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Connect Behance to your Online Store on Etsy, Shopify (and more)

If your work is for sale online, it’s a no-brainer to make sure everyone knows this – no matter where they first come across your work. On Behance, use our “Sell your Products” feature to mark your images as “FOR SALE” and link them to your online store, so that fans can purchase your items in just a few clicks.

Here’s what’ll happen:

  1. Someone browsing your Behance portfolio loves your, say, Typography Poster
  2. They click “BUY THIS”
  3. They’ll end up right on your online store (be it Etsy, Shopify, or a few others) and purchase it in just a few clicks!

Even if you don’t have an online store set up already, our friends at Shopify make it simple to create one through Behance. Here’s how to set it up –>

Edit an existing Behance project. Use the gear dropdown to choose “Mark Item For Sale.”

Choose which online store you’d like to connect the item to (or choose “Create an Online Store” if you don’t have one). Read more →

Gawker Blog love for Transformers-inspired “Mekkanika Font”

i09- a Gawker Media blog that covers science fiction and “the future,” noticed a particularly hardcore typography project on Behance: Mekkanika font. They say:

A is for Autobot: A mechanized font inspired by Transformers
Riccardo Sabatini pays tribute to technical drawings and Transformers with Mekkanika, a font composed of illustrated machines. The only question is, are his letters really robots in disguise? Sabatini combined his love of mechanical drawings and steampunk aesthetic to create Mekkanika. You can see the entire alphabet at Behance, as well as get a sense of how Sabatini combines machines to get his letters. He’s also turned his mechanical collage style on the Transformers symbols.

Introducing the Behance Campus Ambassadors

Meet the first class of Behance Campus Ambassadors. A few months ago, we asked students on the Behance Network to help us build and inspire our student community. Our Ambassadors promote Behance by hosting events on campus, meeting with faculty members and running marketing campaigns at their schools.

We encourage you to get in touch with your campus ambassadors to connect and collaborate. If you don’t have an ambassador at your school, reach out to us and apply to the program. Enjoy learning about our campus ambassadors below!

Luis Domingo, Parsons The New School

Luis hails from the Philippines, grew up in California, and is now at home in New York. He does not like to be limited to certain fields, but interests himself in the development of ideas and imagining possibilities.

Currently, he is working on his thesis animation in Parsons. Feel free to challenge him in any video game you want.

See Luis’s Behance Profile and Join the Parsons Student & Alumni Group

Steven Williams, The Academy of Art University

Steven Williams is an art director, professor, soldier, and husband. Steven has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University. Currently, he teaches graphic design at the Art institute of Indianapolis and is pursuing an MFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Steve believes that as an artist, one makes art that has a meaning or a purpose. That’s what draws him to advertising. A good advertisement is just like a piece of art: it has meaning and purpose.

See Steven’s Behance Profile and Join the Academy of Art Student & Alumni Group

Kevin Jan William Wansa, The Art Center College of Design

Kevin Jan William Wansa aspires to inspire and empower a new generation of freethinkers. He has worked with discipline on a number of music videos, short films, and Webisodes. With a keen focus he has a number of feature concept scripts, while working on pitching his written feature Booms. He currently studies Film at Art Center College of Design. Every new day validates the last.

See Kevin’s Behance Profile and Join the Art Center Gallery

Emma Bäcklund, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

At sixteen years old, Emma lived abroad in Italy and since then, she has taken every opportunity to take part in international interchange. To date, she has lived in eight different countries. Emma previously studied wild life photography and advertising in beautiful surroundings in Norway, and now resides in Melbourne, Australia, finishing her bachelor’s in advertising.

Her specialties are working with non-traditional advertising and design. She believes that advertising in social media should not be forced, but can be achieved through stunts in the public space. Emma can’t wait to hit the market as a freshly produced creative.

See Emma’s Behance Profile and Join the RMIT Student & Alumni Group Read more →

This Week on The Behance Network

Here’s a look at some of the most appreciated projects and Creative Professionals of the week on…

Selection of Logos from 2010-2011
Proof that it doesn’t take anything too conceptual or out-there to win the adoration of you Behance browsers – just some solid talent. Here’s a logo-set, compiled over a year’s time, spanning everything from a Scandinavian Furniture Design to a Software Company to an Online Ticketing Service. And if you want more where that came from, the designer’s profile has plenty more “corporate identity” projects posted.

We’ve all been there – you’re under a time crunch, and manage to lose the very file you need to send off ASAP. AngryFile is a backup applicant to protect your files from “sudden disappearance.” The designers call the “missing file” the “angry file,” and have designed a clever logo to match. Simple and effective branding whose design matches the function.

Sailor’s Return
Here’s an illustrator who knows his niche. He makes custom artworks with tags like: Hot Rod, Pin Ups, and “Rockability.”  His tattoo-like illustrations hit on all the classic sailor stereotypes – alcohol, skulls, pirate ships. We respect an artist whose work is equally likely to end up on the front page of Behance as it is to get inked on someone’s skin!

We spy: “The Shameless Behance Guide”

We know we have some great Behance “agents” out there letting other creatives know about Behance, but this member may take the cake. Here’s a guide, “The Behance Shameless Guide,” that he created for his fellow students (and professors) in the UK to teach them how to use Behance to get a site up there that will get noticed.

A few choice quotes to give you a preview of what he covers:

  • “By being part of Behance you really are putting yourself in a global creative circle.”
  • “Uploading projects is so easy, a 5 year old could do it.”
  • “If your project cover doesn’t look interesting, nobody is going to view your work.”
  • “Eventually, you’ll have a breakthrough and your project will take off. This is a project I made that, because of Behance, is now on 20 websites and got me countless work.”
  • Think twice about what location to list: “Prospective clients will be looking in geographical locations to hunt out designers”

*click the images to visit project and view them full-size*

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Announcing The New Behance Outfitter

In 2006 we designed our first product, the Action Pad, to stay organized as we built the Behance Network. Then friends starting asking for them, and soon we had created an entire line of paper products. Now, at the end of 2011, we’ve launched a brand new Behance Outfitter. Check out products for creative professionals at our newly redesigned store.

TEDx – Making a Creative Meritocracy

Who should be the judge of the quality of work?

Why can’t the best ideas have the best chance of happening?

How do we make sure people do their best work?

Scott Belsky’s 7 minute TEDx talk touches on some of these big questions that are on our minds at Behance lately. In our quest to help more great creative ideas see the light of day, we think about “Creative Meritocracy” as being when the best talent and ideas actually get the most opportunity. In the digital age, with the tools we’re working with, this is more possible than it’s ever been before….

Hear Scott talk about Creative Meritocracy below.

Behance Outfitter 2.0 Has Arrived

It’s here! Our team is excited to present the brand-spanking-new Behance Outfitter, where we sell products to outfit creatives with the tools of the trade that we think of as the world’s best products for making ideas happen. This includes our custom-designed Action Products, a line of notebooks designed for optimal productivity (they include a list of “action steps” along the right side to organize your thoughts).

A new addition to Outfitter 2.0 are Accessories and Behance Apparel. Yes, you can own your very own Behance T-shirt( And if you want a peek at the Behance team – we’re the enthusiastic models wearing the Behance shirts.) Another new product is the custom designed Messenger Bags by The 99%, made by Rickshaw.

More shots after the jump! Read more →

Action Products featured in Inc. Mag as CEO “essential”

In an Inc Magazine profile on former model-turned-CEO (of “My Fashion Database”), Keith Britton picks a few of his essential products to stay comfortable and productive as a “bicoastal CEO” who is constantly traveling between LA and NYC. Along with a blazer by Theory, Britton lists our Action Method products, saying:

“My online account syncs with an iPhone app, which keeps me productive on the god. During client meetings, I take notes in a small Action Method notebook instead of typing on my phone, which might seem rude.”