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Chrysler and John Varvatos Launch a new Design Competition on Behance

Behance hosts competitions for organizations and brands that wish to celebrate and engage creative talent. Creatives can submit past projects , avoiding any spec-based crowdsourcing, and an expert panel of judges select finalists.  To check out upcoming competitions at   

Chrysler has teamed up with world-renowned fashion designer, John Varvatos, to develop the 2013 Chrysler 300C John Varvatos Limited Edition. To celebrate this collaboration, Chrysler and Varvatos are hosting a 2-tiered design competition on Behance! Please visit: for more info on rules, awards, judges & how to submit.

Please note: You can submit any past project to participate. If your work is selected, you could receive $1,000 and the opportunity to participate in round 2. If your work is selected from round 2, you could receive $5,000  and  a trip to L.A. for the 10th Annual Stuart House Benefit.

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An interview with Behance’s Head of Strategy, William Allen

Our Head of Strategy, William Allen, was recently interviewed on Social Media Week about his role at Behance, strategy for building community and the importance of company culture.

You’ve been at Behance for over a year now. What’s been your biggest challenge leading strategy at Behance?
WA: The biggest challenge is what to focus on. If you’re ambitious, your attention can be pulled in thousands of directions; the challenge is to figure out what are the most important things you can accomplish and include them in your strategy. Choosing the right thing is hard. We focus on our mission which is to empower the creative world. At Behance, we want to be the “wind at their backs,” which means giving them anything they need to be successful and also means matching the talent with opportunity. The reason why Behance gets 70M pageviews a month is because of these creatives–we step back and showcase their work, allowing them to be their own best representatives. We give them the tools.

What’s been your strategy in building the community? How do you know what to include and what to leave out?
WA: You have to have a world view and you have to have a compass of where you want to go. That mission shapes every action that you take: for us it means building deliberately and intelligently. We’ve been concerned about building the right kind of community, the right people for the right platform. It’s important that we fulfill the mission which is giving our user the resources they need to be successful at their careers versus growing quickly. And that takes time. The human quality of curation has been an important part of our strategy, where the good quality work really bubbles up, and it make the site aspirational.

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Behind the Project: Giving Life to Mysterious Objects

Today we’ll go behind the scenes with creative team  “Bonsoir Paris,” who will walk us through a few of their uber popular projects to learn more about how these astounding creative projects were created.

What’s your daily routine like?
In general, we don’t have a very specific routine. Our way of working is very spontaneous, organic and changing. This philosophy allows us to remain as flexible as possible and to adapt to our clients & to fulfill their needs in the best possible ways. Still, there are some reoccurring aspects in our projects: we always work in collaboration with others, we deal with the production from far or we directly take part in it. We always have an overview of the different steps of the project.

For each project we work hand-in-hand, discussing every aspects of the project together. We start in general with a large vocabulary research so that we can define our project with words first off. The communication is very important, because we always involve specialists from outside the studio  - and we want to get across exactly what we’re going for. We always communicate a lot with sketches and we make detailed drawings and technical drawings when necessary. In our production process, we try to keep a kind of hand-made personality and when it comes to the brands, we always look for the very best result to answer their demands.


The set-design we created for the project Substance came from a creative urge: we wanted to give life to an hybrid material with mysterious properties, playing with optical and physical effects.

We started out from a basic white piece of foam. Its shape and volume varied according to the models’ position and expression. We took charge of the artistic direction by creating the small sceneries and later on we took care of the production phase. For this series we dived into the contemporary minimalism movement, with a special interest for Anish Kapoor and Carl Andre’s works.

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Portfolio Review Week: Twitter Buzz

Behance Portfolio Review Week is approaching, and hundreds of events around the world are already being organized and discussed! It’s not too late to host an event in your area or RSVP to attend. To learn more about Behance Portfolio Reviews please visit

Check out some of our favorite twitter highlights so far:

Most Appreciated Projects on Behance

Appreciations are a way to send genuine kudos to another creative professional on Behance. This is our community’s way of curating the network, so that the best projects gain the most exposure. Here’s a look at two of the most appreciated projects on Behance this week:

Coming Soon, a Belgian design studio that specializes in handcrafted campaigns, recently uploaded their current work in progress: a 3D comic. Merging real people with cardboard sets, Coming Soon opens up the comic book medium to a whole new world of possibilities. With a work in progress that’s already one of the Most Appreciated works on Behance, we can hardly wait to see the finished product!

Composed of over 400 simple wooden chairs, Seat, is a stacked structure intended to redefine the perception of sitting as being embodied by architecture. Do you think they were successful in getting their message across? Judging by the popularity of this project, we think sure do! See more photos of the large-scale work here.

“Agencies Branch Out for Talent” – Behance on Digiday

Agencies are increasingly turning to social media to help draw attention to their work, tapping services such as Pinterest and Instagram, and of course Facebook and Twitter. But they’re also making use of more niche platforms such as creative portfolio network Behance to ensure their work gets seen, and seen by the right people.

According to CEO Scott Belski, Behance has seen a notable rise in the amount of agencies active on its platform over the past two months. They are using it to gain recognition within the creative community, but also to market themselves to the creative individuals that comprise it. Agencies with a presence on the network now include Leo Burnett NY, Big Spaceship, Sub Rosa, R/GA, and Hello Monday amongst others.

“When someone searches for Nike interactive design, R/GA wants to make sure it’s showing up top of the list,” explained Belski. “The second reason the agencies are here is for talent and recruitment. It enables them to directly interact and engage with some of the most talented individuals around the world.”

Behance was originally intended to help creative teams and individuals build online portfolios and more successfully gain credit for their work. The idea was to highlight talent and to bring transparency and meritocracy to the creative field, to focus on what creatives are capable of rather than who they know in the industry.

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AOL Creates New Motion Canvas Spot with Behance Member Roman Ruetten

Behance hosts competitions for organizations and brands that wish to celebrate and engage creative talent. Creatives can submit past projects , avoiding any spec-based crowdsourcing, and an expert panel of judges select finalists from there. Competition winners receive a variety of prizes and job opportunities in addition to being recognized publicly. To check out upcoming competitions on Behance visit   

When AOL sought out their next motion graphics artist for an upcoming campaign, they conducted a search on Behance by hosting a competition. We’re thrilled to announce the winner, New York-based Art Director Roman Ruetten, and share the custom spot he created for AOL:

Learn more about AOL Artists and watch Ruetten’s spot here.

Behind the Project: Intricate Wood Carvings

Today we’ll go behind the scenes with creative team  “Bonsoir Paris,” who will walk us through a few of their uber popular projects to learn more about how these astounding creative projects were created. Next week, we’ll be back with a few more of their projects! 

Tell us a bit about your team and the work you’re doing.
Bonsoir Paris’ team is composed of 2 creatives: Rémy Clémente et Morgan Maccari. We’ve been working together for the past 8 years. We started 3 years ago with the idea of building up a cross-over and brand oriented studio, mixing various skills and knowledges. Today, each project requires to work in team with 5 to 6 persons with complementary expertise. So, we’re able to work on the artistic direction, the design, the graphic design and the web design for each project. We are ambitious creatives; when one skill is highlighted, the aim to fulfill the needs of the brands we are working with.

1) Duramen Series –  Handmade Wooden Sculptures

“We decided to make the whole sculpture by hand to be able to obtain the delicacy we were looking for.”

Duramen was our first self-produced exhibition project. The objective was to break with the typical creative agencies’ exhibitions, which are often too moderate. It’s disappointing that designers don’t often step out of the frame but rather stay in safe territories. We founded Bonsoir Paris to be able to free ourselves from this working conception. For us, each project should be a new experience, a new technique.

We didn’t want the exhibition to be a show-case of our skills. We wanted it to be a true creative experience highlighting an unusual way of thinking, free from any business strategy. This will for stepping out of the frame drove us towards the design of our Duramen series. We designed the sculptures while having in mind the works of Dali and Magritte during the surrealist period but also with the influence of Arte Povera, which represents for us the hottest point of the minimalist movement.

In order to obtain a very high quality result, we gathered a team of specialists from diverse domains: sculptors, cabinet-makers and designers. We decided to make the whole sculpture by hand to be able to obtain the delicacy we were looking for. We could never reach this level of details using machines. Because of this specificity we worked with 10 persons, 16 hours a day during 2 months and a half.

The pieces were then presented in a larger context; for the opening of a new concept place in Paris called “Le Purgatoire”, which mixes contemporary art and food design. We were also responsible for the artistic direction of this new place and for the creation of their website.

2) Anologic - Fashion Editorial For AMUSEMENT MAGAZINE N°12

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