platform like this, where you enter and thousands of people can identify with our work and create a portfolio.

  2. J
    — September 16, 2012 1:11 am

    Missing other notable art and design schools (mostly private but also a few affiliated with universities): CalArts, Cranbrook (MFA only), MassArt, MCAD, MCA, CCA, Parsons, Monserat, Herron, Art Institute of Boston, Hartford Art School, Kansas City Art Institute, Cornish, MIAD, NSCAD, OCAD, Otis, Pratt, Cooper Union, Ringling, The University of the Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, and a few more.

    And a number of art departments, schools, and colleges at universities:
    VCU Design, ISU College of Design, Yale (MFA only), Ohio State University Design, University of Cincinnati, Carnegie Mellon, University of Washington, a few in the California UC system (mostly fine art), a few in the CalState system, UIUC, UIC, Virginia Tech, and so on. (I just named the well known schools and top design university programs I could think of, but there are a few more. But wow, we have a lot of terrific design, architecture, and art schools in the U.S. and Canada!)

  3. — September 17, 2012 4:47 pm

    @J – thank you so much for all these suggestions! Custom creative networks are paid partnerships between Behance and top art and design schools or creative organizations. We’d love to work with many of the institutions you’ve listed here and will do our best to make it happen.

    Thanks again for this list!