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New Features: Full-Sized Images, Custom Types, and more!

In our effort to provide you the best tools possible to make your customized online portfolio, we added the following features to ProSite this week:

1) Add Full-Size Images (larger than 600 px!) to your ProSite Projects
For as long as Behance has been around, all images in Behance and ProSite projects have been capped at 600 pixels wide.  That all changes with this feature, as you can now add full-size images to your ProSite projects (up to 1920 px).

  • If you uploaded your Behance projects after Nov 2010, full-size images are stored. Just change your Project Column width and you’ll see them expand.
  • If you’re working with old projects (uploaded before Nov 2010), you’ll have to re-upload the images into your Behance Projects. Then, go back into ProSite and change your Project Column width.

    This full-sized image takes up almost the entire width of the site.

2) Custom Type Integration (Typekit)
We currently offer 16 fonts to choose from on ProSite, but now you can now extend your choices to thousands of fonts by using this new feature. You need to be a Typekit Subscriber to take advantage, but once you do, you can choose from hundreds of web fonts to make your online portfolio look exactly as you’d like it.
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Behance Meetups: July Edition

1) NYC – Visit to Rubin Museum of Art

July 15th, 6:30-9:30
Come explore Himalayan art with fellow creatives! A nice way to wind out of the work week and into the weekend, get some inspiration for your own work, and make some good connections along the way. Admission is free on Fridays!
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2) Istanbul, Turkey – Panel with Design & Strategy Speakers + ProSite Prizes!
July 16, 2:00-4:00 pm
Meetup in Istanbul this Saturday at Publicis Modem. Speakers from Design, Technology and Strategy departments will be with us for 2 hours. Also, the first 15 people to arrive will get a free 3-months of Behance’s online portfolio solution, ProSite!
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3) Lisbon, Portugal: Graphic Design Tour!
July 23, 4:30-7:30
Get involved in the graphic design events that Colher is putting on – they’re hosting a series of conferences and tours about graphic design all over Portugal. The “Harvest Tour” is free and open to the public.
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This week on the Behance Network

Here’s a look at some of the most appreciated projects and Creative Professionals of the week on…

PencilHeads by Augusto Moreno dos Anjos
They look almost too perfect to be true, but – believe it – these are miniature sculptures done on the tip of a pencil. Made for a Cicero Magazine feature on “Politics Straight from the source,” the artist sculptured busts of the world’s most important politicians on the pencils. I don’t know about you, but we’re dying for a “behind the scenes” video of him in action, chiseling away…

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Even More New ProSite Features

In our effort to provide you the best tools possible to make your customized online portfolio, we added the following features this week:

1) Appreciation Sticker: Upload your own
After some ProSite users told us that our “Appreciation Sticker” didn’t quite fit the design of their page, we decided to open this up and let you upload your own Appreciation Sticker. Feel free to modify the traditional one, or do something completely different. Either way, clicking it will result in an appreciation reflected in your Project Stats.

2) Appreciation Sticker: Add it only to certain Gallery Pages
Many of you are using ProSite to create several galleries – however you’re splitting it up, we thought you should get to pick and choose which galleries you’d like the Appreciation Sticker to appear on. Now, you can do this in the settings.

Teaser: Upcoming ProSite Features
- Add images larger than 600 pixels to your ProSite projects
- Add your TypeKit fonts
- “Back to top” link at the bottom of pages
- Geometric Layout: Header Image option

Four new ways to Find Creatives to Follow on the Behance Network

We receive feedback from the Behance community daily, and one of the most frequent requests we’ve had is to create easier, quicker ways to build connections on the Network. We’re excited to announce that we’ve made connecting easier than ever so you can dive right into exploring work from your peers.

We’ve added four new ways to quickly find creatives you know on Behance, as well as to connect with new ones, in Find Creatives to Follow.

Now with Follow Your Contacts you can link your Behance account with Twitter, Gmail, or Yahoo Mail to search for people you already know who have Behance accounts.

We also have Follow New Creatives, suggested creatives to follow in 19 different categories, with new suggestions added daily.

To explore these new features, go to the Connections tab and click Find Creatives to Follow.

Men’s Health Loves Action Cahiers

Men’s Health, looking for the perfect notebook for paper-lovers, seems to have found it in reviewing the Action Cahier.

The Action Cahier is a task based notebook. Items “to-do” go into boxes, and there’s checkboxes to note completion. And this notebook is part of a whole line of different notebooks and pads, all based upon a lofty action methodology — which you can love or hate independent of loving the notebooks themselves. And we decided to love the notebooks.

Read the full review here:
Behance Action Cahier pocket notebook

Display your Behance work on

At Behance, we’re all about making it easy for you to spread your work – once you upload to the Behance Network, you can instantly push your work to LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other webs properties so that you can get the best exposure. Now, you can add your work to your page as well. lets you quickly build simple and visually elegant splash pages that point visitors to your content from around the web. Having an makes it easy to organize the various online profiles you have scattered around the web, pulling all this information into a single online identity. If you’re not signed up for yet, sign up now and be entered to win 50 free business cards.

Add Behance to with your other properties

Your Behance work will open in a lightbox on your homepage

On but not Signup here

This Week on the Behance Network

Here’s a look at the most appreciated project and Creative Professional of the week on…

IMDB Filmpage Concept by Vladimiar Kudinov
This Russian designer isn’t a huge fan of the current IMDB design – he thinks it’s overloaded, with too much unstructured information. So he did what any proactive designer would do – made his own redesign, making a clean and sleek design, even incorporating Amazon and Netflix steaming. This project was a big hit all week across Behance and Social Media! Read more →

Imprint takes a look inside I.D. magazine’s return, powered by Behance

Print magazine and their blog, Imprint, profiles the new online I.D. Magazine, powered by Behance.

Check out the article for some examples from the new I.D., as well as insights from Gary Lynch, the publisher and community leader for the design group at F+W Media, I.D.’s parent company (also owners of Print and HOW magazines).

I.D. Magazine Re-launches as Online Design Showcase

Tipline: Add links to download files to your projects

We’ve had some requests from members who want to link to downloadable files on their Behance projects. There are many places you can set up the files for download, but we recommend Dropbox for members doing this for the first time. For more detailed instructions with screenshots, visit Dropbox’s help site.

1. Set up your Dropbox account
2. To make the file accessible to anyone, move the file you want to share to the Public folder in your Dropbox.
3. In the Dropbox website, go to the Public folder and move your mouse over the file so that it’s highlighted. Click on the triangle on the right that appears when the file is highlighted and choose Copy public link.
4. Now that you have the link, go to your Behance project and insert the link using the usual Link button in the text editor. When people click this link in your project, a download window for the file will immediately pop up.

It’s free to use Dropbox for up to 2GB of storage, so it can be a great solution if you’re just using it for the occasional file.