Action Method for iPhone (2.0)

Apple has approved and posted version 2.0 of the iPhone application for Action Method Online. The new version is, in fact, an entirely redesigned application, resulting from over seven months of design and development.

As Scott Belsky, CEO of Behance, explained, “Our goal was simple: To make Action Method the absolute BEST collaborative task management application available for the iPhone. We wanted it to seamlessly sync (and back-up) with the online version of the application, enable the user to organize their Action Steps by Project, Due Date, Color, Who Delegated It, Priority, or any other keyword.”

Action Method 2.0 for iPhone

Unlike other task management applications for the iPhone, Action Method Mobile both (1) seamlessly syncs over the cellular network as well as a wireless internet connection, and (2) is collaborative, enabling users to delegate (and accept/reject) Action Steps (tasks) from each other.

Version 2.0 of the application includes:

(1) An entirely redesigned system for creating, organizing, and managing Action Steps.
(2) The addition of search and other filters for task management.
(3) Improved synchronization to back-up your tasks online (free!)
(4) The addition of the new “Focus Area,” a sub-list of important Action Steps.
(5) Get real-time notifications when tasks are completed or delayed by your colleagues.
(6) Improved ability to accept or reject Action Steps from other users.

(7) Quickly “snooze” and edit Action Steps on the fly!
(8) Review analytics about your productivity with a new “Advisor” feature

Action Method continues to be the only “action management” tool we are aware of that acts as an ecosystem – with an analog paper product, a collaborative online productivity and project management application, and an advanced mobile solution that works off/online.

Enclosed are some screen shots, and we invite you to download and use Action Method Online for the iPhone, for free: Action Method Online 2.0 at Apple App Store

Action Method 2.0 for iPhone Screenshots


  1. Vance
    — September 26, 2010 12:05 pm

    hey…here is the app for that book…

  2. JabelG
    — September 28, 2010 3:37 pm

    Hey! Are you going to make this app for Android and Blackberry?