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This Week On The Behance Network

Here’s a look at some of the most appreciated projects and Creative Professionals of the week on…

Corporate Identity & Design – Mareiner Holz
I’m pretty enamored with this whole project, and since it reached #1 most appreciated of the week, I have a chance to talk about it now! This branding was done for an eco-friendly company that specializes in treating wooden boards – it’s clear that these are true craftsmen who take pride in their  technique, design aesthetic, and know a thing or two about creating a marketable branding campaign.

IL – Il Sole 24 Ore
This artist was commissioned to develop the title typography for a monthly column in an Italian Lifestyle magazine – this project compiles a few of the recent works. We’re completely floored by the talent, detail, and out-of-the-box thinking that went into each one of these paper-craft pieces. In the words of one commenter, “THIS IS ART!!”
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The Year’s Best Design – I.D. Annual Design Review Flashback

Our friends at I.D. share some of the exceptional work coming out of their Annual Design Review:

The entries have started rolling in for the 2011 I.D. Annual Design Review , and all this inspiring work makes us think fondly of the 2010 winners.

Each year this prestigious competition—around since 1954—creates a clear survey of the state of design. We’ll have to wait a few months to see what makes the cut this year, but to hold us over, here’s a look at some of the Best of Show winners from 2010.

One Shelley Street

Category: Environments
Design architect: Clive Wilkinson Architects
At this office building in Sydney, Australia, a series of meeting pods hang into the 10-story atrium like a high design tree house.

Meyerhoffer Surfboard
Category: Consumer Products
Designer: Thomas Meyerhoffer
This curvy creation brings some of the short board’s speed and agility to the long board. Read more →

Roundup: Links We Like

Kickstarter Curated Page
On our new curated Kickstarter page, we’ll showcase projects by creatives from our community (and beyond) who are searching for funding and support. One notable project by a Behancer that just reached his lofty goal of $45,000 of funding is Kim Holtermand’s Outlier, Vol I: Iceland project, which will document Iceland through music, film & photography. If you’re a Behancer with a Kickstarter project, get it touch!

ISDA Industrial Design Conference
There’s just a few more days to register for this year’s ISDA Conference in New Orleans. This year’s speaker list includes NYU Art Professor and expert on all things Internet Clay Shirky,  Alistair Bramely (Sr. Designer at Smart Design) and a handful of other leaders in the field. Register soon if you’re curious about questions like: How does community influence design? and What is the future of industrial design?

Grind Space – New Coworking Space
Yesterday marked the launch of a brand new co-working space for creative professionals – Grind Spaces. “People who would rather work in a community than at a company,” can sign up to use the custom design space in Manhattan to “do their greaest work on their own terms.” We’re happy to be a part of the launch, along with Cool Hunting, digital agency Breakfast, and Co Collective!

This Week on the Behance Network

Here’s a look at some of the most appreciated projects and Creative Professionals of the week on…

City Cab Posters
If you’re a New Yorker, the thought of hopping into anything other than a yellow cab seems unimaginable – let alone a green and white VW bug (see: mexico city cabs).  These posters illustrate the different make and design of cabs in London, NYC, Istanbul, Mexico City.  Added bonus: contains actual useful info, like cab fare. A very cool set – not at all surprised to see it went viral.

Unrealistic Scenes
Saturn hovering just above the sea, the earth shining down on a meadow landscape – this artist explores “the things that lay just beyond what we can see.” He says “I wanted to create images of scenes that are not quite real, but that almost could be.” A little photo manipulation goes a long way…

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Geeky Projects Get Blogger Love This Week

Behance has its fair share of nerdy projects, many of which you geeks go absolutely wild for (we don’t blame you). We noticed a few picked up on blogs, and loved the nostalgic descriptions inspired by these throw-backs so much, we thought we’d share:

Teachnabob says “Pacmania Bowl Needs To Be A Thing”:
Being an avid fan of the classic arcade game Pac-Man, it’s hard for me to resist much of anything with a solid Pac-theme to it. so combine Pac-Man with junk food, and I’m happier than a yellow puck in a roomful of blue ghosts and unlimited powerpills.

Geeks are Sexy notices “Pixel Gallery: The Game Boy Book”
Like a lot of the rest of us, Sergio Ingravalle has a certain nostalgia for 8-bit graphics and old-school gaming. Back in its heyday, nothing was more awesome than the Nintendo Game Boy. Even now, it’s still the third highest-selling handheld system of all time. An entire generation of kids grew up playing monochromatic Street Fighter Street Fighter II, so it only stands to reason that our artists would feel compelled to recall it in their work.

Tipline: Writers Can Behance, Too!

Though Behance is open to all Creative Professionals, it’s clear that the project gallery is overwhelming visual, not text-based. But, this doesn’t mean that all you out there in the literary world can’t use Behance + ProSite. In fact, we have a bunch of Creative Fields geared directly to you, including  copywriting, editing, journalism, screenwriting, publishing, storytelling, and writing

A few tips:

1) Embed Your Work From ISSU:
In the past, the fact that we don’t’ support PDF uploads has been a problem for writers. Now, we support Embeds from Issu, a free service that lets you upload + publish your paginated work, polished and beautiful. Just go here, upload your writing, and then use the EMBED feature in our project editor to add the embed code. Check out an example of how you can use the click-through below.

2) Include visual elements:
Whether it’s the cover of a magazine you were published in, or some related imagery, it helps to have a visual element as a project cover or within the project iself.

3) Use ProSite as your Personal Website
Although Behance Network is design-heavy, ProSite allows so much freedom that it’s equally well suited for a Writer as it is a Graphic Designer. Add as many pages as you’d like, such as an About Page, Interviews, FAQs, Publication Galleries, Contact Page. Here’s a good example of how a children’s book illustrator uses it:

“Trash Land” Project + ProSite featured on CNN Homepage

“Trash Land”, a project posted on Behance, got some powerful exposure last week with a front-page feature on CNN. The photographer, Jose Ferreira posted this project on his Behance Portfolio and his online portfolio (powered by ProSite), which is linked in the article. The photo-slideshow and article feature a shocking glimpse into a garbage dumb in Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, and how many are forced to make a living from the waste.

Read: Life in ‘trash land’ captured by photographer

This Week on the Behance Network

Here’s a look at some of the most appreciated projects and Creative Professionals of the week on…

Animal Portraits
There’s something mildly unsetting about these stunning animal portraits that that we couldn’t put our finger on – but then we read the artist’s description: “The theme in the series is the almost human facial expression of the animals – some looking nervous, some arrogant or attentive…” He says this’ll become a coffee table photo book someday – wish we could pre-order it!

A Series of Surreal Light Illustrations
“Light is fascinating. We can see it and yet it is intangible.” Tang Yau Hoont was able to capture all that is mysterious and elusive about light in this series of really clever, almost humorous illustration series. My personal favorites: Light Painter, Curtain, and Pool of Light (above).

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Tipline: Add Social Media buttons to ProSite

We recently added a feature that allows you to upload images to your ProSite navigation. While this can be used to do any number of creative things, one thing it allows is a much-requested feature: adding Social Media buttons. To achieve this, here’s a few steps to take:

  1. Create Pages for whatever sites you’d like to add a button for (Flickr, Vimeo, Mail, whatever). To do this, go to ProSite –> Pages –> Add New –> Link.
  2. When you name your page, just type a punctuation mark (you don’t want a title, since you’re covering this up with an image).
  3. Go to Design –> Navigation –> Links –> Images, and upload the social media image you’d like to there. You’ll see that you can add a Rollover of On state if you’d like.

Remember that the placement of the navigation (and therefore, the buttons)  depends completely on your layout. If you’d like to see these somewhere else – upper right hand corner, left column, etc – check out the options in the Layout tab.

Bloggers <3 Behance Creatives

We’re psyched when bloggers take it upon themselves to curate the work on Behance and post projects they’re loving, because we get to revisit some stellar projects, and many of you get to see them for the first time. We thought we’d share a few Behance roundups we found on other blogs, along with their picks.

Flavorwire: Shocking Photos of Life in Mozambique’s “Trash Land”
Design You Trust – Our Top 10 Favorite Artists from Behance
Underworld Magazine: Awesome Designers on Behance

Flavorwire blogged about “Trash Land”

Design You Trust noticed this paper craft project.

Underworld Magazine blogged about this work from Alexander Wells