An Update on AMO

We wanted to update you on the status of Action Method, our ongoing exploration of task-management for Creatives. From the very beginning, our team has developed tools that help us work with a bias-towards-action. What started as a set of paper products became a business in itself, a methodology that we’ve shared in books and online, and in 2009, an online task-management service.

We’ve been happy to share this design, tool, and philosophy with others, using your feedback to guide a redesign last year, and sharing what we’ve learned on

Our service continues to be something we use ourselves, but we’ve decided to stop accepting new signups and planning future upgrades. Our core product, Behance, is growing exponentially, and we are challenging ourselves to focus our energy on our central mission: to empower and connect the creative world.

We will continue to maintain the service. All our current members will still have access to and will be able manage their Action Steps across devices, but we won’t be accepting new members. We remain committed to helping current members with questions or account issues, so feel free to get in touch with our support team if you have questions about your Premium account.

Still love the methodology? You don’t need AMO to use the Action Method. We have a full selection of products designed for the Action Methodology at, including free downloadable sheets  of our paper products. These products were designed to help you capture Action Steps, Backburners, Focus Items, and Notes in your meetings or planning sessions. We also encourage you to visit for plenty of tips on using the Action Methodology, and for new articles every day on productivity insights and career development to help you Make Ideas Happen.

-The Behance team