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Unleash Your Community’s Potential – Register for Webinar on Community Engagement

Today, connectivity and community are more important than ever. If you feel like you  team isn’t fully tapping the potential of their community, maybe you’d like to tune into a webinar given by Behance (hosted by The Verizon Small Business Center) on building up and engaging with your business’s community.

Behance CEO Scott Belsky, along with Behance’s Community Manager Sarah Rapp will give tips on how to dominate community management and build up a kickass, thriving base. In the digital age, your community doesn’t want a call center and “PR Speak,” hey want a real person behind the brand, someone available not only to help them, but to offer new, creative ways to connect.

Wednesday, May 4th at 2:00 PM

The Verizon Small Business Center Presents:  Building Up and Engaging With Your Business’ Community

Behance mentioned as where degree-free creatives get noticed

Fast Company’s article “Why College Is Not a Bubble, Except for the University of  Phoenix” lists the many reasons why a conventional college education is going to continue to be a stepping stone for young people en route to a career. It also takes a look at how talented people who skip college get noticed and find careers–one way being networks like Behance.

“There are always going to be outliers who are entrepreneurial enough, creative enough, talented enough, or geeky enough to succeed without a college degree. Reputation-based networks like Behance and Github can go a long way toward giving colleges a run for their pricey tuition money, opening up the market for providing both learning and job-market signaling for free or at very affordable prices.”

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This Week In Behance

Today, we  kick of a new weekly blog feature – we’ll throw the 2 “Most Appreciated” Projects and Creatives at you, for your viewing pleasure.

Fer y Nora by La caja de tipos
We’re convinced the Behancer weddings are way cooler than most, and this project only supports our suspicion. The top half of this wedding invitation is perforated, and can be punched out to create any type of shape you’d like (hearts, rings, for example). The leftover circles become confetti to throw on the married couple when they leave the church![Project Link]

Green Guardians Calendar 2011 by suresh natarajan
This calendar was created for a good cause (The UN declared 2011 Int’l Year of Forests, to raise awareness of forest depletion), but we doubt that’s what most of you will appreciate about this project. This set of twelve photos are sexy, evocative, and very well shot. Going green is looking mighty sexy! [Project Link]
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Mingle + Typography Design with NYC Behancers – TONIGHT

Join NYC/Brooklyn Behancers TONIGHT at the Roebling Tea Room in Williamsburg.
Our team of four New York Behance Ambassadors will lead an evening of mingling
with other creatives, as well as kicking off a collective typeface project. Attend and sign up to design a letter (to be assigned to you tonight) in a medium of your choice. Next month, we’ll be printing these designs for the world’s first Behance-Designed Collaborative Typeface.

Show up tonight, April 28th at 7:00 PM

Superhero Behance project leads to a store, then a career

After joining Behance in early 2009, I posted a personal project: a series of superhero poster designs. Little did I know that my presence on the site would snowball into a wave of exposure, including a post on a major industry blog, Comics Alliance. I now sell the designs as prints, and attribute most of my success to Behance. In fact, a third of my website’s traffic comes from my Behance profile alone!

[Collage of Superhero/Villain Posters project on Behance Network, available for purchase on]

In November of 2010, I was contacted by the Creative Director of CloudKid, a small but successful studio with a focus on children’s media. He had found me through my Behance profile, emailed me, and we got a conversation going. I began freelancing for them shortly thereafter, and now work in-house. The work I do is dynamic and fun and the people are enormously talented.
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Introducing ProSite – Limited Beta Release

If the ProSite buzz hasn’t reached you yet, we’re happy to announce that our personal portfolio site service is in limited Beta release. Our team has been working for the past year to develop a revolutionary way to build a fully customizable portfolio site that seamlessly syncs with your Behance portfolio. Currently, we’re in Beta testing – if you’d like to receive a Beta invite, request one here.

As we continue to tweak, make additions, and solve bugs found during Beta testing, we suggest following @GoProSite for updates on the release schedule, news, and examples of portfolio sites powered by ProSite.

Benefits of ProSite:
- A simple and powerful site builder
- No Programming required
- Unlimited Multimedia Projects
- Endless options for customization
- Use your own domain name
- No Behance branding. No ads
- Just one place to maintain your work

Below, find a little teaser of the incredible work that some of our Beta testers have done with ProSite.

[Marius Roosendaal]


[Mauro Hernández]

[Wesley Prince Entertainment]

[Akos Major]

Adweek runs “Spotlight on Behance”

Adweek ran a feature on Behance and the “dapper principals” of our creative team: Matias Corea (Chief Designer), Scott Belsky (Founder and CEO) and Alex Krug (Vice President). Within, Behance’s “vision of the new marketplace, where artists, designers, and producers will increasingly operate as free agents” is explained.

Spotlight: Behance
Meet the dapper principals of the SoHo based creative firm