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The Faces Behind the Most Visited Portfolios – Event Recap

Earlier this month, our Ambassador in Buenos Aires, Paola Dalman, hosted a panel event featuring four of the “most appreciated” Behancers in the city - a high honor in such a big pool of creative talent!

She described the audience, who gathered at the Universidad de Palermo, as “stunned and inspired” by the talk, where these four creatives (who shared an early ambition to be able to have a job they could go to in t-shirts and flip-flops) talked about their work and life stories. Here’s a short recap on what each talked about.

Lucas Davidson of Design Has No Name studio opened the event. He shared the process DHNN went through to become the studio we know today, and he talked about Behance and the steps his team takes when it comes to uploading project to Behance. It sounds obvious, but he stressed the importance of posting work you are proud of. Right at the beginning of the event, he brought up what would be a common thread in the panel, taking risks to get to your dream job.

When Jontahan Gurvit started out, he didn’t have a clear idea of what he wanted to do with his life. He had worked with his father, then in a hospital, and later was a therapist’s assistant. It took him a while, but he eventually found his niche at creative agencies, and went on to be in top positions at Saatchi & Saatchi and Oglivy & Mather. Having worked for  Coke, Pampers, and other powerful brands (while at Oglivy) has only made him more confident that there is only one way of doing things: with passion, being certain that what you do is what you love, and without fear of sharing your ideas with the world.

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Roundup: Links We Like

DoSomething.Org – Make Art Save Art
Art Programs are the first thing to go when schools face budget cuts. is mobilizing young artists to use your creative talent to help save arts education in schools. We know you Behancers have fond memories of your early art class years – take a few minutes to submit a short testimonial or creative work about the importance of arts education – you’ll get a chance to win $1,000!

Square Inches of Design
This collective art project calls on designers to participate in a massive (not to mention charitable) group work: buy one or more square inches of material to use as your canvas (for $1 each), and your design will end up on a massive quilt donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We at Behance believe that smart design can change the world, and we hope you participate in a real-world example of this.

Fidgit Box: Celebrating Creativity
This new media network tells the stories of exceptional young people around the world who have made an impressive impact in their field. It’s both inspiring and humbling to browse the short videos on this site that introduce you to some of these leaders. Teaser:  you’ll meet founder of the world’s first iPod accessory company, and founder of one of UK’s major gaming sites – a video game swap site.

Badass ProSite Creation of the Week:: Illville Hotel

Following in the footsteps of famous hotels like the Chelsea, which became renowned for the creative energy it bestowed on its residents, we present the Illville Hotel. A meeting place of illustrators, based around a common theme – your room.

And so its creator introduces the “Illville Hotel,” a collective art project hosted on the ProSite platform. The landing page introduces the hotel facade, and you’ll see that some of the rooms are already “occupied.” If you see something in the window of a room, click on it to see what’s inside – in essence, visiting a project based on the theme of ‘hotel room’ by an artist participating from somewhere around the world.

Visit the Hotel
Learn More/Participate (this is a new collective, so there are rooms available to illustrate if you’re interested!)

We continue to be completely impressed with the innovative ways people are using ProSite – and Am I Collective’s “ILLVILLE HOTEL” amps it up even more…

The Illville Hotel – Art Collective

Here’s what you’ll find in room 3E…

Results are in! Winners of the “Bring Your Photography To Life” Competition

Nothing compares to seeing, holding and sharing a professional quality book of your photography work. Last month, Behance and Blurb hosted the “Bring Your Photography to Life Competition,” which celebrates great works in photography that deserve a book of their own.

This week, the winners were announced, who all get a credit to to turn their work into a tangible book. Below, selections from the five winning projects.

Nowhere by Maciej Leszczynski (Sopot, Poland)

Threshold Pt. 1 by Julian Hibbard (New York, NY)

Tuve by Kim Holdtermand (Denmark) Read more →

This Week on The Behance Network

Here’s a look at some of the most appreciated projects and Creative Professionals of the week on…

Whitescape – Corporate Identity
New development company Whitescape really loves what they do – so much so that they let it inform their whole branding. The design of all logos are inspired by the shape of data-stroage server rack. This set takes you through their thought process and final product on all aspects of the identity set – logo animation (which have a hidden meaning), color palette, business cards, USB, stationery.

One Life
Streetewar company “One Life” took their name to heart, and created a whole “musings of life” branding around their company. Scroll through the project to see some animated wisdoms, and then reach their extensive gallery of characters associated with the brand. We’re sold on this brand, and haven’t even seen a single item of their merchandise!

James Roper
“My work explores the heightened realities depicted in Baroque art and modern media to the restraint and release of energy found with the human body.” If you’re scratching your head, it will all become clear when you view one of these projects that will send your neurons into overdrive. Jump in.

Guest Curation: Our Rep in Turkey Posts His Picks

Behance’s Ambassador in Istanbul, Turkey, curates some of the best work posted on Behance coming out of his local creative community.

Georgian Portraits by Rengim Mutevellioglu
Kids and old people are popular models for any photographer, which at first made me pass over most of those shots. But when I looked again, Rengim had made a great set during her visit to Georgia.  I saw this project more than a year ago and at soon as I read her description, I was fascinated with what I saw. Somehow I felt I could read people’s eyes in her photos, and they reflect every word she wrote down.

Minimalist Effect in the Maximalist Market by Mehmet Gözetlik
A powerful design practice by a familiar name, which went viral as usual. Although some people are right to argue that the identity of a good is shaped by its package; Mehmet Gozetlik  had chosen globally known brands – and it wouldn’t be hard to recognize them on the shelf with their new look. Seriously, I would keep that Schweppes bottle for years. Read more →

This Week on the Behance Network

Here’s a look at some of the most appreciated projects and Creative Professionals of the week on…

Trigger Oslo Identity
A corporate branding that captures a friendly, welcoming look while still keeping it classy.  This PR agency wanted their identity to “invite customer for a good conversation and nice atmosphere, rather than the cynical and corporate identities that colors the rest of the industry.” On the mark!

The Great Brandversations
Notice anything a bit off about this apple logo? This project takes a look at some of the most powerful brands and makes a design statement about competition, identity, and brand history behind these giants. Asafti says: “The truth is that each pair of rivals have something in common, that something which had helped them to build one identity upon the other, this way becoming the biggest brands.”

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Fast Company and Adweek cover new Behance-supported co-working space, Grind

Grind, a new co-working space for creative professionals, launched this month, backed by ourselves at Behance, and Cool Hunting, Breakfast, and Co Collective.

As a workspace and community that eliminates all the frustrations of working “the old way,” Grind will “support talented professionals in their independent careers with a great environment that enables them to do their greatest work on their own terms.”  (Scott Belsky)

Fast Company
Co: Collective Founders Launch Coworking Space “Grind” In Heart of NYC Startup Scene

Adweek Article
Grind gets boost from Behance, Breakfast

The Faces Behind the Most Visited Portfolios (a special community event in Argentina)

In this post, Paola Dalman (Behance Ambassador) gives you a sneak-peak of an upcoming event she’s hosting for the Behance Community.

As Behance’s local Ambassador in Buenos Aires, I wanted to host an event that gave the spotlight to the local Behancers who had the “most visited” portfolios. For all creatives, when promoting your work, it’s hard to decide how to present yourself – what work to show, how to arrange it, how to describe it. We can learn a lot from these members who’ve been so successful at making these decisions and being able to show the world what they do.

The group I selected have hundreds of “appreciations” of their projects, and have worked for some of the most influential brands. If you’re in Buenos Aires, we welcome you to join on October 6th for this special event at the University de Palmero (REGISTER HERE or on FACEBOOK). If not, we’ll check back in on the blog and reveal what the panelists had to say.

Here’s a sneak peak at the panelists, some of whom might be familiar faces if you’re an active Behance member! Below, our four panelists, the faces behind the most visited portfolios in Buenos Aires:

1) Juan F. Crescimone y Lucas Davison
Co-fundadores of DHNN (design has no name)

Behance Portfolio, Website
DHNN is a visual communications agency specializing in complex systems of branding development. “We use branding to help our customers to take what is said in done. We help our clients to show renewed to the world. We understand the power of brands as the main capital of identity. Ambition for customers, optimism for the world. ”

2) Jonathan Gurvit
Behance Portfolio, Website
After more than 10 years working in creative agencies in 2011 (including a role as Executive Creative Director and Head of Art at Oglivy), Gurvit decided to start a new career, this time as director. During his career Jonathan Gurvit has won 18 Cannes Lions, 20 Clios, and more than 400 awards at the One Show, D & AD, New York Festival (Grand Prix), Ojo de Iberoamerica, FIAP and OSCC.

3) Pablo Alfieri
Art Direction – Plenty™

Behance Portfolio, Website
Pablo Alfieri is an art director and graphic designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. After working as art director at local studios decided to create his own place “Playful,” where he devotes all his passion for illustration, graphic design and typography.

4) Lucas Bilba
Director de Arte y Diseño / Art & Design Director at Creative Department
MINGA™ Creative Studio
Behance Portfolio
, Website
Lucas Bilbao is a graphic designer graduated from School of Fine Arts of Bahia Blanca. He worked in, Dos al Cubo, AAM, 291. He currently serves as Director of Art and Design and is one of the founders of MINGA ™ Creative Studio.

This Week on the Behance Network

Here’s a look at some of the most appreciated projects and Creative Professionals of the week on…

Floating X Graphics Designed
This simple description says all you need to know: “Weightless: an exploration into floating vehicles.” This is all you’ll get in the way of “how” or “why” but you won’t care as soon as you see said floating vehicles. They’re fascinating enough to hold their own without context or explanation. A very cinematic, atmospheric set of images.

The Lullaby – Time Lapse Film
I have to say, time lapse videos of crazy-intricate work being created is one of the most satisfying things to watch (sped up, at least). You get all the payoff with none of the work or patience. The artist, Joe Fenton creates a sprawling, stunningly detailed pop-art mural. Read more →