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NY Egotist Features Behance Community Manager, Sarah Rapp

The NY Egotist – a blog featuring content at the intersection of tech & creativity – interviewed Behance’s Community Manager Sarah Rapp, who acts as  “the eyes and ears of Behance.”

Check out the article for insight on how the CM Team at Behance gets the community pumped up, turns feedback into real improvements, and how Community Management is about much more than Social Media.

“The Eyes and Ears” of Behance: Interview with Community Manager, Sarah Rapp

The early days of Behance: Belsky reminisces on #MyStartupStory

Leap Year is a new entrepreneurial comedy web series; we’re thrilled to see entrepreneurship and comedy coming together – seems like a good match if you’ve ever worked at a startup!

The site also speaks to entrepreneurs about their “startup stories” and experiences launching a business – including our own Scott Belsky and Behance. If you want some insight into Scott’s own story, how Behance came to be, and some of the trials and tribulations we’ve had over the years, this is the place to see it.

“A lot of folks who we talked to when we got started told us we were crazy. If everyone thinks you’re crazy, you’re either crazy, or you’re really onto something. And we started to gain confidence from the doubt….”

On Day One: “I was coming home from my full time job, Matias [Chief of Design] was coming home from his full-time jobs, and we were getting together at 9 PM over Chinese food to talk about the brand…”

Belsky Speaks at Mashable Conference

Earlier this month, Mashable posted video highlights from their annual conference, Mashable Connect, which took place this May in Florida. Behance CEO Scott Belsky was a speaker – check out the video of him talking about organizing and empowering the creative industry, along with an introduction to ProSite (which we happened to launch that weekend).

Watch the video here: Scott Belsky at Mashable Connect

This Week In Behance

Here’s a look at a few of this week’s most appreciated projects and creatives…

Video Games vs. Real Life by Aled Lewis
For anyone who spent their childhood helping 8-bit Mario rescue the Princess, you’ll love (and relate to) this mash-up of videos games and real life. “As a kid I would become completely immersed in these crude pixel environments and they would seem very real. I thought it would be fun to try to express how gamers see these worlds.” [Project Link] Read more →

I.D. & Behance come together to launch “I.D. Mag Online Design Showcase.”

Today I.D. Magazine re-launched as the online design destination with a completely re-designed website at In partnership with Behance, this new design destination showcases the best in product industrial design being created today.

The new features user-submitted designs that are carefully curated to offer readers the most innovative work happening today, and our partnership with Behance enables winners of the Annual Design Review — I.D.’s prestigious annual design competition with an October 1 entry deadline — the opportunity to be featured on the homepage of The site will be backed by a strong social media presence (Twitter: @IDOnline Facebook: focused on the larger design conversation.

During its more than 50 years in print, I.D. Magazine was well-recognized as the leading design magazine, garnering a passionate following and multiple National Magazine Awards.

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ProSite: The Latest New Features

1) Edit Cover Text Sections
We’re happy to announce that this much requested feature has been added.
You can now separately edit and change the cover text information for each Project (Creative Fields, Date, Project Name). For example, your project date is the date that you created the project, but what if you actually painted the piece several years earlier? Now you can update for accuracy and customize it however you’d like. (To Use: Design –> Project Covers –> Change Project Text)

2) Add ProSite Badge to your Behance Profile
All ProSite users now have a “ProSite Badge” on their Behance Portfolio that will offer an
easy way for anyone to visit your ProSite, and make them aware that you’re using the service, driving more traffic to your page and making all of our properties even more connected.

Publish Projects Faster! Announcing our Project Settings Redesign

Good news, Behancers: we just launched something big – a redesign of our Project Settings section. The changes will let you create and publish a project much more quickly without compromising any of the settings that you need to fill out to get the best exposure.

When creating a project, you’ve noticed that there are quite a few settings steps between adding Content and Publishing. All of this is important. Things like copyright settings, privacy, ownership, tags -we ask for all of this so that your work is taken seriously and can get the views and respect it deserves, as well as traction around the web. However, we understand that many of you were getting bogged down in this section, and wanted to get to publishing more quickly.

A peek at the redesigned Project Settings

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LinkedIn + Behance leads to dream job at Netflix

A testimonial from Behance member Trevor Cleveland.

I joined Behance in early 2010 by the recommendation of a few friends. I lined up a couple job interviews in a very short period of time and had a really outdated portfolio. Behance made it really easy to update my portfolio without having to worry about coding a whole new site before my interviews. What’s really attractive about the site is how easy it makes it to keep an up-to-date portfolio for others to see.

Site Redesign for [Project Link]

After I landed that job I continued to publish new projects on Behance to keep my work fresh in the eyes of others. After a while I began inactively searching for a new job; always keeping my portfolio current and linked to my other networks. When LinkedIn added the ability to sync your Behance portfolio, I immediately set this up (and would recommend any creative on Behance to do it if you haven’t yet). Right away, I started to get contacted by companies for openings. One day I was contacted by Netflix – they had found my Behance portfolio on LinkedIn and told me they were very interested. After an extensive interview process, I was offered a position! Now, I work at Netflix as a Visual Designer and love my job. Read more →

Featured Project Leads to Published Illustrations in ESPN Magazine

A testimonial from Bram Vanhaeren, a 20 yr old Cross Media Design student in Belgium

I joined the Behance Network in 2007 when some friends introduced me to this network.  It was the first time I was surrounded by such a positive crowd of talented, creative people! Being young and always in search for the newest techniques and inspiration, I immediately loved Behance.

I’m currently a student – but two years ago, I dropped out of Art School and decided to work as a freelance digital artist. I quickly found out that it’s not easy to get hired when you’re an 18 year old without a degree. People tend to look at your degree before they look at your true ability. Since I am self-taught, I needed a place where I could share my work and show what I love to do, in the hope someone would like to work with me. Thanks to the Behance, I was able to share my work with an amazing network of creative minded people and find the right people to work with.

Vanhaeren‘s work, featured in ESPN Magazine. [Visit]
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Explaining our new “Safe Browsing” option

When browsing the Behance Network recently, you may have seen some mentions of “Safe Browsing” or “Mature content” settings.

We added a “Mature” setting for projects in order to give people who view the Behance Network the option of “Safe Browsing.” Many locations disallow websites that don’t offer “safe browsing,” so by implementing “safe browsing,” the Behance Network is now visible in more places–like the offices of recruiters and more international locations.
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